Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey!!

In honor of Cathey of Pumpkin Patch & Co. blog, who is celebrating her Blogoversary today, I am posting these pumpkin pictures--either I stitched them or they are some of my favorites from home or the internet that I just love! Cathey is a wonderful blogging friend, and deserving of our prayers and good tidings!

Of course, since we are praying for Cathey's healing from Breast Cancer complications, we cannot proceed without Pink Pumpkins! (I admit that SOME of these pictures were taken from the Internet, but since we are merely displaying them further, no harm, no foul)

Welcome to this Journey for Cathey!

Praying that all who enter here are led to pray for Cathey, and her family, today and in the future.

I am very Thankful for my 6 years of cancer-free living, and pray, pray, pray that Cathey is blessed likewise and even more!

Cross Stitch is what brought us all together! Praying that Cathey is blessed with strength and time to stitch ALL of her stash!

A fall centerpiece that I did one year. May Cathey have many more years of beautiful centerpieces to celebrate her favorite season.

This was one of my favorite Freebies (by WTN) that was also a collaboration with my husband (he did the plaque). Praying for Cathey's husband and family during this difficult time, that there is much gathering together and love.

Cross Stitchers like crows--this one is from the internet, but I liked it... you'll see more that I just liked. Asking God that Cathey has many more years of finding things she likes on the internet!

Sparkly pumpkins, to remind us to pray that Cathey's times are full of sparkle and goodness!

I use this picture as a background picture on my computer, because it is just so pretty. Praying that Cathey will enjoy many, many fall seasons that look like this!

Henna pumpkins--reminding me of my daughter who is a face painter and henna artiste! I pray that Cathey is granted a long, long life to see what Junior grows up to be like!

I like doing crafts... this looks fairly easy. I pray that Cathey has much time granted, to do whatever suits her fancy!

Now this is just pumpkins and pumpkin patch pictures I grabbed... please feel free to enjoy and perhaps pray for Cathey as you are led...

Thank you for visiting! I may be back after work to tweak this! Gotta run!



Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cannot reply to blog posts!

What is UP with these blogs? I try to reply and get a blank window... nothing happens then. I click 'back' and end up at the beginning of the post. Anyone else having this problem? I am TRYING to catch up--really!

On the stitching front, I am working on some exchange pieces, so can't show them right now. Going to have a major finishing weekend pretty soon!

Quick post--got laundry to finish...