Sunday, March 17, 2013

A little bit to show... and Formula 1 started today!

I am not too motivated somedays, so not much getting stitched. NOt going to show any WIPs but have a few small finishes to show. Pardon the wrinkles...

First is my Valentine pear, which I DID have done before Valentines... just life got in the way of finishing it... Now I have a year--ha! I will do them probably all together... by them I mean...

...the next one I finished, which is the St. Patrick's Day pear! In case anyone DOESN'T know, they were designed by Marly, a fellow blogger with a lot of talent. There are several FREE pear patterns on her blog, on the Pears tab.

Then I finished this cute Shamrocks design, also by a fellow blogger, Lynn B, another talented gal! This is a really teensy piece, because I decided to do it over one on 25 count. I would like to bead the edges like the designer did, but... I hope the beads are tiny enough! The backing fabby is underneath. Of course, I will have a Plan B...

Just finished up with A very full day...Cooking for St. Patrick's Day -- my usual dinner of corned beef, cabbage and boiled red potatoes. Plus I made a small Irish Soda Bread. Mid-day, watched the First Formula 1 race, and Lotus' Kimi Raikkonen won! I like that team, so that made me very happy! It was pretty amazing, especially when a relative newcomer, Sutil, did an amazing job of staying at the top for most of the race. I have only started watching these races last year, with my son. I am not all that knowledgeable, and last year I stitched a lot thru some of them... NOT today! We were quite engaged!

Now it is back to laundry and maybe a bit of Easter stitching...



Monday, March 11, 2013

Winter Surprise Winner! And Finds!

I have 14 eligible names for this Giveaway, and so requested a random number generator, via my son, to pick this winner.... and the number was 6...which is Beth! Congrats to Beth! It will go out next weekend.

While I was away this weekend, I did a brief thrift store visit, and found something GREAT! I am still so excited!

Even if they are not 'genuine' they are real wooden boxes, with real nails, painted and distressed/crackled... which all make me happy! They don't have to be 'genuine' but I wouldn't have got them if they were cardboard or papier mache. They were labeled 'small whatnot box', etc...! What a find, eh?? They make me happy!

Well, off to get out of my work clothes and get comfy for the night! I had different plans toight of starting taxes, but I kind of feel yucky so I think I will just rest.



Friday, March 8, 2013

End of Winter Surprise!

I have a SPECIAL giftie for one of my followers... to celebrate the end of winter... It's one of my most FAVORITE things, and I am sure plenty of my followers will like it too!

I am gifting a 'Snow Angel' fob, handmade by Melanie, of Moonraker Beads! Here is a picture of it...

It is only about an inch tall,but I added the crystal and clasp to make it into a fob! It is custom-made, and adorable if I say so myself! Due to the 'happenings' last month, I did not get around to gifting this when there probably was more snow, but... seems to be a bunch hanging around or falling right now, so ...let's do this!

Here are the rules for this giveaway! a)You must be a recent follower; b)you must have a blog of your own; and c)you must live in the U.S. (due to the new costs of overseas postage, this could cost me three times more than the cost to have this made... cannot do that this time!)

I really do hate the fact that it costs so much to mail overseas. However I will just save $$ for those occasions.

Gotta get some stitching done before bed...

****amended to say the drawing will be Sunday evening!***



Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Winner!

I picked a winner from the entries to this Lizzie Kate ABC's of Parenting chart Giveaway--and it is Vicki... Congratulations! Please email me for mailing information...

And thanks to all of you who entered, to save me from doing a Shirlee!

Today is Happy Mom Day for me--it is my daughter's birthday! She always calls me to say that to me! Isn't that sweet? I retell the details of her birth day to her each year, so she will remember how I loved it! I loved being pregnant and I love being a Mom (3 times!)!

Off to stitch a bit, on this dark and stormy night.



Monday, March 4, 2013

Before I do a 'Shirlee' ...

Been dealing with a death in my family, so have not been up to blogging. And as you know, when mortality comes near, you start questioning... everything... including what you are stitching! At least for me! And I have been working on a project that I don't really enjoy, that WAS going to be a Christmas present... BUT I have had grave misgivings about gifting it and just am not enjoying it as I should be! Not to mention that I have had to re-do some of it... So, I decided to not stitch it, and instead I will give it to someone who WILL enjoy it! BEFORE I do a 'Shirlee' to it! (For those of you who read Shirlee's blog, you KNOW what that means!!) The design is ABC's of Parenting by Lizzie Kate, and it is only the chart. But... if I get more than one taker, I will do a quick drawing on Wednesday, the 6th, a special day to me!

Gotta run to work! Good luck!