Thursday, May 29, 2014

OH NO--part Two...

Regarding the problem with emails to blog owners when a comment is posted... Unfortunately, the big four email servers (gmail, yahoo, aol and hotmail--maybe more)made some changes to how they deliver and receive emails on our behalf, due to the glut of spammers clogging the airwaves. And part of the changes were to stop any emails sent from servers that are not actually THEIRS but that use them...For instance, if you comment on a blog and the blog owner wants to receive an email notifying them they received a comment, but they use yahoo as their email service, the email automatically generated when you send the comment will bounce back at you, due to these changes. It has practically CRIPPLED mailing lists that we use for genealogy, and it is quite a problem for us bloggers! But they don't care!

Apparently no one is complaining loud enough, as I scoured the internet for work-arounds and found none to speak of... However, I did some testing and found a solution for me and perhaps some of you. It requires that you have a separate, non-gmail, yahoo, etc email address. Like mine is at my cable service provides free email. I changed my Blogger profile email to be the cox address. AND I added another admin email address for this blog to also be my one... and I have not had ANY BOUNCES since!

So, if you are able to have an alternate email address like cox or charter or military or something other than... you can fix this. This work-around does NOT benefit you, it benefits the blogger you are visiting. So if you don't CARE if they get an email or not, these notifications of non-delivery are nothing to worry about. Just delete them. IF you need me to help you through setting it up, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to help!

Till later,




marly said...

Good grief. In my confused state of mind I'm afraid I would end up deleting the whole blog and all my email addresses.

Vickie said...

Thank you Maggee! I will look into it. It is all I can do to stay on top of post reading right now. A busy few weeks for us right now. I will be referring to this post and probably bothering you again. :)

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

I Maggee, hope you are having a nice day, Just dropped in to say hello. hugs Lynda Purple Pixie Dust

stitchersanon said...

Not sure what the problem is as I dont normally reply back personally to comments on my posts (mainly cus I never worked out how lol) but am also replying to the last post. You are always in my thoughts and sorry your work place didnt appreciate you: I hope they do now but I agree with your decisions. Life is too short to put up with extra stresses. Prayers and hugs all a
round xx

cucki said...

Oh no
Sending you big hugs x