Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I will be celebrating a birthday this Friday, and a week later is my Blogoversary! 4th year with Blogger! So, let's have a GIVEAWAY!

I will give a Blackbird Book, Souvenir of Summer, plus a Blackbird/Loose Feathers chart, Blessings and Kind Wishes, to a current follower who comments on THIS POST ONLY. I will do a Random Drawing, on Monday, the 11th... Aha! Did you think that was all there is to it! Ha! No, you will have to share YOUR birthday month and Blogoversary month in the comment,too, for this giveaway! See, that way, should I feel inclined to do a RAK or ten, I will have many opportunities right here in my blog!! So join in the fun, and good luck to you all!

(pictures snitched from ebay and such due to cloudy days!)

I will post pictures of my latest finishes, once it is sunny enough to take good pictures!

Hugs, Maggee


lynda said...

Happy birthday! And happy blogging birthday too! I love Blackbird Designs and would love a chance in your giveaway. My birthday month is November, and it seems that I started my blog in April (2007)...doesn't seem like that long ago!

Faye said...

Well Happy Birthday to you Maggee!!!!! And, the upcoming blogaversary.... I'd love to celebrate with you! These BBD charts are definitely on my wish list.... Thanks at the chance.... I celebrate my blogaversary May 9 , my 4th year also.... And my birthday is Oct 9.... Whoop whoop! Again, happy celebrations to you!!!! Faye

CalamityJr said...

Happy birthday and happy blogoversary. What a wonderful giveaway! I see designs on those photos I'd love to stitch. My birthday is in April but alas I have no blog - yet. It's coming, though, one of these days!

Robin said...

Wishing you a Happy Birthday as well as a Happy Blogaversary! We'd all be happy to join in your celebrating. Love love love Blackbird Designs. My Blogaversary is November, started in 2006 and so happy for be involded in the blogging world. My birthday is July 18th. Will be anxious to follow and see what you are up to.

Beth said...

Wishing you a Happy Birthday and Happy Blog Day! (I have the book and chart - so don't enter my name).

Deborah said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Blogaversary, Maggee. I would love a chance to stitch those BBD designs. My birthday is in August and my blogaversary is in June. Thanks for having a great giveaway.

Fiona said...

Happy birthday & blogoversary!!!! My birthday is at the end of this month(so February) and my blog started in September. Hope your birthday is fun filled x

Mouse said...

happpyyyy birthday .... tooo yooooo ... hope you have a fab day ...:)

well my birthday is 28th Jan and strangely enough my blogging started in February ermmm think four years ago ... will have to check that ..lol
I seem to have come so far , met some wonderful fellow stitchers and stitched an awful lot since then ..:)
love mouse xxxxxx

Ellen said...

Great celebrations and wonderful giveaway! Sure love those charts, thank you for the chance!

I'm a Scorpio, my birthday is November 19 and my 5th blogoversary will be in September!

Happy Birthday and Blogoversary to you!


stitcheranon said...

Please dont enter me in your giveaway: I am snowed under with things I should be stitching and it is much fairer if they go to people who really will use them. However, have an amazing birthday with many happy returns of the day xxx Lots of love from snow Ireland xxx

Kay said...

Sending you hugs and happy thoughts for your birthday and blogaversary. Do you ever wonder who made up the word 'blogaversary'? My birthday is in January and I don't have a blog but do love to read them for inspiration. Thank you for sharing such gorgeous patterns too.

rosek1870 said...

Happy Birthday Maggee!! My birthday is tomorrow (Thursday)!! Also congrats on your Blogaversary! I love the designs and would be happy to be included in your generous give-a-way! I wish you a wonderful birthday!!!


Chris said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Blogaversary!
I hope that it is a wonderful celebration.
I am just here to wish you well,no entry in your generous giveaway( I think that chart is in the stash :))

cucki said...

aww happy birthday dear and happy blogaversary :)
please count me in for this sweet giveaway..
i love BBD so much..
my birthday is on 25 august.
and my blogoversary is on 6 may.
thank you
love xx

Parsley said...

Have a happy birthday!! Don't worry about entering me but enjoy your day.

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday! And Happy Blogaversary!

Shirlee said...

Maggee ... Happy Birthday & Happy Blogaversary!!! My birthday is in October & my blogaversary is in May.

Vickie said...

Happy, Happy to you Maggee! Do not count me in, as I have won too much from you already. My birthday month is June and my blogoversary month is this month!!

Anna van Schurman said...

Happy Birthday and blogiversary!
My birthday is 14 October.
My Blogiversary is 21 August. Enjoy your special days.

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on 4 years! I have those charts, so no need to throw my name in for those.

Stitchinowl said...

What a fun-filled month of celebrations for you! Happy Birthday and Happy upcoming Blogaversary. Hope you have a wonderful day on Friday. Thanks for the lovely giveaway chance. My birthday is in April. I don't have a blog, but I do love to read them :) Carolyn

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Maggee. And Happy Blogoversary. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. My birthday in in September and I started my blog in January 2011.

Thanks, Linda

hueisei said...

Happy Birthday and Blogiversary!!
Mine is on August and I don't know my blogiversary. Haha

Denise said...

Happy Birthday and happy blogversary! What a wonderful way to celebrate.

It will be 3 yrs since I started my blog in April and my birthday is June 19th.

Don't eat too much cake!

Laura said...

Happy birthday, Maggee! Hope you enjoy your special day. :)

My birthday month is September and my blogoversary month is February. We must have started blogging at the same time. Mine is 4 years old too, but alas I spend very little time posting to it these days.

Karen said...

happy birthday..... I am glad to celebrate with you too! I already both of these and know they will end up with a good home!

hope you have a good birthday week...

McKenna C. said...

Happy Birthday!

I would love to be entered!

My birthday is in October, and my Blogoversary is in July.

I also just added this to my giveaway post.


Teresa S. said...

Happy Birthday and Blogoversary!
My birthday is Oct and my 3rd blogoversary is coming up in 2 weeks!
Where does the time fly?

I have both BBD so don't include my name. Just wanted to celebrate with you.

Kaisievic said...

Happy birthday to you and Happy Blogaversary, too. Please count me in the fun! I am a new follower and I will also post this on the sidebar of my blog.

My birthday is 11th October and my blogaversary is May (not sure of the actual day)

hugs, Kaye


ariadne said...

Happy birthday to you!My birthday and my 2nd blogoversary were both in January! I didn't do the giveaway yet though!
Please count me in I would love those charts!

msmartello said...

Happy Birthday Maggee!! Happy Blogiversary as well! I love a cahnce in your giveaway. My birthday month is January and my blogiversary is in Feb too. 2 Years. I need to do a giveaway as well but am very disorganized for some reason right now. I need to get my grove back.

Monica said...

My blogarversary is July and my birthday is in August. Happy! Happy to you!

Monica said...

My blogarversary is July and my birthday is in August. Happy! Happy to you!

Vicky L said...

I happen to stumble on your blog. I can't wait to read more. I will be celebrating my 5th blogiversary in July and my birthday is in April.

Anonymous said...

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY and BLOGAVERSARY! I hope they are both fantastic days.