Monday, January 18, 2016

A couple of finishes for January

These two pieces have been finished for a week or longer, but getting around to blogging... not so quick! So without further ado, while I have a minute, here they are:

This is a Lizzie Kate design that I just had to have! Used 36-count R&R Expresso I think, and DMC threads. Have not decided how I will finish it yet...

Little Sheep Virtues Hope (January) by Little House Needleworks. I will be finishing these as they are shown on the pattern, using fabric of my choice of course. Going to do one of these each month this year. I stitched this one on 32-count Raw Natural Linen, and will do the rest on the same fabric. Still deciding if I want to stitch them in their 'order' or as I please... stay tuned!

I am working on WIPs this year again, so when I make a little progress I will share... Whittling down the pile! I counted the ones I had in my cabinet and there were a total of 19! I have another cache of them in a container too... Yikes! I will work on it... promise! That's all for today! Stay warm if you are in the northern hemisphere, and enjoy the warmth those in the south!