Monday, January 21, 2013

RAK's and a forgotten Giveaway gift!!

Been pondering how to exactly do the RAK's I wanted to do this year. And I have been going through my stash of patterns for just this purpose. But... suppose I pick someone and send them a chart they don't like?? Do not want to do that!!So, with that in mind, I think I am going to ask my FOLLOWERS to let me know what they like from the following list and then I will start the RAK-ing!

A Mon Ami Pierre -- Marquoir Miniature (could be Dessins)

Dessins --Deer Among Wood (monochromatic)

Carriage House Samplings --Swan Valley Revisited and/or Quaker Christmas Samplers

Little by Little --Hot Cider

Shakespeare's Peddler -- A Weary World

Little House Needleworks -- Lavender Hill, Plums

Country Cottage Needlworks --Hen Party

Homespun Elegance -- Whatsoever your Hands...

3 Miscellaneous Charts with Christmas Trees/Pine Trees

USA Patriotic-- miscellaneous

Lizzie Kate Flip Its
--Living with Charm: Remember/Give

--Christmas Rules: Be Kind & Of Good Cheer/Treasure Family

--(I have more in each set, just not stitched yet--they would come to you also--eventually)

--Snowman 10 (I must REALLY like this one, it is my 3rd one!!)

By the Bay Needleart -- White Pumpkin Patch

Knotted Tree ---The Ribbon Topiary (Pink Ribbon chart)

Bent Creek --A Pumpkin Full of Autumn Fun (button included)

La D Da --Tree of Life and Quaker Alphabet

Ewe & I & Friends
--Spring Primrose and Autumn Blooms

--Pastel Alphabet and Alphabet Garden (found in a thrift store!!!)

The Workbasket --God's Critters and Pithies 2

Elizabeth's Needlework Designs --Bee Kind

Wiehenburg Quakers --Quaker Star Janine and Quaker Heart Susan

Cricket -- Why is it?

Brightneedle -- Little Houses Sampler and Finger Lakes Sampler

Reproduction Samplers -- four old charts and booklets 1986 to 1997

Phew! That is enough... So, here are the instructions, if you are still reading... Please EMAIL me if you are interested in ANY of the above. If there is more than one person interested in any of the above, I will just do a quick drawing of a name to RAK. I will also need your mailing address, if I have not already procured it! I will be doing this all year long, at least... May like it and continue forever... who knows?!

And now, to my Giveaway Gift! In NOVEMBER, I won a terrific book of charts designed by Marjorie Massey, from Beth. In all the flurry of Christmas gifts and piles here and there, it got buried briefly under all the above charts! But--I love this book! It has so many ideas for SMALL projects, which is just what I am attracted to these days! Without further ado, here are a couple of pics of the book...

The cover...

Inside pages... lovely blue monogram chart...

Thanks once again Beth!

Well, am off to do more around here...Plenty calling my name on my only day off for quite a few months!




cucki said...

Wowww super sweet giveaway :)
Thank you
The book is so sweet
Love cucki x

Cath said...

Wow,love the RAK idea . I would be interested in the LK charts as and when you want to offload them ,please.

Vickie said...

I don't know Maggee, I feel guilty. You have blessed me before, a lot!! If absolutely no one else is interested in Whatsoever Your Hands, I would be. ;)

Vanessa said...

That is very thoughtful as well as generous. I would love A Weary World by Shakespeare's Peddler, if you have no other takers.

Ellen said...

Wow, wonderful RAKs! I would love to have Ewe&I&Friends Spring Primrose and Autumn Blooms and the Reproduction Samplers, thank you so much!

Love that book by M Massey! Enjoy your small projects!


Beth said...

Glad you are enjoying the book!

Faye said...

How nice and generous of you!!!! If no one else is craving the reproduction sampler charts or the carriage house, I am a collector of them...... The M Massey book also looks awesome!!! Thanks for the chance..... Faye

Linda said...

Oh my Maggee. So many choices. I would be interested in the USA Patriotic, By the Bay or Bent Creek.

Thank you,


Stitchinowl said...

What a fun and generous thing to do. I would be interested in Little by Little's Hot Cider or Ewe & Eye & Friends Spring Primrose.

Sarah Beth said...

I would love a LK chart as. I haven't done any of those. Also lhn is ok too or anything really:-)

Carol said...

What a pretty book from Beth--love all those blue projects :)

And how nice of you to offer some of your charts to your followers, Maggee... I would be very interested in Ewe & Eye's "Alphabet Sampler" and the Brightneedle's "Finger Lakes Sampler" since that is where my parents live!

Thanks so much for the fun, Maggee :)

Anne said...

Oh how sweet of you to gift away charts! Any of the charts are fine with me since I don't have too many. But the ones I really like and would stitch right away would be:
A Mon Ami Pierre - Marquoir Miniature, the Deer in the Woods, the Carriage House Christmas Quaker (I think my favourite!), Lhn's Lavender hill, La D Da's Tree of Life and the Reproduction Samplers sounds intriguing!