Monday, January 2, 2017

Last of the stitching and End of 2016 Tally and ...

I have two finishes to share, a WIP, then the year-end tally and a NEW project! So let's get busy!

First, I wanted to stitch a small ornament, but didn't want a lot to do, so found this one... It is a freebie by my dear friend Gaynor French (stitchersanon), and it went quickly! Just what I needed! Obviously finishing will be this year, even tho it was finished LAST year! Sigh...

This is by Plum Pudding Needleart, and I will say the name of it is Peace on Earth, but for the life of me, I cannot locate the pattern to verify that! Done on a piece of fabric gifted to me by Gaynor, interestingly enough!! Given to my stitching buddy Sheryl for Christmas...She and I both love purple... Don't those sparkles make it pop?? I used a variegated thread, but... again, cannot locate that either...

This is a WIP that I was stitching with a friend as a SAL. She finished hers a while ago... but I think I will finish stitching mine this week, and then I will finish it and stuff it... It is pretty cute. Called Pomegranate Pin Cushion, by Hands on Designs, that I won in a giveaway by Vickie!

So, I did a count of my finishes for 2016, and surprised myself again... I came up with about 46 finishes! Last year it was 44... so that surprised me even more! No BAPS, a few medium sized pieces, and a lot of smalls. Yay!

I know with a New Year, we are supposed to be making our resolutions for what WIPs we will finish, what new starts we will begin, what SALs we will join. I am just not there yet! So, NO PROMISES!! Of course, I would like to finish off my WIPs I showed you... but... I saw a design and just HAD to get it!!

Maybe you will understand now... It's a Cardinal BIRD!! I love birds, and Cardinals at this time of the year are so beautiful! Just look at the picture I got of one today!!

However... I cannot decide which fabric to use...

This is the called-for fabric, called Sand by PTP.

But this is Earthen also by PTP... and I think it has more 'warm' tones in it, like the picture. But... is it too 'warm'? That is what I have to decide... And since I am nearly done with the Pomegranate piece, I must make my decision soon!

That's it for now!

(A little Cross Stitching humor snatched from Facebook!)

Happy New Year Hugs,