Monday, October 2, 2017

September stitching

Well, got a bit more stitched and finished this month... just need to get them FFO'd now. They will go in the pile! Without further ado, let's see them!

First I finished Red Border Study II... I loved doing this, with all the different borders/bands... until the bottom. It called for my initials on the right side, which I took care of in the top alphabet. So I figured I would just duplicate the little design on that side too, and probably have room in the middle for a little something... Except the space in the middle wouldn't work for anything I tried, so I just gave up and put a nice red button there! Good enough! I hope to have it framed just like the first one, and then they will be put side-by-side... :)

This is a piece by Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives, one of the club pieces that I tried with Dyeing to Stitch that first year. Yes, it has been languishing that long! It is called Holiday Patchwork. It stitched up pretty quickly... I have a frame all ready for it... 

This is a small piece by Lizzie Kate. Love it! I also have a small frame for this one!

 And this is by Country Cottage Needleworks. Technically, I finished it last night... but... if it wasn't for the fact that I lost a few hours of stitching time, by taking care of my granddaughter, it WOULD have been a September finish... so I am counting it!! It turned out to be a bear for some reason, when I got to the wording... I frogged it over and over and over. I thought perhaps the fabric was is 32-count Raw linen, and it is possible...I guess. Whatever... I finally adjusted everywhere and got it done! Dang! I also have a frame for this one, but think I will distress it first. 

Next on my To-do list is going to be lots of finishing... I just have to start! I took a tiny step today and finished framing a piece (well, I still have to attach the hanger on the back). It is an older piece, called Sachet, by a blogging friend, Marc Davis, who has since passed away. This is just ONE row of the piece (it was a BAP)... I got bored and called it quits. Then I had the perfect frame in my stash! Cool! One down!

Well, that's it for today. A quick post, but wanted to show what I've been working on! Don't know what I will stitch in October... I will surprise you!

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Robin in Virginia said...

What fabulous finishes you shared, Maggee! I really like your red band/border sampler and the LK piece, Grateful Thankful Blessed. Nice frame job! Have a good week!

Katie said...

Wow so many beautiful pieces. Great job!!

Vickie said...

Such nice stitching Maggee. Good for you with your finishing. I like your creativity with the Marc Davis piece.

Justine said...

What a productive month! I love the Lizzie Kate piece. Hope your finishing bug strikes soon!

butterfly said...

Lovely work Maggie .

Beth said...

Look at all that stitching - wow! Like the colors of the LK.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Maggee, such a lot of eye candy to be found in your blog post. September seems to have been a rather productive month for you.
That Red Border piece is such a beauty with the alphabets and the different borders. It will look gorgeous together with the first of the series. And such nice little smalls that you stitched. I particularly love the L*K one with the colored leaves. And I think you were right to count the beautiful Pumpkin Cottage piece among your September finishes :)
Now just to find the time to fully finish them. That would be my problem because I always prefer to spend my time on stitching rather than finishing, lol.

Barb said...

You have lots of wonderful stitching!!

Carol said...

Looks like a most successful month of stitching for you, Maggee! Glad the Pumpkin Cottage piece is done--redoing the wording must have been so frustrating. But, it sure turned out cute! And I do love the simple LK piece--think I may stitch that one soon, too :)

I have been procrastinating in my finishing this year, too--not sure what my problem is. I think I'll try to tackle a couple of smalls this afternoon if life doesn't interfere! Happy Sunday to you!

Sally said...

Maggee you have been super busy and all your finishes are gorgeous!

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and telling me about your iOS 11 update. I hope mine doesn't decide to just do it as I will not be happy! I want to wait until Apple have ironed out the glitches!