Monday, December 31, 2018

End of 2018 wrap-up!

Well, it is that time of the year... to post all that I've done in 2018, that I haven't shared already! I really shouldn't let it go this long because I forget about stuff I may no longer have in my possession and so on! But, to the best of my knowledge... here comes the wrap up for 2018!

First is WIPS:

I worked on my one and only Reproduction Sampler, John Foster 1885 Sampler by Historic Stitches. I had put it away for quite a while, because I thought I had made a big mistake and didn't want to fix it... But, when I picked it up this weekend....and checked it carefully... there was no mistake, so I stitched on! This is a 36-count fabric that I seem to have lost the tag with the name on it. So, after pretty much stitching on 32-count all year, it was a challenge for me. But with persistence, I got a fair bit done. Finished the flower on the right, then did the round flower vine and the beginnings of the maze inside it.

I decided a little late in the game to stitch Autumn Leaves by Prairie Schooler. However, after getting into it, I saw there was a squirrel in it... I detest squirrels! So I decided to change the pattern a little to get rid of them... And... it wasn't looking that good, so I put it away. I will bring it back out before next fall and get it finished.

I also started the first of the Little House Needlework Seasons ABC's--the long ones... I am stitching them with my local stitchy buddy... We are both using the same fabrics, but I am using mostly DMC, and she is using what is called for in each one. So they might differ a slight bit, when finished. I decided to do the words in an overdyed thread, Shamrock, because the white barely shows... lessened that problem. This is Winter ABC's.

Next are the finishes & FFO's that I could find...

 This is Calendula, one of the Ellen Maurer Stroh flowers I have been doing all year. 

And this is Carnation...

This is Chrysanthemum...

And this is Poinsettia... I still have two to do...dang it... But, it will happen!

Merry Christmas by Shop Around the Corner blog... Used a piece of aida that I dyed...Love this one! 

Did the Vonna finish down the back, so used an additional piece of ribbon to cover the bumpy seam I made. Eventually I will learn to stitch that better... Can you see the sparkles in the backing fabric? 

 The pillow on the left was my 2018 finish... the rest were done years ago. Did some finishing... 

Not until I decided how to decorate the basket did I realize this was a Basket of Birdies!  So I got a birdie pick to go with them!

 This one went to my stitching buddy before I took a picture of it fully finished as a pillow ornament. 

And this one had to go to NC at Thanksgiving, so I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished piece. But, I laced it, trimmed it with some black chain links, put magnets on the back, and attached it to one of those corrugated metal sheets from Walmart. She loved it!

Speaking of loved it, I also took some time to crochet a blanket for my middle granddaughter in NC. She had asked me for one for years... after seeing a few around my house. So, I just decided on a whim to make one for her. When I was about a third of the way along, as I was talking to her mom about my progress... she mentioned that she still 'liked' pink but she also really liked orange and yellow now! Whaaaattt??? Well, I managed to find some yarn with those colors in it, that went with what I had already done... and this is the end result:

(haven't made one in many years... she is 20 now!, so the size was kinda wonky... but... she loved it!)

And I did a bit more finishing of my works... I had previously finished by stitching buddy's piece like this, which she did in the traditional, called-for colors. I ringed hers in red lace. It's on the blog somewhere. Well, I love purple, and I loved this piece so much, I wanted it to be able to be displayed year round... This is the end result! It makes me smile...

And then I did this one in the same fashion... Since it is seasonal, it will always be displayed downstairs with everything else Christmas... so they won't clash. Actually, after taking this picture last week, I changed the tray to one in an off-white color... made it pop! 

I also laced this one, and it is framed, and now put away. I did have it out on display for a week...

Before I show you a few of my New Starts, I have a couple of things I received that are worthy to be shared! First is a hand-turned pen from a dear neighbor down the street. He put it in a leather case, which is awesome. It went straight to my purse! Pretty Nice!!

And... this picture contains some of my Christmas presents....

The two Rolaframes at the bottom of the picture, which have projects in them... I had previously. But for Christmas, I received the two at the top of the picture! Woohoo! The one that is ready for a project will have Blackbird's 'Christmas Garden' on it! I will be joining the SAL that is going on, with no end date in mind tho! I have had it ready to go for a while now... The fabric is a Lakeside Linen, in 32... my second attempt. I could not stitch it on 40-count, as I had previously purchased. So, I got some 32-count, and I am ready.

The other, unassembled Rolaframe is for 'Red Birds' by Marie Barber, from an older JCS magazine that I have had for YEARS... (since seeing Denise's finish I believe!!) Again, it will be stitched on 32-count linen (which I have... and will get the name later...) plus it is all kitted:

This is the fabric for Red Birds...  I will have to find the name by the first progress update... 

And then... my stitching buddy and I are starting 'Northern Lights' which was featured in a British magazine...Cross Stitch Crazy, issue 246, October 2018. It is by Emma Congdon... We are stitching it on 16-count Black aida... It's gonna be awesome! 

(this is the best picture I could get of it...We got it digitally)

Last project I am working on is making a 'stitching wall' upstairs. There is a LOT of wall space, and barely anything on them! So, after seeing Teresa/kittenstitcher talk about hanging her stitching every which way she wanted, I decided to do the same. I am using Command strips so they can be shifted around and won't leave holes (my husband would go ballistic... long story... sigh). This is all I have up at this time. I've got a few more to go up on this wall, plus on the adjoining wall....

Now, if you have lasted this long, making it to this point.... you're in luck! I am going to give two charts to my wonderful followers! One is  Mini Flowers Trio,  a pattern that I got on Ebay. They are very cute and very tiny. 

The second pattern is one that I purchased on Etsy, but... it is too much specialty stitching for me! It is called Garden Biscornu, and after stitching it, there is some assembly required. I love stitching biscornus, but I do not like specialty stitches or backstitching.

 So... To WIN, all you need to do is tell me you want to be entered. IF you want to try for both, say so in your comments. IF you only want to try for one, just say that one. You will only be able to win one.  I will keep this open until January 7th. I will do the random number generator, and I will contact the winners via email. 

Thanks for visiting! May 2019 be a great year for everyone!




Robin in Virginia said...

Maggee, I enjoyed reading your 2018 look back. You have stitched a wonderful assortment of stitches this year and I look forward to seeing your needle's work during 2019. Wishing you a new year filled with smiles and many stitches!

Linda said...

Love all of your projects Maggee. Your wall looks great. I have next to no wall space is this house but I so enjoy stitching. I would love a change to win the flower charts.

Happy New Year,

Barb said...

You have done some great stitching this year. The flowers are so pretty. Plus the pillows are great and I bet your granddaughter loves that lovely blanket. I hope you have a very happy and productive crafting new year!

Denise said...

Happy New Year Maggee!! Thanks for your year-end wrap up. Wish I had something to show...nada....not a dang thing!

You'll love stitching 'Red Birds' it's a wonderful finish!

Sparkly Rock Girl said...

Wow! You have had such a productive year. It’s amazing how much you get done when you show it all together....and I love your idea of using command strips so you can easily move stuff around. I really like that Garden Biscornu pattern and would like to be in with a chance of winning it. Thank you so much for offering it. Have a very lovely New Year.

Godalming, UK

marly said...

Happy new year! Nice to see your stitching gathered for the year. I haven't tried Command and need to figure out a way to attach the unframed samplers. Coarse fabric isn't sticking very well. Thank you but please don't enter me.

Katie said...

Hello dear friend. It's been great following your craft journey this year. You've stitched some gorgeous pieces indeed. Love your creative finishing. Love your new projects and look forward to watching them grow. Please enter me into the drawing for the Biscornu. Looks very pretty and neat how the beads lead down to the flowers. I look forward to cheering you along with all your posts in 2019! Big Hugs!

Andrea said...

What a wonderful array of stitching goodness. I'm looking forward to your progress on your WIPs and new starts.

Vickie said...

Maggee what do you use to hold your Rolaframes?

Bonnie said...

Thanks for showing your beautiful stitching. Love your choice of designs. Please enter to me for both the biscornu both so pretty.Thanks Bonnie

Carol said...

What a pretty and creative year you had, Maggee! Thanks for sharing your year in review with us! Had to laugh about your fear of squirrels! Did you have a scary episode with them? I love watching them frolic in our yard. Maybe you can change the squirrel into a giant bird somehow :)

Happy New Year to you, my friend ♥

Astrids dragon said...

You certainly know how to keep busy. Great starts (in spite of the squirrel) and such beautiful finishes!
Northern Lights is going to look gorgeous, what a fun SAL with your friend.
Bring on 2019, Happy New Year!