Thursday, February 18, 2016

Need Prayers too!

I am a nervous wreck! My daughter and son-in-law that have three daughters are going through a time of it! Yesterday, the middle daughter started having horrible abdominal pain, with vomiting and fainting... went to the doctor, got sent to the ER. ($$) They think she has Crohn's Disease (instead of chronic inflamed appendix as has been diagnosed for the past four years!!??). She went home last evening, with future appointments with gastro, etc... ($$) This morning, youngest daughter is going for a checkup on her horrible migraines (she was treated for a WEEK for them about two weeks ago!! $$), and fainted twice before getting to the car. Got to the ER, fainted again. Lost use of her bowels while waiting, didn't even know it! Being admitted... ($$) Oldest daughter went in to get her cast off her wrist (had pins surgically put in about two or maybe three weeks ago because she had something wrong with her bones... frankly, I forget what the details were!) and they find that the pins are INFECTED!! INSIDE her wrist!! Hello??? Waiting to hear on that one also... She has been in such horrible pain but they kept saying she was just not tolerant!! ($$) Good golly, when will it stop? When will they be fixed properly, instead of 'missing' the true causes, messing up in surgery and so on??? Please pray for them! I can't even begin to say what to pray for... there are so many things! Just lift them up!! Thanks so much!!



Thursday, February 4, 2016

A couple of more finishes...

Well, got a few finishes done, plus a bit of finishing... For February, besides doing another LHN Sheep Virtues this month, I haven't decided what else to start or continue... Decisions, decisions... Here are three projects I can show you (one is a present so gotta wait):

This was a Blue Ribbon Designs piece, made for my stitching buddy, Sheryl, whose birthday is two days after mine! Finished as a flat finish, with beaded rick rack that I had dyed a while back.

And purple backing, as she also likes purple!

Then there is Snow Days by Glory Bee Designs. Since we had snow recently, it put me in the mood to stitch a snowman...

Made it into a cube finish, to go with last year's Winter cube. I used wool from a shirt that no longer fit my son... NOTHING gets thrown out until I check it out first!

Just finished this last night! The LAST of the seasons in this set... Spring Sampler by Little House Needleworks.

I did the finishing on this cute little ornament for Sheryl...

HAD to use the penguin fabby, as it matched and is one of the animals Sheryl loves the most. This is for her grandniece.

These have been hanging around to be finished for quite a while...Filled with crushed shells, made into simple pillows...


I even worked on this Snow WIP... it is a difficult one for me to follow... have to take it in small bites. Perhaps I should have reversed it, and done the white on blue fabric!! Ah well, you know what they say about hindsight... I will finish it...eventually!

I was the lucky recipient of a giveaway by Clare-Aimetu recently... won the Earth Sampler by Primitive Needle! I have wanted to do that one for quite a while... meaning years!

Of course, I could have acted on that, but I never did buy the pattern. Now it is here, waiting for my needle!! Thanks again Clare!

That's it for now. I shall be back later this month with more progress photos.