Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gosh, it's been a LONG LONG time... UPDATE

Where has summer gone?? It got away from me, though September does have some nice warm days here in our area. I am trying to get back into routines now. But our lives are changed, perhaps temporarily, perhaps not... time will tell. For the next six months, my husband cannot drive, work, fish or go fishing--basically no strenuous activities because he could have a seizure or a stroke. He was having TIA's (mini strokes) throughout the TWO craniotomies he had, and at discharge last week, so... I am trying to keep him from endangering himself. Unfortunately, he 'thinks' he is fine and back to normal. But his brain has not shifted back, there is still a large hematoma on the right side and a somewhat smaller one on the left, not to mention the shift. Not out of the woods yet, but he will be monitored with CT scans by the neurosurgeon monthly I think. The slurred speech has diminished for the past four days or so--good sign. However, he absolutely HATES not being able to do things he always has, and using a cane, and us monitoring his every move when he is up and about. As if things were not serious enough, they cultured tissue in the cranium before the second procedure and found it to be contaminated, so there is a 'wait and see' attitude for that right now, with him taking mega doses of penicillin vk. Don't truly know if there was more bacteria in the cranium that we have to worry about. And the penicillin does not really affect this particular strain of bacteria, but the Infectious Diseases doctor is in touch with us and will call in two weeks instead of waiting the month to the appointment, so I am somewhat confident in him.

Lots of new stuff in my life. My oldest daughter came up to help out when he was discharged again, and has been a GREAT help. My youngest daughter,when coming to visit when he was in the hospital, tripped in the parking lot, breaking her baby toe in two or three places. So she has been in a walking boot on a little scooter thing to get around... She would help if she could, but has her hands full (ha! literally!)... My son is always available for me, helping around the house and yard, and so much more, and I truly need that. I have a couple of friends that have been helping out with meals or gift cards which are appreciated greatly, because time just flies by and there is lots to do. Paperwork alone seems neverending... But I think hubby has become REALLY OCD about stuff, and has me doing laundry more frequently and so on.

I have NOT stitched in over a month, but did a little yesterday. I hated to stop. Trying to work it in now that things may be settling into a pattern. But my husband is very impatient, and that makes me be on edge all the time. I hesitate to work on anything for fear I will have to FROG it right back out!

I may be able to post more often--we shall see how it goes. I am TRYING to read your blog posts a little each day, tho I don't always have the time to reply. But know that I am trying to keep up... last count it was down to 142 posts in Bloglovin to read!

Well I think that about covers it. Keep us in your prayers if you would, as this is going to be an ever-changing process, as/if he heals. And thanks for your prayers so far! I/we appreciate them!