Saturday, February 2, 2019

Let's get 2019 started!!

I have been stitching here and there! I wanted to finish the EMS Flowers series in January, so I no longer have that deadline hanging over me! I set goals... but... I end up stressing out... so, no more! I DID manage to get the two flowers done tho... so now I just need to finish-finish them. Thinking of doing pillows... we shall see! Here they are...

January Jonquils....

And February Violets...

I also completely stitched and partially finish-finished Little House Needleworks' 'Winter ABC's'  Still have more to do... going to add another board to back it, before I attach it to the shutter I purchased. Getting a picture of the entire piece is difficult cause it is so LONG! 

My current WIP is the long snowman in this old Heart in Hand chart... Using a piece of blue, rustic 14-count Aida... and DMC. Was going to do his sweater in the called-for colors... but now that I'm at that point, I am thinking I will change them. The only problem is the tie and  cap should somewhat coordinate, right? I'm stuck... but I will get it done!

Also started Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs, using the called for threads and 32-count fabric. Using my new Rolaframes, but... the dowels (21 & 23) are too long to use comfortably in my chair. The ones shown above are the 21's... I shall try to sell them and get 18 or 20's

I also stitched a little on 'Northern Lights', but it was not even picture worthy! It is extremely hard to do for some reason! But I will keep at it!

Then I did a little finishing... Can't wait to stitch the companion piece to this and hang them both together!! Prairie Schooler sometimes hits them out of the park! 

This is the last one of the series, so they are all ready for 2019!

I especially love this one! 

Here is how I finished the penguin ornament for my stitching buddy. 

Also finished this one...Love how it came out! 

Thought I would share some winter decorations....

I change out the letters in this each season... I really did not want snow, and did not get any! Now I will change it to L O V E... for a few weeks!

This is half of my long buffet/hutch... to show you a new addition. My granddaughter Olivia gave me those birds on the far left top for Christmas. So sweet!

And on the far right top, she made that snowman in school for us! Plus--that little blue sleigh down below was an antique store find! I have yet to put a little pillow in it... oops! And that Snow Days cube underneath ALWAYS makes me smile, because the backing is from an old, outgrown wool flannel shirt that was my son's many years ago! I don't throw anything away until I consider it for stitching or crafting! 

Store bought little star I could not resist... got it after the holidays, when it was very inexpensive!

One last matter... I offered two charts in a giveaway last post. And the winners are...

For the Flower charts: Linda/stitchingwithmyfurbabies

For the Garden Biscornu: Katie/dragunslover

I will contact you both for mailing info! Congratulations!

Thank you for visiting! I appreciate you taking the time...




Robin in Virginia said...

What a wonderful variety of stitching you shared, Maggee! Who is the designer of the cardinal/snow piece you shared (finished on the white-washed board)? Love the items on your hutch! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

marly said...

Wow. You got a lot accomplished! I love your cardinal finish on the gray wood, just so perfect and soft. I think the flower series would be great as little pillow ornaments.

Andrea said...

Wow, lots of beautiful stitching and finishing. Love the snow d├ęcor on your hutch.

Vickie said...

Good for you completing the flowers. They are so pretty. I just love that cardinal so much!

Barb said...

You have so many beautiful pieces!! I love the way the way you are displaying them.

Linda said...

Congrats on all of the awesome stitching and finishing Maggee. Hard to pick a favorite.


Katie said...

Wow so many beautiful things in this post. Congrats on finishing up the EMS flowers. They are beautiful. I know there are a TON of colors changes in those too. I did a few of the animal babies EMS had. Just love all your beautiful finishing. So fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Thank you very much for the giveaway. I can't wait to stitch the cute biscornu up.

Vicki said...

Awesome finishes!!

Carol said...

Oh, you have been one busy stitcher/finisher, Maggee! Love everything, but that sweet cardinal finish is my favorite--such a peaceful looking winter piece. I love the monthly flower series, too. Don't generally associate January with Jonquils in our neck of the woods, but they sure are pretty and bright for an often dull month.

No snow? We've only had about 4 inches and that all melted over the weekend. I'm not complaining about our winter :)

Happy February to you! ♥

Astrids dragon said...

Such beautiful flowers, pillows would look great!
I can't wait to see your Winter ABC's on the shutter, what a great idea.
Great starts, I love the snowman.
And the finishes, they all look fantastic!
The decorations on your buffet are sweet, yay for snowmen and snowbirds!