Saturday, July 13, 2013

Did you see that???

Time just FLEW by!!! Gosh, I can't believe it is the middle of July now...Well, I have a few things to share. First--a new store went in just across the road from me...pretty cool! It is called Sew EZ, and it is a quilting store! Which means they have fabric! I went for a quick look today, and their prices are competitive and they have different fabrics so that is good... later... Don't know that I need anything right now! (I took a picture but apparently Blogger STILL doesn't like iPhone pictures!!!)

Next up concerns something that has been nagging me for weeks. I joined the Ladies Prim Society being hosted by my local shop, Dyeing to Stitch. I liked the first piece by Threadwork Primitives, even though it was on 30-count fabric. I made mention of that fact that I really DON'T like using that count, but I guess it is what the designers like, so too bad for me, because the SECOND piece by Blackbird designs was also on 30-count. I am stitching it on 36 count. Additional cost. Now I have the third piece, and it is on two different pieces of --yup, you guessed it--30-count fabric! I am experiencing MANY emotions over this--MANY! When you sign up for the society, you HAVE to sign that you will purchase all the pieces during the year. But I cannot afford to just throw away money on fabric I will never use! I am figuring I paid for it, to do as I want... And, I think I have decided to sell my Kit. So, here are pictures of the kit--which includes EVERYTHING: fabric, backing fabric, whole thread skeins (4), perfectly matched trim and even a needle! Plus very complete instructions to finish it!

So if anyone is interested in purchasing this from me, just let me know...

On the news front, my husband MIGHT have latched onto a good client for work. He has not worked in about three months (well, he had one little job). Retail therapy has been so tempting, but with things the way they have been, thrift-ing and antique-ing are my stores of choice. Thus--I have some GREAT finds from the past three months!

First was this pair of beautifully framed bird art prints. I don't really care if they are old or out of fashion--the frames are magnificent and I love birds! Plus they were $5 each!! I couldn't pass that up!!

Then I found these stacking boxes that have everything I like--Americana AND beach or ocean scenes! For less than $3, I grabbed them!

Next up were these adorable, kind of primitive 'firecracker' metal honeycomb votive holders. For now, I took out the bottoms. But with flickering battery-operated votives, they are just too cool! Less than $5!

And then, I couldn't pass up this crock, though I really didn't know WHAT it was originally for--until the clerk picks up a spoon that had dropped. THEN she said that it was such a cute coffee crock! So, I got the bigger one a couple of weeks ago. THEN my sister found the smaller one this week, so Friday night--off we went, hoping it was still there--it WAS! No spoon, but who cares?! For less than $7, I got these great beach scenes on two crocks! Woo hoo!!

And because this IS a stitching blog, after all, it must have SOME stitching pictures. I only have one, since I did not take progress pictures. This is a piece I pulled from my WIPs or UFO box... By La D Da, called Lauren's Voice. I finished it quite some time ago, but forgot to post it.

Well, that really is ALL I have today. I may take progress pictures soon, and let you see what I am stitching. It has been a competition between reading and stitching lately. I came across some Debbie Macomber books at the thrift store (for 28 cents each!!) and have been trying to finish up reading the Cedar Cove ones, because next weekend the SERIES starts on the Hallmark channel. I am excited because the books are fabulous! And Andie McDowell is starring in it. Should be terrific! I cannot read and stitch--they weren't audiobooks, sadly...

P.S. I am still working on RAK's of charts I won't be stitching again. I think everyone should either let me know what their likes and dislikes are, or have a Wish List on their blogs, so I can get a few packages out!