Monday, March 3, 2014

It snowed today! And...Winners!

Well, actually it sleeted for a few hours, and then it snowed, and is still snowing. So it is treacherous outside, and not going to warm up till Wednesday. I MAY get another snow day off tomorrow... of course, then that means I have to WORK Saturday. Again. Before I get too depressed about another one day weekend, moving on...

We have the Winners! The New Follower that was the first to post the correct answers is Sarah Beth! Congratulations and thank you for tipping me over that hump! And thank you to ALL of my new Followers, for joining my blog!

Then the random generator picked Melody's name for my 'Faithful Follower' winner! Congratulations Melody--please email me with your mailing information, AND your choice of charts!

I'm off to stitch my stress away!



Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dang... Dang... Dang... Sick again...

Well, it's been a while again, and I have not posted. I was not able to fight off the infection fast enough, and because I work in a crowded office, I had to go to the doctor. I have 'tonsilitis'... I have finished the antibiotics already and my throat still hurts. We shall see how it goes... am back on the herbals.

I am going to do the drawing tomorrow, at the latest. I haven't forgotten...

Just wanted to share a few pictures. It has been a busy time...

I received my Giveaway win from Brenda for HER Blogoversary, and was that ever fun! I absolutely love her Thread Organizer Pak and have it in use on my SAL from Maryse - I finally got the fabric this weekend, after I worked 5 hours again!

You can see that there were lots of little goodies in the package, besides the TOP! I have an interesting story about the book... Brenda sent along a book about Love, one of the Fruits of The Spirit. Interestingly enough, I had been pondering the Fruits in relation to 'virtues' of today's world, and had even discussed it with my lunch buddy at work that very same day I received it! We call that a God Wink! He is telling me something...and I am all ears!

Then I received a gift from Lynda, at Purple Pixie Dust, as a thanks. I must have missed this chart when it came out... Lynda made sure my two favorite colors were in it (pink and purple), and it is just so pretty!

Here is my latest snap of Find Your Happy Place, for my SIL. I decided to do the wording in a blue that closely matched the blue in the variegated thread... so far , I like it. Some of these pictures are blurry... Operator error, sorry!

My progress on the SAL I am doing with Anne, the Magic Garden by Shakespeare's Peddler. Not much, but I can't seem to get ANY stitching done some days...

This is even more pathetic... barely touched the Tulip Garden SAL. In good time...

Well, got to finish laundry and then I must work on a small piece on 40-count that I am doing for my daughter's birthday this week. It may be late in arriving... Oh, and Heather--your package will also go out this week!

Hope to be back tomorrow night!