Friday, March 27, 2015

FINALLY... I know...

Been in a kind of 'lull' of late... But I AM pretty well caught up on reading blogs... I did not comment on every single one... but trust me, I have READ your blog posts as of last night! I honestly don't know how the day gets away from me! When I worked, I think I got more done... It is different, being home... and hubby here too! He puts a lot of demands on me... When on the rare occasion he is off somewhere, I am rushing around trying to do MY stuff! It is gonna take time to adjust to all of these changes... I know...

I have managed a couple of finishes tho... on those rare occasions when I get to stitch at night mostly...

Here is Willie's Quaker Square 1 by Monasterium Designs, on 36-count R&R Old Town Blend fabric, using HDF silk Embers thread. Loved this one!

Kinda obvious what this is. It is going to be a present for hubby's birthday on the 4th. I MUST find a suitable frame (it is roughly 4 X 4) or make it into something like a wall hanging. Soon!

Amd I forgot to show this piece when I finished it at the end of January. It is called Sew Gigi by Carol at iStitch Designs. Used 25-count white Lugana, and HDF silk thread called Baneberry Light. It is too cute. Can't wait to get it finished... but have to decide on a suitable way first!

Now, I have a puzzle for you... I bought this piece years ago... I just loved it. I was told it was not finished, but it looked good enough to me... However, all this time later, and it really bugs me... so I wonder if ANYone knows the name or designer of it? If so, let me know, so I can pursue the chart colors and maybe finish at least the tops of the trees. I could NOT finish it and call it whimsical, which is not a stretch for me. I have done many pieces in unconventional colors and such... But... if I CAN finish it, that would be nice... Of course, I can try matching colors, but if anyone has the chart... your help would be truly appreciated!

So that is it for now... I also updated Birding Devotee blog today, for those that pop in.

Hugs, Maggee

Friday, March 6, 2015

Name of 'Winter' Freebie design correction

I was remiss in saying that the Winter piece that I recently completed was a free design by SamSarah. The true designer was Nancy with GLORY BE! I apologize for the mistake. You can find the free pattern at .