Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Does anyone have this chart?

I have wanted this LHN chart ever since it came out... but... it is a kit, and no doubt I would change the fabric and possibly the thread colors. So my practical side refused to buy it. So, if anyone has already stitched it, and wants to trade (I have LOADS of other LHN charts!!) or barter for it, please let me know...



Monday, June 23, 2014

National Pink Day...

So, it is National Pink Day. There is no reason for it, other than someone just decided to name this day Pink Day. OF COURSE, I have a reason or two for it... First, I love pink... and grey... So I pulled out a WIP in just those colors to work on today.

It will be a multi-sided BALL! I found it on this blog:     I hope to finish it soon, and then tackle assembling it! I have about eight more 'sides' to stitch, then finish backstitching them. Using 36 count Pearl Grey linen and Victorian Motto Raspberry Ice cotton thread.

Reason Number Two for celebrating National Pink Day for me is that, as a Breast Cancer survivor, I appreciate that Pink reminds people about Breast Cancer Awareness. Locally, a young woman just died from Stage Three Breast Cancer. She was diagnosed when she was eight months pregnant, last year. After a little bit of debate, they did decide to take the baby and start aggressive treatment. The baby boy is one year old now, but his mommy just died. There are older sisters and a daddy to care for him, but it is tragic. And lots of us certainly remember our blogging sister Cathey, and her brave fight against this deadly disease. Don't forget to do Breast Self Exams, and if there is a history of cancer in your family, and you are not the 'recommended' age, get a mammogram anyway! I don't even know what the recommended age is now. I know my daughters are getting their first ones this year, and they are 37 & 35. They save lives!

I also have another finish. Are you tired of seeing them? It IS different for me, isn't it? I am going to plow through some WIPs during this down time!! Without further ado, here is my latest completion

As can be seen, it is America by Sunflower Seed. On, interestingly enough, 36 count Pearl Grey linen, and colors I liked that were or were not necessarily called for... I wanted to do at least ONE patriotic stitch this year. I have another couple of smalls lined up... we shall see if they get done in time to display for the 4th!



Thursday, June 19, 2014

MORE finishes...

This week I finished two more projects! Amazing! Without further ado...

Here is Prairie Schooler's Birdhouse Sampler, from the Garden Samplers trio. Done on 36 court Winter Blend by R&R, and DMC threads. Not going to finish it, until I get the other one I like completed. Then I think they will be framed as a set. Or that is my thought TODAY, anyway...

And here is Live Simply by Hands to Work. Pardon the bad picture... did not iron it yet! Haven't done a monochromatic in a long time, and I just flew through this one! It was a fun stitch! On 40-count (one over two!) Light Examplar by Lakeside Linen, using HDF Woad Blue silk floss. Yummm... I am going to do a cube finish with this one... soon! I cant wait to display it!

That's all for now! Off to do some typing for hubby, then to stitch! Enjoy your day!



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Collection, TWO Finishes and A Finishing project

I have accumulated a few collections since I began cross stitching. One of them is Marking pins. Some are store-bought and others were gifts, giveaway wins or from exchanges. I have only put two sets to use... don't ask me why! But after this post, I think I shall put others to use. After all, they don't belong in my drawer! They are all too pretty! Without further ado, here are some pics...

Here is the whole collection...

Store-bought pins that I have NOT put to use yet... I think the sheep are my faves... today...

Here are some pins gifted to me. I think they are just too pretty to use, but gonna change that!

And here are pins I won in a giveaway, received in an exchange, and lastly, given to me from a new friend at a retreat!

This is an actual set being utilized--but I seem to have lost one of them! There should be four!

And this pin pillow pattern came with the pins or vice versa. Got it from The Sampler Girl, but it is her Mother's design and pins... Love it!

And so ends my little collection of Marking Pins. I think I will showcase another collection --scissors and frogs--next time! Good thing my hubby does not read my blog! Ha!

I impulsively decided to stray from my SAL's and schedule of stitches to stitch a quick little sampler called Liberty by Tracy of Hands to Work. I had fun with choosing my own colors, and just did whatever struck me... It is my first over-one on 36 count. Cannot believe I actually did it, and didn't do a Shirlee! It wasn't that bad after all... (new horizons and all that...)I am thinking about how I want it finished for display--haven't chosen yet. I put my parents' initials in the bottom, and their marriage year, to honor their lives. Cause I wouldn't be here without them!

And I finished Magic Garden by Shakespeare's Peddler. I really disliked stitching this piece, after I started it... which is why it took so dang long! I guess I do not really like Whimsical. Cause it annoyed me to no end with the chosen colors... By the time I got to the bottom, I was just NOT going to stitch as suggested and substituted a bit from my PS sampler in progress... just because. It may look wonky but I think my hubby will like it, with his new found liking to gardening. So I will get it framed for him...

Used 36-count Bittersweet fabric from Lakeside, and just pulled ANY COLOR I liked for all the motifs. Glad it is done! Now back to my regularly scheduled stitching...

I recently did a cube finish for a friend's piece. I am really enjoying that type of finish...

I did the same piece only in different colors... Just have to finish it! Now that I am inspired by THIS cube...

WE loved this retro fabric!

Reminds me of the bandanas we wore way back when... Some of you faithful followers won't EVEN know what I mean by that!

I put the purple pins in the button to go with the purple wording... just because we like purple!

Well, that is all for now...

With this new life of leisure (while I look for work), I should get more done and post more, right??