Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jules Bianchi of Formula 1

Here's something most of you do not know about me... I am a Formula 1 Racing Fan! And last week a driver named Jules Bianchi, who is as young as my son, had a terrible crash and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. Since I am extremely Familiar with TBI's at this time in my life, I feel that I should pray for his recovery. His injury is different than my husband's of course, but it is gravely serious nonetheless.

So I am praying that he comes out of his coma, and recovers fully. Being where I am with our own TBI, and our prognosis, I am not so sure to pray for him to return to racing, exactly, but to at least live a full, long life! My husband is basically retired now, due to the possibilities of incurring additional injury that could be bad, should he try resuming his work in construction. Driving a race car at VERY HIGH SPEEDS could lead to a crash also, though it doesn't happen very often, it is true. So this is just my mothering/wifely opinion... why tempt fate?

I will be back tomorrow to do a post!




Vickie said...

I did not know this, but asked my husband, and yes he knew about this young man. So very sad. I am still praying for you and Bill.♥

Barb said...

Such sad news for that young man. Your family and he will be in my prayers.

cucki said...

Oh dear ...your family and he will be in my prayers xx

marly said...

Absolutely agree.

Mii Stitch said...

Pensons tous à toi Jules x