Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy July!

Wow! The last month just FLEW by! We are possibly going to get brushed by a small hurricane this holiday weekend... what a way to start the summer season!

Want to share another cube finish... I did this Erica Michaels piece last fall when I was at Myrtle Beach for PALS with my daughter. I finally decided on a finish! I wanted to be able to display it, and if I made it into a pillow, then it would have to go in a container and so on... After making my friend's cube last month, it really helped me get excited to do it again for myself! I love the Beach, and this will fit in with my beach decor that I leave around all year!

Erica does these really cute designs as 'kits' to be done on gauze. NOT by me! But since I still love the designs, I paid the extra price and just pass it on to someone who will use it the way it is kitted!

I picked what I thought was a nice summer-y fabric, in a muted tone so as not to overpower the design!

And I did the buttons on top with pins that match the crab, to make it pop a little! All in all, I really like this one!

I then worked on a piece for the SECOND time, after changing my mind about the first fabric. Well, after frogging it again and again, I almost did a 'Shirlee' and have decided to have a GIVEAWAY instead! I will offer the chart, 'Red, White and Bloom' by Country Cottage Needleworks, to a current follower of my blog, via a Random Drawing on July 7th. You just need to comment on this post that you would like to stitch this chart to enter the Giveaway. Good luck!

So, I moved on to stitching on a couple of my SAL's and have a bit of progress to show... First is Maryse Dupont's SAL 2014. I completed the border then the alphabet across the top, and then finished part One on the left top.

Then I switched to stitching on the Tulip Garden SAL, which has ended... but I found out about it late, and knew I would not complete it with those great stitchers in Europe! So I only worked on it last night, but a little progress is better than none! Do you see a similarity in the two SAL's? I like Borders!

I got my husband interested in gardening last year, but he was not listening to my advice... so it pretty much failed. Since then, I gave him a book about organic gardening (but it has NO pictures, so he didn't like it much!) and then this spring I gave him a book about Square Foot Gardening with LOTS of colorful pictures, and short, easy paragraphs... I say this not to knock him, but to emphasize that MEN do not always read, so you have to entice them with such things as short paragraphs and chapters and lots of PICTURES! Have you noticed the large number of graphic novels out there? They appeal to more than kids! They appeal to the kid in our Men!!

Anyhow, THIS year we are having more positive results!! He planted cucumbers, green, red and orange peppers and tomatoes... So far, we have had one cuke, and more coming. The peppers are getting chewed on the leaves, but there are flower buds... Have to research that... Made him a spray bottle of dawn soap and water... Haven't seen it since... Hope he isn't overdoing it! We have LOTS of green tomatoes--soon to turn red! He did not listen to me about getting heritage plants, but... baby steps! He went out and bought seeds (again, he did not listen and he did not use the organic or heritage seeds I gave him from last year) and planted yellow squash, onions and radishes. Onions are spindly but there... Radishes grew but did not produce. He finally pulled them out. I told him he could replant again, but he did not. The yellow squash are growing great! He picked three so far! Lots to come. The tomatoes and squash beds were moved from one side of our house to the other. Apparently made all the difference. So I suspect next year, he will be doing more of the same--bringing everything over. EXCEPT my Loofahs! They are doing great in the same spot as last year. I think I have about 8 or 9 plants growing! Last year two survived. And I got two loofahs, which I shared with family! Miss Olivia was especially intrigued! This year--who knows?! They are slow-growing and once they are harvested, then they have to dry. It will be close to Christmas when they are ready...for gifts!!

So, here are some pictures...

Here is our first cuke! Hubby just ate it with lunch! Said it was good! He puts salt on it... and even on melons. Is that a southern thing? Anyone else do that?

This is the bed where the cukes and peppers are planted... There is a big tree in the neighbors' yard right next to it, and an even larger tree in the middle of their yard, which gives shade... Not good for gardening! Very limited sunlight...

And here is our first yellow squash! We have had three now... this was taken Monday! They were good, according to my husband. I fixed them the way HE likes them this time, so I didn't have any. Next time, they will be grilled!

And here is one shot of ONE squash plant! See the difference being in the sun makes! Wow!

And here is the other squash plant! I LOVE Squash! And it's a good thing!

Here is a view of the tomato plants... lots of green ones coming along.

And here are the Loofah plants... Though you can't see it in this picture, I have placed wire across each square of the trellis and then down also, so they have more to grab! And they are starting to climb... I will take a better picture this weekend!

That's it for now! Don't forget to enter my Giveaway for that CCN chart!




cucki said...

aww such a sweet finish..i love it so much..
and all your other projects are so cute too.
big hugs x

Linda said...

Congrats on the great finish Maggee. You did a great job. Love seeing all the pics of your garden. I have a DH that doesn't listen to well either. LOL I'll pass on the chart.


Mary said...

Your husband putting salt on the cuke is not at all strange. Here in RI we put salt on watermelon....and I grew up putting sugar on dill pickles. Happy Fourth!

Natasha said...


Congrats on the garden. Yours looks fantastic!!! I am having issues with my tomato plants this years as is my neighbor, we have what Clemson University agi calls the WILT.

I hope the storms skirt past you.((HUGS)) for a safe weekend

Mii Stitch said...

Your cube finish is looking fantastic!!! Please count me in for your giveaway, it would be great to have a chance to stitch this lovely chart :)

Vickie said...

The cube turned out great Maggee. You sure are getting lots of stitching done. :)

Robin said...

What a good looking cube you created, Maggee! Great garden pictures as well! Have a wonderful weekend!

Robin in Virginia

marly said...

Happy July? NOOOO!!! Before you know it the snow will be flying. I didn't want June to end. Nice finishes. Some men don't care if there are pictures - they want the movie version.

Barb said...

Lots of lovely stitching. I think your garden is going to give you lots of goodies this summer.

Virpi said...

The cube looks awsome!

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching , your garden is bringing you some nice goodies.
Bless our men !
lovely giveaway chart would love a chance to win this one hugs.

Pat Matejcek said...

Love the beach finish. I have to look for that chart I love the beach. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. The garden is great! Have a good holiday!

Faye said...

Your stitches are beautiful Maggee!!! And, Yes,! Having salt on cucs and cantaloupe is a Southern thing.... I love the that way..... Tiny bit of salt with the sweetness... Yum!

Carol said...

Such a cute cube finish, Maggee, and your other stitching looks great, too!

Glad to hear your garden is doing better this year. I had never heard of putting salt on melons until I met my husband in the '70s. He did that and he was from Ohio, so I don't think it's just a southern thing... I personally prefer them salt-free!

Wishing you a fun 4th!

Stitchinowl said...

Your cube finish is so cute! Pretty coordinating fabric on the cube. I would love a chance to stitch Red, White, and Bloom. I just put the last the stitches in my latest finish and would love to start a patriotic piece!

Your garden is looking great! I never heard of putting salt on cucumbers or I will have to try it!

stitchersanon said...

Wow,the cube finish is perfect, just perfect. Well done to hubby on the gardening..there is nothing like eating home grown xx

Brigitte said...

Two great finishes, and I really love the beach one. Wonderful finishing as a cube. And very nice progress on your WIPs.

I wish you and particularly your husband good luck with your gardening adevnture. There's nothing like tomatoes from the own garden, they are always better that any bought one.

Myra said...

Love your stitching and finishes. The beach piece is so cute!
Glad your garden is doing well. I have never thought of planting loofahs, might have to try that next year.

Debbie said...

Hi Maggee..great finishes..your garden really looks fresh veggies..count me in on your giveaway..Happy 4th of July!!!

Beth said...

Maggee - I think you are helping to Grow and Gardener and are doing a great job too - remember Baby Steps!
Love your seaside cube finish. Happy and Storm Free 4th to you.

Shirlee said...

A very fun post my friend : )

Melanie said...

Very cute little finish! I have no idea what the 'original' version of this looks like but yours is fabulous.

I never bother too much with gardening aside from some basics (like tomatoes). I would love to have a big one - but - it would mean cutting down a lot of trees to get more sun in my yard. I'd rather have the trees. But, yeah. Can't grow much with all that tree cover.

Penny said...

What a pretty finish, Maggee! Lovely stitching on your other projects ~ and I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they like borders. :) Sounds like your husband is getting there with the garden. I agree about the short paragraphs and pictures. :) I salt my cucumbers, but not my melon, although, my husband salts both ~ he is from Alabama.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Very nice cube finish! My mom puts salt AND pepper on cantaloupe. I don't - but do put a tiny bit on cukes. Looks like you'll have lots of veggies to try different recipes. Enjoy!