Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Finishes and one less WIP

I have five more finishes to share with you! I am cranking them out, aren't I? Ha!

First is the last 'Littles', called Peace, by Hands to Work... Now they are all finished, waiting to be made into little pillows for a bowl or something...

Next I finished 'Because it's Spring' by From the Heart... it was still late Spring (barely!) when I stitched it, and I just wanted something colorful at that moment! Not sure how it will be finished yet...stay tuned!

Then I finished another big, pain-in-the-butt piece called Daisy, which is a chart by JanLynn. This WAS a full coverage chart. At first I thought I would just do the flower and the words...but not the background. But as I went along, I hated the words too... I don't know if any of you have done this with a full coverage piece, but I basically marked the working copy of the chart up BIG time, by coloring out ALL the background EXCEPT for the daisy and stitching from there. It was tough going to me! I can't tell how many times I nearly threw it in the trash! But I stuck with it, and finally finished it.  By the way, I  also bought another chart by JanLynn, with an Aster I think... that will stay in my stash... not sure I will ever stitch it!!

After stitching such a complicated piece, I decided to go with a monochromatic piece and chose Birds Roundelay by Dessin. It was RAK'ed to me by my buddy Lisa... (Waving hello!!)  I used a piece of Americana Blend linen by R&R, and GA Peacock. I intended to do it in blues but that was last year! Hey a girl can change her mind!! It took about three four days to stitch... finished it Saturday night... late!! Ok, fine... Sunday morning...early!! As I was closing the circle, I noticed the FIRST bird was off by ONE thread... and try as I might, I could not let it go... so I had to frog about one eighth of the design and re-do it. But it turned out so cute... it was worth it!

And last night I finished this little one... in two days! It is by My Big Toe Designs, and I used a piece of 34-count mystery linen given to me years ago, and just picked DMC threads. Not sure what finish it will get. Still pondering...

So... News Flash! I decided to dump the Orcas! I just really hated stitching it. And could not force myself to go any further! I will buy my daughter a picture or something!! Ain't gonna get a stitched piece from ME! But--I am frogging it out because I really like the fabric! I've done a lot already, and for the most part, the holes are not visibly enlarged... But IF it ends up looking used and somewhat hole-y, does anyone have a tip as to how to make the holes shrink back to normal? I was thinking a rinse in hot/warm water? I appreciate any advice!

Don't know what I will stitch next... Am thinking I will pull out a WIP next. But the weather is hot and humid right now, so I will get plenty of time to stitch! So I just may finish a WIP and maybe pull a new one out to stitch also! Decisions, decisions!

Before I close, just wanted to share a little bunny taking a rest in our neighbor's yard. We found out yesterday the bunnies have tunneled under our deck! Not good, but we don't want to do anything to cause them to die under there, so hopefully they will move out in the fall... I don't know that much about them...yet!

Thanks for visiting!