Friday, August 30, 2013

Yeah, yeah... I know it's been a LONG time...

Grrr... I tried to post this last week, but blogger was just not cooperating! It wouldn't accept my pictures when I uploaded them, and when it finally did, they were sideways!! But today is a better day!

Time sure does get away from me--how about you? It's almost the end of summer, technically speaking. But here in my area, September is a gorgeous month and one where I can begin to get back to the beach cause the 'season' has ended for most! Yay!

I have been doing SOME stitching. For instance, I started on my John Foster Sampler--and finished the border! Then I had to put it away (other projects had to be done)... but... it's started!

Last week I completed LHN's September... wonder if I will get inspired to do October before it comes??! I have lots planned... probably not, tho these monthlies are quick and easy stitches.

I will get some finishing done this weekend, so more later...

Since it will finally be beach season for me, I will show you my displays...Earlier in the summer, I stitched a new set for my wall with the little frames--SeaShell.

Then I switched out my hutch to a beach theme...First the wall above the hutch. I found the picture at a store in NC and got it framed. It so reminds me of Ocean Beach in San Francisco, where I spent many an hour walking and playing.

Then these are some store bought finds I love...

And one more store bought plaque...

One of the times I went to the beach, I found this great shell...

And these shells and driftwood were also found down at the beach on one of my trips. I let the driftwood dry outside the rest of last summer, then put it in a baggie until now, and it was damp again! Wow! (thus the saran wrap underneath it so it will not ruin my hutch)

I have LOTS more to blog about, but never time! Before I go, have TWO excellent things to share. First, a friend at work surprised me (BIG TIME) with this:

Can you believe it??

Just out of the blue...

And this HAS to be my most EXCELLENT find at a second hand store EVER!! It makes me smile every time I go by it... and I actually make extra trips just to look at it and smile some more! Is this not the most beautiful watering can ever?? Got it for $10!! I have been on the lookout for another one or ten, but when I find somewhat similar ones, they start at $80! Dream on!

That's it for now. Going to close, but I will try to post again this long weekend!