Monday, January 28, 2013


We got a couple of inches of snow here Friday, late in the day till about 9:00. Needless to say, it really made for some stories today at work, of how long it took people to get home due to traffic! Oh my--some people sat for hours on the freeway! I live about 4 miles from my job, so it ONLY took me an hour to get home! And because I left 15 minutes early (I had the time...)they docked me for my paid lunch! Makes me think...seriously... was that necessary??!!

Anyway, all this white stuff has got me to thinking that I didn't show you all my decorations for Winter! So, without further ado... come see my snowmen!

These are my bigger snowmen... This is my first year with that snowman wallhanging, from guess where? Yup--a thrift store! Can you imagine?? I just love it! It is so well done...and so colorful! And do you see my Cardinal on top of the wallhanging, in the pine branches? He is a battery-operated candle, and flickers when I turn it on.

The two on the left are Hallmark ones... you know, press the button and they sing and dance. The right Hallmark one was also a thrift store find, and it is for my littlest granddaughter. She has grown up entertaining us with that snowman piece, dancing to the song over and over...The other two snowmen are battery operated also, and they change colors... Love that!

A closeup of the wallhanging. Look at all the different fabrics used. Just wonderful!

And here is my other winter wallhanging. Can you see the sequins all around, like snowflakes? Got this one at a charity auction we held at work one year. So glad I got it!

Forgot to show that I stitched up, rather quickly, new letters for my display, for winter! N-O-E-L just wasn't working for me...

AND... I had a LOT of time to stitch this weekend, thanks to the snow, so I started and finished a piece! It is Bluebird Sampler by Threadwork Primitives. I really really like this one. Am pondering how to finish it... (not the best picture... it was cloudy this morning...and dark this evening...

Well, that's it for now... Wonder what I will stitch tonight? A WIP, a new small project, a new Large project... who knows??

Till next time,




Anonymous said...

Love your snowmen! Congratulations on your bluebird piece! I really like your individual stitched/framed letters of snow. What pattern did you use?

Robin in Virginia
rlbrowninva @

Barb said...

Your decorations are so cute. I like snowmen because you can leave them up in both Dec. and Jan. and even Feb. By then I'm usually tired of winter and take down all traces of it! Noel stitches are so pretty! And that Bluebird project so lovely

Beth said...

Maggee - Good for you! I too have snowguys up lurking about the house - I don't consider them Christmas decorations as much as Winter decorations. And you have snow to go with your snowmen - lucky you! I love your tree banner that is so very pretty too.

Patty C. said...

Your snowmen are too cute !

cucki said...

your decorations are so lovely..i love the snowman so much..
beautiful stitching..
love for you x

cucki said...

lots of love for you x

Vickie said...

Bluebird Sampler is so simple and beautiful!
Nice job decorating. Most all of our snow melted yesterday. Fine by me. ;)

Shirlee said...

All your snow guys look great! I always had winter snowmen on display throughout the year but that was back a few years ago. Everything has been packed up in moving boxes since then. I keep saying this but it's really going to be like Christmas when we settle down someplace one of these days & I open these boxes & see what's inside them! Great buy at the thrift store! I never find anything at thrift stores except frustration : ( The Bluebird Sampler is gorgeous! Isn't it nice when you can finish stitching something in just a couple days? The instant gratification is great : ) I also like your SNOW banner! Enjoy your snow! Nothing but rain, rain, rain here ... blah!

Vicki said...

All of your decor is so cute, but I have to say that the tree hanging is my favorite!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Your decor is chilling - how do you keep them from melting? Silly me! But it looks like you're thinking of spring with that pretty bluebird. Stay warm and keep stitching!

Got an error before - let's try again.

Carol said...

Love, love, love that bluebird finish, Maggee!! And your decorations are so pretty, especially the snowman wall hanging. I leave my little snowman tree up through February--it really cheers me up during the dark winter nights :)

Stitchinowl said...

Thanks for sharing photos of your cute decorations! No snow here in FL, but I miss it sometimes LOL

Karen said...

Oh... I would love a bit of snow! Maybe next month.

Love the Bluebird piece... so pretty and vintage looking.

happy stitching... and stay warm!

Linda said...

Love your snowman collection Maggee. I have to many bad furbabies to have decorations around.


Peggy Lee said...

I used to collect snowmen but I think I left them back in PA when we moved here to KY.
Sometimes you can really hit the jackpot at those thrift stores, huh?
I have had my eye on that Bluebird Sampler. I really like it. Knowing me I already have it in my stash and I forgot about it.

Julie M said...

Hi Maggee! Saw your post on my blog and had to come over for visit! We thrifter's need to hang together. Love the snowmen. I have a collection of them too but didn't put out but a few this year. The wall hanging is a great find!

Your stitchy finish is cute! I am lacking in finishes of late. Need to work on that! Have a great day!