Monday, January 28, 2013


We got a couple of inches of snow here Friday, late in the day till about 9:00. Needless to say, it really made for some stories today at work, of how long it took people to get home due to traffic! Oh my--some people sat for hours on the freeway! I live about 4 miles from my job, so it ONLY took me an hour to get home! And because I left 15 minutes early (I had the time...)they docked me for my paid lunch! Makes me think...seriously... was that necessary??!!

Anyway, all this white stuff has got me to thinking that I didn't show you all my decorations for Winter! So, without further ado... come see my snowmen!

These are my bigger snowmen... This is my first year with that snowman wallhanging, from guess where? Yup--a thrift store! Can you imagine?? I just love it! It is so well done...and so colorful! And do you see my Cardinal on top of the wallhanging, in the pine branches? He is a battery-operated candle, and flickers when I turn it on.

The two on the left are Hallmark ones... you know, press the button and they sing and dance. The right Hallmark one was also a thrift store find, and it is for my littlest granddaughter. She has grown up entertaining us with that snowman piece, dancing to the song over and over...The other two snowmen are battery operated also, and they change colors... Love that!

A closeup of the wallhanging. Look at all the different fabrics used. Just wonderful!

And here is my other winter wallhanging. Can you see the sequins all around, like snowflakes? Got this one at a charity auction we held at work one year. So glad I got it!

Forgot to show that I stitched up, rather quickly, new letters for my display, for winter! N-O-E-L just wasn't working for me...

AND... I had a LOT of time to stitch this weekend, thanks to the snow, so I started and finished a piece! It is Bluebird Sampler by Threadwork Primitives. I really really like this one. Am pondering how to finish it... (not the best picture... it was cloudy this morning...and dark this evening...

Well, that's it for now... Wonder what I will stitch tonight? A WIP, a new small project, a new Large project... who knows??

Till next time,



Monday, January 21, 2013

RAK's and a forgotten Giveaway gift!!

Been pondering how to exactly do the RAK's I wanted to do this year. And I have been going through my stash of patterns for just this purpose. But... suppose I pick someone and send them a chart they don't like?? Do not want to do that!!So, with that in mind, I think I am going to ask my FOLLOWERS to let me know what they like from the following list and then I will start the RAK-ing!

A Mon Ami Pierre -- Marquoir Miniature (could be Dessins)

Dessins --Deer Among Wood (monochromatic)

Carriage House Samplings --Swan Valley Revisited and/or Quaker Christmas Samplers

Little by Little --Hot Cider

Shakespeare's Peddler -- A Weary World

Little House Needleworks -- Lavender Hill, Plums

Country Cottage Needlworks --Hen Party

Homespun Elegance -- Whatsoever your Hands...

3 Miscellaneous Charts with Christmas Trees/Pine Trees

USA Patriotic-- miscellaneous

Lizzie Kate Flip Its
--Living with Charm: Remember/Give

--Christmas Rules: Be Kind & Of Good Cheer/Treasure Family

--(I have more in each set, just not stitched yet--they would come to you also--eventually)

--Snowman 10 (I must REALLY like this one, it is my 3rd one!!)

By the Bay Needleart -- White Pumpkin Patch

Knotted Tree ---The Ribbon Topiary (Pink Ribbon chart)

Bent Creek --A Pumpkin Full of Autumn Fun (button included)

La D Da --Tree of Life and Quaker Alphabet

Ewe & I & Friends
--Spring Primrose and Autumn Blooms

--Pastel Alphabet and Alphabet Garden (found in a thrift store!!!)

The Workbasket --God's Critters and Pithies 2

Elizabeth's Needlework Designs --Bee Kind

Wiehenburg Quakers --Quaker Star Janine and Quaker Heart Susan

Cricket -- Why is it?

Brightneedle -- Little Houses Sampler and Finger Lakes Sampler

Reproduction Samplers -- four old charts and booklets 1986 to 1997

Phew! That is enough... So, here are the instructions, if you are still reading... Please EMAIL me if you are interested in ANY of the above. If there is more than one person interested in any of the above, I will just do a quick drawing of a name to RAK. I will also need your mailing address, if I have not already procured it! I will be doing this all year long, at least... May like it and continue forever... who knows?!

And now, to my Giveaway Gift! In NOVEMBER, I won a terrific book of charts designed by Marjorie Massey, from Beth. In all the flurry of Christmas gifts and piles here and there, it got buried briefly under all the above charts! But--I love this book! It has so many ideas for SMALL projects, which is just what I am attracted to these days! Without further ado, here are a couple of pics of the book...

The cover...

Inside pages... lovely blue monogram chart...

Thanks once again Beth!

Well, am off to do more around here...Plenty calling my name on my only day off for quite a few months!



Saturday, January 19, 2013

Finishes, WIPs and Orts, oh My!

Well, it is a beautiful sunny day! You wouldn't think it is as cold as it says it is outside--35! Not my fave! So, I will post here, THEN get ready to do my running around... maybe it will warm to 40!!

First are my Finishes! Notice the plural... yes, I have a surprise one that I have never mentioned!

Yes, it is Bird of a Feather's 'Kindness Begets' I am so happy I finished it! Now I am contemplating frames... It will be a Christmas present for my daughter and family. I know they will love it!

This little cutie is the Bits of Blue Sampler from Plum Pudding Needleart that I have lusted for the past two or so years...Finally got it and voila! Started and Finished this week! This is MINE, and I believe I know how I am finishing it... but not today!

This is the start of Red Finch's Winter Song, by Tempting Tangles. The blue fabric is a bit darker, but all this sunlight... Because it is a darkish fabric it is taking me a bit longer to show progress. I started it this month...

This is the ABC's of Parenting by Lizzie Kate, my Thursday nites project. This will also be a Christmas present, for my other daughter. But sometimes I worry she will think I am telling her what to do, and she does NOT like that... sigh... Well, I have plenty of time to decide. And plenty of friends with kids! I had to rip out 'child' --it was too low.

And finally, this is the container I am using for orts. These are just orts from 2013. I first saw one last summer, and my friend at work called it a 'redneck wine glass'. We were thinking of making some as a fundraiser for a friend with cancer. My hubby got this one for Christmas, and was at a loss as to how to utlilize it--I snatched that baby right up! This container just makes me laugh! I have last year's orts all ready to be put outside for the birds, when spring approaches. Yay!

I am going to do some cleaning and organizing this weekend, and HOPEFULLY get stuff ready for RAK's! I know this is kind of weird, but if I ask you for your address, it just might benefit you this year! You never know! January sure makes people want to organize... And I have a Birthday coming next month, so I must think of some great way to celebrate on my blog...wink, wink!

Off to get my day started! Have a good IHSW! I know I will get some good stitching in!



Sunday, January 13, 2013

A little secret...

I have a little secret that I am now going to share with you... I have joined the Ladies Prim Society, hosted by my LNS, Dyeing to Stitch! I don't usually join clubs these days, but the designers for this are THE BEST! Threadwork Primitives AND Blackbird Designs! We can't go wrong! Five times a year we will get a kit that will include a primitive pattern, and ALL the supplies to finish it, down to the little button (I think they said it will cost between $30-$40 each kit)! When I started stitching this time around, primitives did not appeal to me that much. But... you know how it goes... You see enough of them, they grow on you! so, now I am one of the Ladies Prim Society! Ta-da! If you want to join me, check out the Dyeing to Stitch website for the registration form. They are filling up fast! Here are pictures I took of the first piece Nan sent to the shop, called Wynter Peacocks, a Sewing Pouch...

I have been trying like mad to complete a WIP, and I am pretty sure I will get it this week! I am close...It is just filling in the background, which I can do while listening to t.v. ... It is Kindness Begets by Birds of a Feather--sideways, thanks to Blogger! Dang! It is not the best picture either... it was a cloudy day at the time I took that picture today. Then the sun came out, but clouds soon followed, so not a bright day. Sigh.

Ooh, I almost forgot--tonite is Downton Abbey! Yippee! Gotta get dinner, and laundry done so I can settle in!



Monday, January 7, 2013


I said I would show you some of my finds... I go to thrift stores and secondhand stores whenever the mood strikes me, and these are some of my finds. I was in a snowman mood, so purchased a few for my decor this winter...

This little guy will hang on the edge of my display hutch...

This little guy looks like a Willow Tree one, but is not. It says 'Mary 09' on the bottom back, but it is not Mary Engelbreit, and I cannot find the maker. Regardless, he is one of my faves!

This family of snow people was too cute to pass up! They aren't musical or anything, but cute...

I really loved the look of this lamp. It has a shade but the shade covers the blue bird, so forget that! I put the green bulb in fine. Just loved the two birds visiting him!

This is not a NEW find... came across this many years ago, and it hangs in my downstairs bathroom, but it is one of my MOST favorite finds! Can you guess why??

And this has also been in the downstairs bathroom for a long time... I am thinking of refreshing the look this year. Newer leaves...that's all.

I have more snowmen for my winter display, but they are mostly gifts. When I get done putting them all around I will take another snap. OOOH, I just remembered one more find... but for later, as I have to run to work now! Hope you enjoyed.



Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, the festivities are over, and it is time to look back at what has been done, and forward to what can be done! Stitching-wise, I think I got a lot done in 2012. I finished off two more pieces before the New Year:

First is Joy, a part of a Lizzie Kate Christmas chart with multiple pieces on it, whose name escapes me right now! It will be an ornament of some type... Have to chew on it a bit...

HAD to end the year with a BIRD! From Birds of a Feather, may I present Happy as a Lark! LOVED this one! It was a quick stitch, on a scrap of linen, using a combination of the DMC and overdyeds called for... whatever I had in my stash!

So this weekend, I will be taking down the Christmas tree and all the other Christmas decorations, but then I decorate for Winter! Wait till you see my new 'finds'!! But have to dash out right now, so that will be a later posting!

For 2013 I have planned to stitch my four big Christmas pieces and lots of bird charts! Haven't changed that plan, but of course, there is room for more! Already I have one to add to the mix, but it is monochromatic and looks like it will be quick and easy! It is only the first week of January... Hah!

New Year's Day I stitched with some friends... that was a LOT of fun! We had heavy hors 'deuvres and we actually got some stitching done! Great way to start the year!

Off to get my day started now...

Till later, when I post about my winter 'finds'...