Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One Last One!!

I forgot one last present I stitched! For my stitching buddy, Sheryl... It is from a larger design, in the 2015 Christmas Ornaments issue of JCS, called Hope, by Needle Bling Designs. I had intended on doing the entire piece, but... was afraid I would run out of time... so... shortened it! This is my first time doing that kind of fabric frame. It is stuffed with walnut shells. The stars and Hope are stitched with sparkly Au Ver Soie silk threads, tho it doesn't seem to show up!



End of the year tally...

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas! I enjoy having my family here for Christmas, and get a little sad when it is over. This year, my oldest daughter and her family stayed from Wednesday through midday Sunday. My youngest lives here in the beach, but we only saw her and her daughter on Christmas. Ah well, they have lives... I did not get much more stitching done, and no finishing except one piece you will see... Perhaps when my headache goes away (it just started raining, and I am sensitive to humidity) I will dig into my finishing pile once again.

So, without further ado... here come a few pictures:

Stitched this Bent Creek small and thought I would put it in the frame next to it... but... changed my mind as I looked at it today. I adjusted the color so the fabric would show truer to life (it is on Rue Green linen)... I have a different small that will be so much cuter!! Stay tuned while I switch things up!

Snow White by Little House Needleworks has been done since November, but with all the stuff happening, did not get a snap. I think I will do a flatfold finish with it. Again, stay tuned!

And this is the Nintendo controller finished-finished! Top...

Bottom... stitched the PacMan, just because...

And a side view. Putting it together was not really that enjoyable, because the fabric was an 'unevenweave' and well... it just took forever. I DID get it done before Christmas, and my son liked it. Said it is almost the size of a real one... that was purely a coincidence!

I am working on a Lizzie Kate Christmas piece... not small, but very cute. It won't be done this year, but I need a fairly easy piece to occupy my time right now... while I think about next year's stitching!

I counted up my finishes, and surprised myself!! I finished 44 pieces! Only 1 was large (Jenny Bean's Christmas), 12 were medium sized and the rest were smalls. I finished MOST of them myself.. the rest are languishing in my drawer! NO professional framing this year... lean year... I also saw that I made a list of projects I wanted to do in 2015--what a JOKE! I am terrible at keeping to goals! Out of 10, I finished only ONE on the list! Maybe 2016 will see them done... (yeah right!!)

Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a safe but Happy New Year's celebration! See you in 2016!

Hugs, Maggee

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Twas TEN DAYS until Christmas...

And I have been stitching and have a few finishes to show... Funny thing about this... I decided to double-check if I had anything else to share, so went thru my computer picture folders and found some ornaments that I totally forgot about!! I might not have given them to my granddaughters!! Phew!!

On to the show!!

Did these little Cardinals that are so popular... It is such a tiny space, I just did a quick little ornament... And found out I dislike stitching on perforated paper...who knew??

Then I did these little guys... I like them cause they are sort of worn looking... Thrift store finds!

And I finished this little beauty recently... I think it is by La D Da. I put it in a frame for a Christmas present, but forgot to take a snap! I want to stitch it again for ME in 2016!

I was recently RAK-ed...twice! This came from Ireland, from my good friend Gaynor (stitchersanon). She knows I like purple, and sent me this lovely fabric! And I just LOVE the card too!

Closeup of the fabric... in not-so-great lighting... I am still thinking about what to stitch on it... whether or not to do a large project or smalls... decisions, decisions...

Andrea , from England, sent me this beauty! Her stitching is just beautiful and the finishing is perfect! She just randomly picked me to gift... what a really nice gesture! I appreciate it a lot! Plus she made the card also!! How talented! I have not become that good at scrapbooking! It kind of went to the side in favor of cross stitching!

Back of the ornament--the fabric was perfect... I am not that good with circular finishing... but now I have an excellent example!

See the little charm on the back? just another sweet touch to such a wonderful RAK!

Stitched this but am not done yet. I intend to stitch 'You Never Forget Your First' on the side borders, and make it into a 'mattress pincushion' though it is going to my son, who will NOT be using it as a pincushion! Found this idea online earlier this year... knew I would do it for Christmas!

Just finished this Lizzie Kate piece today...

And finished this one, Christmas Birdhouse, by Little House Needleworks, last week. I have a lot of finishing to get done, but these last two are for me!

I really hate that I am posting a month after my last one, but there are reasons. The biggest reason being that we lost Bill's sister to cancer on the 22nd of November. We had visited with her the week before and he/we got to say goodbye at that time. Doesn't take away the immediate feelings of loss, but makes it not as difficult, I think. Because we visited her (and their dog), I had bronchitis by the time we got home... off to my doctor... Then Bill suddenly showed BAD symptoms of diabetes! Off to HIS doctor we went, and sure enough, he has diabetes. We could not go to the funeral because he was in the throes of these problems (extreme thirst, and consequently, lots of peeing!)that would restrict us from an 8 hour drive one way. (Let me now say, I have curtailed his diet, and his 'numbers' are now excellent! Doctor doesn't want to see him until February. Plus he is losing weight--already lost 17 pounds!) So, in a nutshell... LOTS going on... I am ready for a year without crises!

Not sure if I will post before Christmas, so will send out wishes to everyone for a Very Good Christmas! May you make many wonderful memories with family and friends!



Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November Gifted Gorgeousness SAL (and other things!)

I surprised myself when I saw that my last post was for the Gifted Gorgeousness... has it been that long? Where does the time go? Yikes!

Well, I have one finished flatfold project and one pillow project to share with you... I did my first Hooked On Exchange and I have pics of that. So without further ado, here goes...

This is a piece designed by Maryse, with a few personal changes. I am sending it to my sister to cheer her up and gear her up for Christmas!

Back/side view

And the Exchange piece that I sent:

I had to snatch the picture from my recipient, Marie, as I cannot find my picture of this finish. It was a freebie that I had for a while. Used DMC threads... I wanted it to really pop with fall colors!

And I wanted to play around with bits of wool, so came up with this little bit of fancy!The two buttons were perfect for the piece!

The Exchange piece that I received:

Here is the piece that I received from Rosa -- it is so cute!

Thus ends my Gifted Gorgeousness part of this blogpost... but I have a little more to share!

I finished this Little House Needleworks Winter Sampler... and just have Spring left to do.

I know this is not stitching, but I saw this on YouTube and tried it out... you need lots of pins! And little pieces of fabric... but it will be a great gift for someone!

This is an older piece that I stitched, and had finished at my LNS. I brought it out for display this Fall. I really love the piece, with such a great sentiment. And the finishing is super! It called for blended threads... something that was new to me at that time. Now, of course, we can just use overdyeds! I still have the pattern... it was in a magazine!

Thanks for visiting! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Friday, October 23, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL

For a while now, I have seen blog posts called Gifted Gorgeousness. It is a SAL that people can join to show their progress or finishes on cross stitch designs, threads, or fabrics that were gifted to them OR their finished projects that they have given to others. It is run by Jo, of Serendipitous Stitching, if you want to check it out! Anyway, I joined in and this is going to be my first post!

Justine recently won my Giveaway, but then I got sick again with pneumonia. Slowed things down... Plus the meds were very strong, and caused me to have other problems, and I am still taking meds and recovering from those side effects! So, no stitching of late, and no trip to the post office until yesterday! I asked Justine if I could post about the gift BEFORE she received it, because I really wanted to get my first GG post in! She agreed, so here we go!

It is a Lizzie Kate design, called Live Simply, that I made into a cube finish. Stitched on a piece of yellow overdyed fabric from R&R Reproductions that I have had in my stash (it is brighter than this picture), with nice bright threads so it will pop! And I dyed the lace trim to coordinate with the colors on the fabric AND the stitching! I hope she likes it...

That is all for now... I have an exchange piece I will hopefully finish soon, plus I was working on a Christmas piece before all this... so I promise next post will have more to share than one project!

Thanks for visiting!



Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pumpkins for Cathey

I haven't forgotten...Today is Cathey's Blogoversary...
Hugs, Maggee

Monday, September 21, 2015

Giveaway Winner!

I know this is late for the day, but... hey, at least I am drawing today!! And the winning name I drew for the Giveaway is Justine! Please contact me for mailing information. Thank you everyone, for entering! I appreciate your support! Hope your National Women's Friendship Day was a good one!



Friday, September 18, 2015

Two Finishes and a Giveaway...

I keep losing my stitching mojo!! Has anyone seen it?? I have put away so many WIPs... but I am currently working on a Thanksgiving piece, and I must do an Autumn piece for an Exchange, so... who knows? It could stick! I DID finish three pieces, two that I can show you! One is going to be for a Giveaway, at the end of this post... read on...

This is a design by My Big Toe called Stitching Buds that I love! Made it into one of my favorite finishes, the cube. Stitched on 40-count R & R Gardener's Blend, using random DMC threads.

I found the perfect backing fabric a couple of years ago for the little piece of linen I had, but never got around to stitching it until this year. Lace around the edges was a nice finishing touch.

Humble Spirits by Little by Little, a pattern that has been in my stash for quite some time! Used a piece of 36-count R & R Creme Brulee, and the called for DMC threads.
Finished it using a piece of vintage cloth from a former quilter's stash given to me last year. Made a wired handle covered in cloth also...wound around two mis-matched, overdyed buttons from Nancy at Victorian Motto. It's pretty cute!!

This coming Sunday, September 20th, is National Women's Friendship Day.

In honor of this little-known, but all-important day, I'm having a Giveaway! The objective of this day is to promote special friendship among women. If you are following my blog, you are a special friend to me! Post a comment, and you will be entered for the Giveaway! I will draw a name Monday, so be sure to come back to check if you have won! I made a special piece that I will send to you...along with...well, I haven't quite decided! Oh the suspense...

Well, have to move on to my other blog now... lots of birding pictures to share! It probably won't be posted until tomorrow!!



Friday, August 28, 2015


Well, as I said, I had three stitched Birthday presents to get done in August...And I DID finish stitching them, finish-finish them AND get them mailed in what I think was enough time... (waiting to hear still...). I also finished stitching two other small pieces, but they are going to be gifts... so no viewing right now! I have them right next to me, to be finished-finished.

Here are some pics of the Birthday presents:

You are My Sunshine, a Cricket Collection freebie... I used a scrap of the overdyed fabric that I did Rosemarkie on. It is a really nice purple, despite this picture. The finished piece will show it better.

Count Your Rainbows, a freebie by A Posy Collection... I dyed this fabric, because this granddaughter loves pink!

And what I'm calling Bloom , also a freebie, by Wichelt Imports... Cute and Perky, just like the recipient!

And here are the finishes...

Used a piece of overdyed chenille from Victorian Motto. Nancy has so many beautiful colors!! AND lovely purple pins...of course!

This butterfly fabric seemed perfect... Her favorite color is purple... could you tell??

It is hard to see that the lighter pink rick rack is sparkly, but it is!!

I think this backing fabric is pink enough... Also has pink pins!

This one was actually hard to finish, because of matching the colors... but I finally found a green ribbon that worked!

And this really cute flower fabric, sort of matched the flowers in the design...

Months ago, many months ago, I stitched this Lizzie Kate mini-sampler... and finished it into a bag... Totally forgot to share it here... This was my first attempt at making a bag. Not bad. If I had followed the instructions to a 't', it would please me more... For some reason, I strayed and got distracted, so it is not exactly the way I wanted it... I will try again sometime in the future...

Well, that's it for now. I have to blog about birding next... LOTS of birds seen this month...



Monday, August 3, 2015

A few finishes...

I finished a few pieces early last week. I didn't finish the LK Spread the Love of God piece... I got halfway done, and will probably finish in the next day or two... Hoping to do a bit of quilting on it. But--here are the ones I DID finish!

Did a pillow finish with beaded trim. Used Red rick rack that I dyed, and White and Blue beads... all patriotic!

Side view of the beaded rick rack trim and the backing fabric...

Did another tin finish with this one!

Made 'Walk Humbly' into a flat fold. Did beading again... sparkly crystal beads this time!

Side view of the beads...

And here is a shot of the backing fabric.

Did not get much stitching done last week. Was out of town for most of it... visiting family. It was a nice time. Saw some neat birds (not many pictures tho) and will post on the birding blog next. But, I have to get moving because all three of my out-of-town granddaughters have birthdays in the next 45 days, and I want to give them stitchy gifts! Started one so far! I am going to go through all the freebie patterns I have printed out over the years--I have enough there to last me forever! Bound to find some that appeal to young ladies!

Thanks for visiting! Hugs, Maggee