Wednesday, June 29, 2016

An Update... Finally!

Gee whiz! I cannot believe it has been over two months since I last posted on my blog! I have been stitching... some... I hope to start a big finishing time this week... Too many languishing pieces!

So, what have I stitched you ask? Well, I am keeping up with my LHN Monthly Virtues pieces...

Courage, for April...

Faith for May

And Simplicity for June

Then, I did a piece for my friend in Tennessee, and gave it to her when we visited her on our trip in April... (we went to Tennessee and Alabama, visiting folks and birding!) By My Big Toe, called Bless the Lord...

I took the photo with my phone, and unfortunately, this is what Blogger does to them! I really loved this piece, and will be stitching it again, for me... at least! Got a store bought frame from Hobby Lobby... did a pretty fair job of framing it.

Then I stitched a few more pieces...

This is Sweet Home by Jardin Prive... has been in my computer for a long time...Saw it on someone else's blog, and pulled it up to stitch! I think I want to do it again, in softer colors. This is okay, but I envisioned something different.

This is Bluebird Zipper by Bent Creek... I love this one, and cannot wait to finish-finish it this week!!

This is by Bent Creek, called God Bless You. It is much smaller than I thought it would be, and I used a scrap piece of 32 count R&R Old Mill Java!

A Lizzie Kate piece that has been sitting in my stack of patriotic pieces to stitch... Finally got it to the top and it was a quick stitch!

And I made this for my stitching buddy, Sheryl. She has stitched it twice... and given them away as gifts. I wanted her to have it for her new stitching nook! Filled with crushed walnut shells, it will sit nicely by her chair! It is a piece by Hands on Design. Love her designs!

It took longer to put together, than to stitch the piece! But it was a labor of Love, and I did not mind at all!

I THINK that is all, though I feel like I am forgetting some... oh well, perhaps it will come to me... I wanted to show my progress on the Orcas piece I am doing for my younger daughter... It is not easy... especially after doing lots of smalls, but I got a good rhythm going now, so will do a little every day on it, till I get bored. I did one entire symbol in the wrong color, and spent one night frogging--ugh! But I am past that now...

Did some finishing for my buddy: (I neglected to take a picture of one flatfold piece, so that will be at a later date...)

On a personal note, recently my husband refinished two antique tables I inherited 25 years ago, and they are beautiful! I am just so pleased. Unfortunately, I do not have before pictures, but the after ones show the beauty now!

This one has been in my living room for those 25 years, with a tablecloth over it because the top was so awfully faded and beat up... You would NEVER have known it was such a beautiful table... It was such a dark dark stain all over... it took him quite a while to strip it. He is a carpenter, and took every piece apart, numbering them so he would get them back in their correct places. You just would not believe the difference! Do you KNOW how much money you save when your husband does the work??? :)

On Saturday, when my stitching buddy came over, the first thing she noticed was the lack of a tablecloth, and then the beautiful table in that spot!

This table has been in our front foyer, and my husband used it 'roughly' at first, until I told him it was an antique. By then, the top was ruined... or so I thought. This one was darker stained, and he just stripped it down and put a finish on the natural colored wood... Another winner!
Love it! Plus it is so smooth now... before it was rough, scratched and dinged.

Unfortunately, he doesn't want to ever do that again... even if it would be a great hobby and he could get paid well... Sigh...

But--before he did those, he redid the flooring in our dining room. We are getting a new dining table and chairs, and we have toyed with the idea of taking up the carpet, which gets so dirty because there is a door to the back there... and well, lots of goings and comings by a working man makes dirt! So, we finally decided to put in tile... and then get an area rug...What do you think??

Dang--it is sideways too, because I used my iPhone again!! Sigh... Anyway, the tile very nearly matches the color of the tile in the kitchen and foyer (see it in the 2nd table pictures?) which we put in 12 years ago--our original color is no longer made. But anyone would be hard pressed to see a difference. Plus he matched it up perfectly to the kitchen so it 'flows' nicely throughout the two rooms now. And I LOVE the rug!! Just have to find small runner rugs for near the back door that will somewhat match.

So, as you can see, I have been busy... When he does jobs, I am the runner. I run to the store for stuff he needs. Sometimes I am his Helper. I run the house, with meals on the ready and lots of drinks to cool down a sweaty husband. Plus regular, everyday interruptions... The days just fly by!

Thanks for visiting my blog, after such a long absence!