Tuesday, September 12, 2017

August finished pieces and a new start for September...

Well, I really cannot get a handle on what day it is lately... I think it is because I get interrupted constantly by my husband, to answer questions, go here or there, do this or that... He has not gone fishing in over TWO months, and I am about to go NUTS! So, I have not gotten as much stitched as I had hoped! Plus, I am losing my finishing mojo... mainly because I just cannot be interrupted while doing it, and I know I will be...☹  So this post is not as packed as I usually do...

My first finish was Prairie Schooler's Bird Song II. Boy, was that a fun stitch! I will get out and find the perfect frame for it.

And speaking of framing, I have decided I shall hang all my framed stitching that is not already in place. I usually have just switched it out for the seasons, but some are not seasonal and languish and others... well, I miss them! So, I have this huge Family Room upstairs, and LOTS of wall space... I am going to go out and get those Command hangers that you don't have to hammer and can easily move around, and just do it! I spend the most time up there...

So, my second and most recent finish was Peace on Earth that I had started last winter. This piece has once again confirmed.... I HATE stitching white!! At least big chunks of it! And getting constantly interrupted, I just kept messing up, losing my place, etc... So, this piece is as done as it is gonna be! Any 'changes' to it are going to be chalked up to 'my interpretation' of it, period!

So, that is all that I finished... I started a piece that has been languishing for over 5 years... I have wanted to do it... it was in my WIPs box even tho I had not yet started it! I had even kitted it! It is called Red Border Study II, and is by Heron House Designs. I do not believe she is in business anymore. But--I will soon have a matching set, because I did the Red Border Study design wayyyy back in 2011, and had it framed. I see it every morning when I wake up (along with about a dozen other favorites!!). I absolutely LOVE the frame, and am hoping I can get this second one done similarly!! We shall see. The fabrics are not the same color (this one is lighter), but they are the same count. And the thread I am using is Ribbon Red by Crescent Colors. I will go back and get the names and stuff to mention when I post the finish, just for comparison. Meanwhile, here is my progress picture! With my signature purple initials! ☺

I will be modifying it a bit, because she leaves room for three initials in the design, and I won't be needing to do that. But I have already figured out what else I will be doing! Stay tuned!

Lastly, one of the things that keeps me stitching, despite all the interruptions (since I have sat down here to do this post, I have been interrupted 2X!!) is watching Flosstube. I don't feel like I have to make videos, but I sure do love to watch them! I haven't quite figured out how to 'like' them or comment, but I will eventually! I have watched people from many different countries now! What fun! So, if you have the ability to watch YouTube videos while stitching, either on a television or a tablet, check into Flosstube... You never know what you will find!

Thanks for visiting my blog!