Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Catch-up Post (picture heavy)

Well, I am finally getting caught up with MY blog! Been catching up on reading all my blogs and commenting, but woefully lacking in updates to mine unfortunately. But hopefully this post will bring me close to being caught up!

I have been stitching, tho not as much as I usually do... So, without further ado, here are some pictures of stuff I have finished or framed...

This is one of two frames I found at a thrift store, that work perfectly for these bird pieces. This is Bits of Blue Sampler by Plum Pudding Needleart, a really cute stitch!

And here is the other framed piece, Nesting, by Kathy Schmitz. I am debating taking off those hanging hooks on top... kind of date the frames...

Quite out of the blue, I received a RAK from Michelle , a fellow blogger. It had a really bright, spring fat quarter, Stork scissors (my only pair!), and some grey GA thread, which is one of my most favorite colors! It was such a nice pick-me-up! Thanks Michelle!

And it just so happened that about a week earlier, I had finished stitching a pillow that would be so cute finished with that RAK fabric, so I make a frame finish, and it is so very cute--don't you agree? My friend, Darlene, had her birthday this month, so I had stitched that for her...

The pillow was in this great project bag I gifted her! Barbara W.(cannot find her blog on my list, dang it) made it--and it is perfect for Darlene, cause she LOVES butterflies! She loved it!

And here is the back...it is so pretty.

Actually, I saw THIS one first, and lusted for it... but... held off... until I saw the Butterfly one, and knew it was going to be Darlene's, so...I got myself a lovely project bag too! With my favorite color of purple throughout, of course!

And see, in the back, it has a little pocket! It is perfect size for a medium sized project, which it is holding right now. I am working on Dandy Dreams by Silver Creek Samplers. It is an easy one, and I don't know WHY I just didn't do it sooner!

Found this painted box at a local thrift store recently. Originally, I was thinking I would give it a try with Briwax and making it look primitive... But it has been growing on me, and maybe I can work a vignette with it and the pear designs by Marly that I have been stitching, and intend to stitch. We shall see... Whoever painted it did a really Great job!

And here are the sides of the lid... fancy schmancy!

This is a sweet little piece done by a french designer named Martine (if you ask me later, I will dig out the blog where I found this freebie). I had it done by Easter, but... not finished. I am thinking of a box top finish.

And this is my attempt to stitch Quaker Egg by Bent Creek on a random piece of 35 count fabric. I HATED it! Thus, the incomplete project. In fact, I was not enjoying the stitch at all, so.... Anyone WANT the pattern? If I get more than one 'yes' then I will draw a name on May 6th. It can go anywhere--no restrictions this time!

THIS little adorable piece is by Erynne Chard of Stitcheree! Erynne has been designing cross stitch for a while, because way back I stitched a pattern of hers, called Snow Poem, for Pat at Dyeing to Stitch, for her birthday. I liked it so much, I wanted to do it again (a very RARE thing!) but I have not been able to get my hands on a perfect piece of grey fabric... sad face... But anyway, this is called 'Sweet Stella' and it may be small but there is a LOT of stitching there! I plan to do a wall hanging with it. Love it!

I am out of steam now, so going to wrap it up! Hope I did not bore anyone... Lots to catch up on! I have to sit and think about what else there is to post about, cause I am sure I forgot plenty! So, till next time!

Blessings and Hugs, Maggee