Monday, August 1, 2016

One last July Finish and a WIPS review

Well, in between so many things in July, I managed to finish my July LHN Sheep virtues piece... It is a cute one!

I may start finishing them soon...we shall see...

After I finished that, I got hit with a 'bored' bug... nothing appealed to me! NOT that I don't have LOTS to stitch... but... just couldn't do anything. After a couple of days of that, I just pulled out a WIP and stitched on it for a bit... Got bored... Pulled out another... little stitching... got bored... And pulled out yet another...same same, got bored again... THEN, I started a new big one... So the end of July was kinda weird. I think it is because I have been stuck inside, due to the excessive heat and humidity...and I am stir crazy!! Anyway, thought I would share pictures of the four projects I worked on in July, then the rest of my WIPS... And at the end, I will share a few unstarted WIP-wannabes! In other words, ones I WANT to start but haven't... :)

Worked on Cinnamon Stars by Plum Street Samplers, finishing the fence and bunch of sunflowers on the left.

Worked on the Orcas piece that will be for my daughter... maybe next year! Just taking my time...

Worked on the Pomegranate pin cushion a little more, after pulling out a quarter of the border and redoing it... Now I think there is another mistake... the flowers don't look right... sigh...

I worked on this Jardin Prive Sampler au Bouquet, Part 1 just a little... Added about half of what is there now.

And HERE is my new start! Daisies!! I really wanted to dive into this one... it is so pretty! So I have been focusing on it the longest...and probably will do some more this month... who knows? I am NOT doing the background, but letting the fabric be the background... We shall see...It is 36-count Blue Moon Java by R&R

This is one of my older WIPS... it is John Foster 1885 Sampler by Historic Stitches. The fabric is so pretty, tho it might be a bit dark for the design. Sigh. But I do want to complete at least ONE big historic sampler in my lifetime!

This is Snow, a freebie I think I started earlier this year... when it was cold... I should work on it NOW!!

These are The Littles by Hands to Work... they are on a really tight 40-count fabric, and... I am using the called for threads, one over two. But, not especially liking the ways they are coming out... Thus dragging my feet on this group!

So, those seem to be all that are in my cupboard, EXCEPT FOR the THREE I WANT to start!! But--they are all HUGE projects! One is Red Birds by Marie Barber, in a JCS magazine from 2011... you know... this one?
(grabbed these pictures from the web...) I have a really nice piece of Lakeside Bisque in 40-count for it won't be as large, but it is a lot of stitching...

Next is Lizzie Kate's Holly and Hearts Mystery Sampler...

I know I have a piece of 36-count, but forget the color right now... and don't feel like jumping up and going upstairs to dig it out... (see, I have it bad!!)

AND the third one is Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs...

This one will also be on 36-count.

I have not pulled threads for any of these three wannabe's... I KNOW I must finish three at least, before starting them! And that is in between the smalls I like doing...Stay tuned!

P.S. Did any of you notice that my monthly piece was called Patience, and that I seem to have run OUT of it?? Hmmm...

Thanks for visiting my blog!