Thursday, May 29, 2014

OH NO--part Two...

Regarding the problem with emails to blog owners when a comment is posted... Unfortunately, the big four email servers (gmail, yahoo, aol and hotmail--maybe more)made some changes to how they deliver and receive emails on our behalf, due to the glut of spammers clogging the airwaves. And part of the changes were to stop any emails sent from servers that are not actually THEIRS but that use them...For instance, if you comment on a blog and the blog owner wants to receive an email notifying them they received a comment, but they use yahoo as their email service, the email automatically generated when you send the comment will bounce back at you, due to these changes. It has practically CRIPPLED mailing lists that we use for genealogy, and it is quite a problem for us bloggers! But they don't care!

Apparently no one is complaining loud enough, as I scoured the internet for work-arounds and found none to speak of... However, I did some testing and found a solution for me and perhaps some of you. It requires that you have a separate, non-gmail, yahoo, etc email address. Like mine is at my cable service provides free email. I changed my Blogger profile email to be the cox address. AND I added another admin email address for this blog to also be my one... and I have not had ANY BOUNCES since!

So, if you are able to have an alternate email address like cox or charter or military or something other than... you can fix this. This work-around does NOT benefit you, it benefits the blogger you are visiting. So if you don't CARE if they get an email or not, these notifications of non-delivery are nothing to worry about. Just delete them. IF you need me to help you through setting it up, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to help!

Till later,



I have neglected this blog for quite some time, due to SO much going on. But it is time to update you now...

First off, I quit my job. The stress was debilitating, to say the least! I just figured, I am an ADULT, and I can choose what direction I want my life to go... and it AIN'T in theirs any longer! I had been with them for over NINE years, but that counts for nothing! Poor management, bad decisions, too much work and not enough employees makes a sinking ship. I dislike that my friends there are struggling so much, but... they have choices too. A few have made or are making their decisions, before they are MADE FOR THEM. Now, I should not be getting sick, since I won't be in that sick building. THAT is a blessing! I am thinking about part time work, until I retire. I really want to do something that makes a GOOD difference.

Next, I found three lumps in my left breast very recently (so that stress on top of work stress...!!), and went in to have them checked. I received very poor treatment from the mammogram tech (to the point that I was bruised!!), had little confidence in the ultrasound tech, and do not feel entirely comfortable with the 'doctor' then telling me they are all 'nothing to worry about.' However, without health insurance shortly, it will have to be... So, prayers appreciated. Of course, I will monitor them.

Needless to say, I have not done much stitching. Stress really tired me every day. But I did get some done... First is the project for my husband's sister that has cancer. Remember I started a piece with bright colors, to cheer her? Well, I had it made into a pillow, and we visited her in early May to present it to her. She said she loved it. It was a bittersweet visit. She is fighting the good fight, so prayers for HER are also appreciated!

So, then I have pulled out Prairie Schooler's Garden Sampler, and am working a bit on that...

And a bit on Maryse Dupont's 2014 SAL, which uses my favorite colors: purple and pink, among others...Not much to show yet...

And then there is Magic Garden... I have stalled out on this, sad to say Anne, but I should pick it up soon and get it finished!

Well, that's it for today. It is a cold (65 degrees), dreary day, and I think I will go stitch for a while... maybe even take a nap.

Thanks for bearing with me during this tumultuous time in my life.



Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I have been receiving 'Mailer-Daemon' emails for QUITE SOME TIME in my yahoo account--today I just read one and it says my comments on your blogs are bouncing... Apparently Google and Yahoo will not play well together... I am swamped but I will look into it on the weekend when I get a chance. Sorry! I AM reading your blogs... sporadically, but catching up finally... and then THIS!! GRRRRRRRRR... HERE'S what I need:
Hugs, Maggee