Sunday, January 26, 2014

SALs and Stitching Progress report...

I surrender to the whining! I love snow, but not ice! And snow fell here but turned to ice overnight, so it was not a Winter Wonderland as I expected. Getting to work was quite a challenge--I had to have my hubby drive because no one is safe if I drive! I admit it! Today it is in the mid-40's and tomorrow they predict low 50's so that should get rid of the remnants of ice here and there. And I will be happy!

I managed to get a few stitches in on a few new starts for 2014. I find that I have joined THREE SAL's. Ha! Found a new one on FB--the Tulip SAL. It is a Hungarian designer's piece and it is gorgeous! I have chosen to do it in shades of purple--are you surprised? It was a tough decision because it looks good in pink also! So, now I am in three! C'est le vie! I have not started the one by Maryse cause I haven't got a good piece of fabric yet! Still pondering it... But I REALLY want to stitch on it SOON!

Here is my meager progress on three starts so far:

Find Your Happy Place for my SIL, using Vikki Clayton's HDF called Peacock, which apparently is no longer offered so I could not get a good shot of it. It is a variety of green, blue/teal-y, and yellow. Despite my poor picture, it is IS quite cheerful!

And this is Shakespeare's Peddler, Magic Garden. I am doing this with my friend Anne on Fridays. This is on a really nice little piece of 36-count Lakeside Linen called Bittersweet... has a pink tinge to it. Doing it one over two. Perfect!

And this is my start on the Tulip Garden SAL It is quite a beautiful pattern, and you can take out parts to make smaller pieces and smalls, period. Not much progress last night, but at least it is started on a mysterious piece of 34-count linen, that has a tighter weave than the LL Bittersweet, but has a pinkish tinge also! Am also doing this one over two. I tried it both ways... one is so much better! It really just depends on the look I want and the fabric.

Gotta do laundry, fix dinner, etc... Maybe I will be able to stitch in a couple of hours...



Monday, January 20, 2014

Oops! Forgot to announce the chart winner!

The first person to respond to my blogpost on the 12th with the correct answer to the riddle was Tricia, of The Stamper's Stitches! Congratulations! I will be sending it this week!

I am close to my birthday and also close to reaching a milestone number of followers (at 296 right now!), so I will have to think of some way to celebrate in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!



Sunday, January 19, 2014

MY scores!

In the spirit of the playoff games today, I have made a tally (finally) of my finishes for last year. It is more than I thought... it was fun to go through and see them again! So, I finished TEN big pieces, with 'big' meaning not a small to be made into an ornie or pillow, but to be framed mostly. And I finished TWENTY FOUR smalls! Hopefully I will be doing the finishing on the last three from last year, which are ornies.

And last night, I finished a BIG BAP project--the Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler! I changed the color of the alphabet, but stuck with most everything else, colorwise. Today I took out the one sheep... did not like it at all! Looks fine without it, at least to me! So without further ado... here is a quick snap:

I said quick, because I have not ironed it yet. But, I like it. I will put it next to Feather Your Nest, also by With Thy Needle and Thread, upstairs, over the fireplace (unused).

Last night, I also did some planning of what I want to do in stitching this year. Perhaps overambitious, but nonetheless... I have three SAL's I am doing : Maryse's 2014 SAL, Tulip Garden SAL, and a friend and I are going to stitch Shakespeare's Peddler's Magic Garden on Friday nights as a SAL, to get it done! I may not finish the first two in 2014, but I am going to join in the fun anyway. I am stitching from my stash, as in not purchasing new but using what I have. Of course, if I do not have a thread or two... that can be purchased. And eventually I am going to be out of fabric, so will get more! But it is on my mind NOT to increase the stash I have IF I can resist! Big IF!!

I am going to start a new piece (been in my stash a while!) for my SIL Carolyn, who has been going through cancer treatments for a long time--first for lung, and then it spread to her brain. Please say a prayer for her, she is a trooper. I am going to bring it to her when we visit this spring, God willing. Here is a snap from BRD website:

I had chosen a fall colored thread to do it, but am rethinking that, since it is going to cheer someone. I should pick a 'happy' color! Suggestions welcome!

Well, off to do laundry... dinner is cooked, and just needs to be reheated when we get hungry... Still have to make brownies for the Niners Game! Go Niners!!



Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Hodge Podge post

This year has certainly gotten past me, already! It is almost mid-month, and I am just putting away Christmas! Of course, I had Christmas 2 last weekend... so it follows that I would be doing that this weekend, right?

I was taking it down while watching the Playoff Game between the Niners and Panthers. Sorry friends, but Niners ROCK! Super Bowl is next!

It was nice to have my eldest and her family here finally. We had a nice Christmas, with more big meals and gatherings. The family all seemed to love their throws/blankets. And the younger two were quite excited to receive their rubber-band loom thingys... they already brought the ones they got for Christmas at home, so I just added to their stash! Maghen made me a purple bracelet... gotta take a picture and post it.

One of the little gifties I gave my daughter and hubby were coasters that I found while thrifting last year. They are glass and have pictures of the Bluebird that is down in NC!

Aren't they pretty? They were appreciated... And I heard that my son-in-love is refinishing the coffee table so they will look nice on it when done.

I promised to show pictures from the visit to the antique store...

First is the THREE Ewe & I & Friends cross stitch patterns I found! The Red House, Primitive Primrose, and Primitive Tree. I love these patterns so much, I bought a repeat! I already have Primitive Tree waiting to be stitched, know what that means? It is up for grabs by one of my followers. I will mail it to the first person to answer this question correctly: What kind of tree can you carry in your hand? I will announce the winner next Sunday!

I found this Nativity there... seems to be in good condition. I will use it next Christmas in my dining room...$9 !! Not a famous brand but nice nonetheless!

And I gave my husband this Christmas music box. He likes those old men and women pieces... couldn't pass this up for $5 and it works! It plays 'We wish you a Merry Christmas." Of course, the youngest granddaughter was fascinated by it...

And I found this lovely little Willow Tree box for $4, in what looks to be new condition...

I just love the detail in these works of art, but also the simplicity...I have an Angel of Courage upstairs--Lois from Elegant Stitch sent it to me when I found out I had breast cancer! She didn't even KNOW me! But she knows my LNS owners, who told her about how I was doing... The kindness of strangers...I have RAKed many of those angels to women with a need, in return for that kindness years ago.

Not to mention the wonderful sentiment inside!

I neglected to mention the Halloween costumes at work this year. My friend, who is a very strong believer, doesn't miss a chance to dress up in a costume that speaks to people about her faith. This year was no exception, except she had a partner in crime! She walked into the area first, holding her sign and Bible. A second or two later, part two came in!

Well, that is it for now. I am off to dig in my stash and figure out what I want to stitch this year, as many of you have already done. I am finishing up a big WIP this week, so then I am allowed a new start! Them's the rules I made for myself!



Christmas time--the most wonderful time of the year!

I love music! And there is so much associated with Christmas, that I am always humming a song! Heard a great one on the way to work this morning! Gotta share! It's called Gonna Shake Heaven by Montell Jordan and you can find the words on Amazon. Enjoy!

**edited to say that the video no longer works... try to find it out there... it is GREAT!**