Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Stitching Report

First of all, I have a NEW camera! It is a lot more complicated than my old one, so I have been going out and taking pictures, just to get used to it! And they don't necessarily all come out... But stills--I got these! It is the birds that are not always clear!

All in all, I got a fair amount of stitching done this month! The one large-ish piece I completed cannot be shown, as it is a gift and the receipient possibly reads my blog! So after Christmas you shall see that one! Now on to the finishes!

First of all, I DID complete the Little House Needleworks Little Sheep Virtue set! So, here are November and December... they are on top of some of the backing fabric I will be using. I started cutting out the squares, stopped for some reason or another, and haven't looked back...But I shall work to finish-finish them soon!

Here is the November one...I really like the colors in this one!

And here is December! I had purchased two of the button sets earlier this year, but... now they are finished, I am not going to use them because I am not interested in getting the rest. So, they will have to stand on their own... I think they will be fine!

This is my second Long-Legged Seasonal Bird I have stitched, Heart in Hand. But--I gifted the first one to Justine, so I will have to stitch Winter again, for me! I am using 36-count, and think I shall go get more so they are all on the same fabric and count! They will be finished as cubes.

This is a design by Hands on Design, Cathy Haberman. It was a quick stitch...Not sure how I shall finish it!

And this little guy is by the Trilogy, called Happy Gobble Gobble Day. I have a few of these Happy Day ones--they are really cute!

Well, that is all I have to show of stitching finishes! I have started another piece, on a piece of that grey and white polka dotted fabric. Not sure I like it. The polka dots seem to be painted onto the fabric, and it is somewhat difficult to get the needle through them. But I may reserve a final decision until I finish, as it may just turn out great after all! Of course, it is a Christmas piece! IF I end up liking it, I no doubt will do a Winter piece on it too!

This is NOT my yard or anything to do with me, personally, but just wanted to share a bit of the fall colors!