Monday, October 27, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop by Stitching Devotee

My very faithful friend, Vickie, invited me to join this bloghop, so here I go! I love blogging and sharing with all my stitching friends, new and old! So without further ado... I am going to answer a few questions to share with you:

First: What am I working on? What a LOADED question! Because my life has changed so dramatically with my husband's health, I cannot seem to really concentrate on any one thing! But, I have put in a few stitches on... lots of WIPs! And I have dragged a lot of them out, because I WANT to work on them... So here are some pictures of a few of them! I have MORE... but they haven't been touched of late, and I would have to dig to get to them...

Here is the latest snapshot of Camping at Pine Lake. The green part is giving me a fit, thus not very much progress... which made me move on to...

Jingle by Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. But for some reason, I felt inclined to move on to...

Lo How a Rose Ere Blooming by Brightneedle... I plucked out some parts that were not pleasing to my eye, replaced them and started stitching... for just a little bit... then the bug hit me again, and I pulled a NEW project out by Little House, called...

Simplicity. It is so dang cute! If only I had stayed with it... I may work it this week again...not much to it. But, I had a really strong urge to stitch an alphabet. So... I dug into my smalls by Lizzie Kate and...

STUCK with this one, called Autumn ABC's, and finished it in two sessions of night stitching! It is on a piece of 40-count fabric too! Yay! I plan to make it into a cube finish... LOVE those!

But, I thought I would show you the rest of my WIPs, that I have at least TOUCHED this year...and that I HOPE to make into finishes NEXT year! (as long as no one ELSE comes out with terrific new designs or SAL's!!)

This is my progress on the Jardin Prive SAL of 2014. I love her designs, and fully intend to finish this baby this coming winter! It is gorgeous so far... one more installment to come, and we will see the completed piece done by all those faithful stitchers who kept up!

And this is the Tulip SAL. I love flowers and borders, in case you couldn't tell... Many people all over the world finished this one right away. It has been done in a multitude of colors... I chose purple as my dominant color for this.

Here is one I started years ago, and thought I MIGHT finish in time for Christmas... hah! Maybe 2015! It is Jenny Bean's Christmas by Shakespeare's Peddler. A really nice piece... just keeps getting put off to the side...

I also did not complete all of the selections from the first year of the Ladies Prim Society. I always do the border first, and am so GLAD when it matches up!

And here is another cute Christmas one I have been struggling to complete. Last time I worked on it was a YEAR ago, at the PALS retreat... But everyone KNOWS you never get anything done at a retreat!

Last summer I thought I would try my hand at a Quaker ball. Started to get low on my thread, and found out it is discontinued... so I put it aside to contemplate how to complete it. I know what I am going to do now, but... have not put it into action!

I love this Lizzie Kate one... but, unfortunately, after stitching it a while, it became apparent that I started it way too high on the fabric! So, I put it aside... (do you see a pattern now??) to again contemplate whether I should continue or start over. I have decided to start over. Eventually! I also seem to have lost the thread for the current lettering... so, just as well...

Then one day I was in a mood to do repetitive stitching... and brought this little gem out. It is The Rose in Morning by Little House Needleworks. But after an hour or so of repetitive stitching, I was over it.

If you notice, three of these WIPs have their project bags by them... I have lots of those! Sure keeps me organized! I may just start making my own... I used to sew a lot, way back when... I might be able to do it again.

Second Question:
How does my work differ from others? Well, you tell me... do I win a prize for the most WIPs yet??? I have more, I promise!!

Third Question: Why do I create (stitch) what I do? I have NEVER been a creative person. This was just a whim one day, and it stuck! Despite the fact that I am like an autumn leaf floating on the breeze right now, I have created a lot of great pieces for others and also for me! And I have received many great pieces as gifts, exchanges and RAKs. I think it keeps me SANE!

Fourth Question: How does my creating (stitching) process work? Cross stitch is multi-faceted. Besides actual STITCHING, there is also the fun of 'COLLECTING the stash', 'ENABLING others to collect their own stash', 'HUNTING down a particular pattern', 'SHARING progress and finishes on a blog and/or FB', to name a few. I partake in ALL of it!

So, the second part to this Blog Hop is to pass the baton on to others, and I invited my friend Beth, who shares her stitching and the nature all around her , with so many beautiful pictures; and Gaynor, who also stitches, but has so many other crafty skills, you just need to go read her blog! Gaynor is a fellow Breast Cancer Survivor, and is raising funds to donate to the National Breast Cancer Research Institute in Ireland. She is holding a raffle for participants, with all kinds of crafty prizes, not just cross stitch! Please be sure to visit their blogs for their posts next Monday!

Thanks for visiting!!



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Progress on WIPS and stuff...

I thought I might share what I have been working on the past month or so. I do try to carve out some time here and there to stitch or whatever. It's not that we are ultra busy, cause we aren't... Not so sure where my day goes sometimes...

So, here we go...

This is one of two PINK pumpkins I decorated in honor of Pumpkins for Cathey Day, which was (and always will be) September 27th, but heck... it is the thought that counts! I HAVE had her in my thoughts for WEEKS! I loved her endearing spirit, and miss her, as do many of you in stitching blogland. Also shown is my latest Pink finish, which I made into a standup. I like it!

This one is more simple, and my favorite. And it shows the Pink Cube I made in 2008, to commemorate being cancer-free for a year! Now it is 7 years since the surgery, and 2 since I finished the daily pill treatment! Don't forget to get your Mammogram!

This is what I am seriously working on...until I get bored or cross eyed! It will be for my son-in-love for Christmas. I have progressed more on the green than is shown here, and it is looking good.

In between working with the black, I took out this Christmas piece by Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. You would think I would fly through it... but no...

That's because I got this urge to start an entirely NEW project by Little House Needleworks called Simplicity! It is so cute, and I have no idea what I will do with it-yet!

And I brought this WIP out too, for a possible Christmas finish! But it would be for me. Maybe... Of course it will be framed.

That's it for the stitching front. On the home front, my husband is doing well I think. Will know for sure this Friday, when we get to see the neurosurgeon and get the results of the CT scan done Monday. I hope and pray that his brain has begun at least to shift back to the center of his head, and that all is well. We shall see...

THANKS for all of your continued prayers and words of support. They mean a lot to me, and even keep me going some days!

Until later,



Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jules Bianchi of Formula 1

Here's something most of you do not know about me... I am a Formula 1 Racing Fan! And last week a driver named Jules Bianchi, who is as young as my son, had a terrible crash and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. Since I am extremely Familiar with TBI's at this time in my life, I feel that I should pray for his recovery. His injury is different than my husband's of course, but it is gravely serious nonetheless.

So I am praying that he comes out of his coma, and recovers fully. Being where I am with our own TBI, and our prognosis, I am not so sure to pray for him to return to racing, exactly, but to at least live a full, long life! My husband is basically retired now, due to the possibilities of incurring additional injury that could be bad, should he try resuming his work in construction. Driving a race car at VERY HIGH SPEEDS could lead to a crash also, though it doesn't happen very often, it is true. So this is just my mothering/wifely opinion... why tempt fate?

I will be back tomorrow to do a post!