Sunday, June 23, 2013

Prairie Schooler WIP

I totally forgot to post the progress picture of my Prairie Schooler Garden Sampler (one of three in the pamphlet). Boy, am I loving this one! Stitched on Winter Brew or Flax, 36-count, with DMC threads. Without further ado...

Gotta run!



a Tiny Finish, a comparison, and a few finish-finishes...

Well, I took an adventure where I have never gone before! I stitched on 40-count fabric! And I enjoyed it! I did a smallish piece, called Beach Blessing, by Erica Michaels. Supposed to be one of those 'petites' that you do on gauze (anyone want a piece of gauze??) but it is still small and cute! I saw it done quite a while back, on a non-gauze fabric and said to myself, Why not? Without further ado, here it is...

Then, I have been struggling to do a piece called 'Red, White and Bloom' by CCN because of the fabric I chose, which was 30-count Alabaster. I really do NOT like 30-count. So, it has been slow going and not one of my favorite WIPs to stitch. PLUS, the white sure isn't going to show very well!! What was I thinking?! Since I still had a nice hunk of 40-count left, I did a quick floss toss and made the decision to start it again! I got a fair amount done last night while watching a movie... Here is a comparison picture showing the difference in sizes.

I neglected to show the previous finishing I did on some smalls. First is 'Sweet Stella' by Erynne Chard/Stitcheree. My first time doing the rick rack sticking out of the edge of the pillow. Need more practice... Of course, I am my worst critic! The backing is a tiny lavender checked fabby... lovely!

Next is 'Red-winged Blackbird' by Bent Creek, with a framed pillow finish. Got that down pat!

And I made 'Happy as a Lark' into a little pillow too! I really like the backing fabric--red ticking!

Just when I least expected it, I got a surprise in the mail from Shirlee! It is a Pine Mountain Kit, for Christmas! Shirlee is such a hoot! She sent a card with Birthday wishes inside... and apologized for being four months tardy! She's a fun one, for sure!! Thanks so much!!

Well, I am off to do a bit of this and that... Sundays are always so busy for me, what with shopping, at least 5 loads of laundry (it is 7 today, with sheets), and some tidying and maybe finishing/sewing... We shall see!

Keep telling me your likes and dislikes... there could be a RAK coming your way!



Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Dandy Finish, plus...

I finished a WIP that was languishing in my stash, called Dandy Dreams by Silver Creek. I am going to TRY to find a compatible fabric for a pillow frame, but it is also just under 5 X 7 so maybe I will get an unfinished framed and doll it up! Actually that sounds better... so here it is:

And I also finished a smallish patriotic piece that will get finished this weekend, and added to my collection, by Twisted Threads called Itty Bitty America.

Now, I didn't stitch it over one...just because I didn't feel like it. And I changed it a bit... stitcher's prerogative...

That's it for now... Don't forget to tell me your likes and dislikes... just in case a RAK is calling your name...



Sunday, June 2, 2013

How can it be June already??

My last post was supposed to be a catch-up post, yet here it is, a month later, and I have to play catch up AGAIN! I spent my 'free' time today doing finishing. Some disappointments, some lessons learned... but all but one project are stitched together and now I need to stuff, trim, etc... I will do all that this week and post after they are completed.

I do have a couple of finishes I neglected to show...

First is 'Fruit of the Spirit' by My Big Toe Designs. I changed the colors to my style--purple! It came out pretty nice, don't you think?

Next is the letter "M" by Jardin Prive! Yay! And as you can see, it also gave it a personal touch... can you tell??

So, one last thing... If I want to RAK my faithful followers, I need to know what you like and don't like, in designers, colors, and so on. If there is a chart I have done that you really like, please let me know. Generally speaking, I don't do them twice--especially not ones that are framed! I have done two pieces twice, for gifts, but in 7 years or so, that's not a lot! So, don't be bashful... Let me know if there is something you want that I have... I am in a de-stashing mood--jump on in!

Blessings & Hugs,