Thursday, December 26, 2013

Two Christmas Finishes!!

I actually finished two pieces by Christmas! That HAS to be a record or maybe a miracle! Either way, I am excited!

This is Jardin Prive's Christmas piece... that makes TWO fairly large pieces of hers that I completed this year! Pretty good!

And here is Always Thankful by Erica Michaels, also the second one of hers that I completed this year! This was one of those kits that you do on gauze, which is like a million-count to me! So, I did it on 40-count, and it looks great (or it WILL, once I iron it!). Have to decide how to finish these two...

Forgot to come back and show my Christmas Eve socks:

And for Christmas, I got us toe-sox! They are my first pair... jury is still out on whether I like them or not. They DID keep my toes warm...

I neglected to show another finish that I sent to my sister for Christmas--she should be getting it today. It is one of the Prim Society pieces, but I changed the date from 1837 to 1873, because that is the year both of our paternal grandparents were born! Worked out nicely, and I hope she likes it. I included a Family Group sheet with their info on it, so maybe she will get the genealogy bug! ha!

Christmas was lovely. Quiet for the most part, till granddaughter #4 came over! She is like a little tornado! She loved her blanket--I just received a picture of her wrapped in it, playing with her Leap Pad. I am pleased...

Well, I am off to fritter some more time away on this day off! I did the checkbooks and business books... now I think I will work on tidying up my office and stash rooms...



Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Projects and Presents

Hello again! Well, it is nearly 9:00 P.M. and I am finally getting to blog! I am tired... Been pretty busy today. I tried to nap, but I have to have certain 'perfect' conditions, and they were not here! So, before I fade off into la-la-land, want to share a bit of what I have been doing.

First is the last two throws. They are TWICE as big as the ones I shared yesterday, as they are for the parental units! First is for my daughter who said she likes bright orange and flowers and birds:

And then her hubby's throw--he is the outdoors type! Can you tell??

The mailman has been visiting a few times this holiday season. Today I received the Project Envelope I won from Vonna (Twisted Stitcher)--it is quite lovely!

And Vickie ( A Stitcher's Story) sent me a set of PURPLE Marking Pins and one of the pens in which she stitched in the barrel!! It is so tiny! Amazing! Love it all! Thank you Vickie!

And before I forget--the Joy of Sox for the day! I believe this was my first set!

Now, onto the trees! My big tree was beginning to show it's age (about 15-20!)and I was threatening to throw it out. This year, my one daughter and family won't be here for Christmas, and the other daughter was going to spend a lot of time with the in-laws so I was actually considering NOT putting it up... Which is a BIG change for me... So I mentioned it to the daughter here, and it must have disturbed her because about three weekends ago, I hear the doorbell ring, and when I opened the door, there was a Christmas tree box! I thought the mailman dropped it off, so I peeked out the door up the street, down the street... nothing... then down the street again, and my daughter's head pops out from around the corner of the house! Giggling... She and her family were out shopping and saw this tree on sale and brought it by, as a surprise! I surely WAS surprised! It is a nice tree, prelit of course! So, without further ado... here is the new tree, with a new topper (after all, the one I had been using was as old as the old tree and not very attractive)

And then, I used to use a small tree from BEFORE the old big one, which I gave to my sister after Katrina. She gave it back to me to use, if I wanted, and it has been in storage for seven years. I decided to use it for stitched ornaments this year, because I have so many now (mostly gifts!), and when I put it up, two branches were broken, and it is NOT prelit! Being the tree-snob that I am now, that wouldn't do! So I popped over to Kohl's last weekend and got a small tree for less than $15 I think! What a deal! So, here is THAT one... with closeups of the ornies here and there!

You may recognize many of them from last year, when Gaynor (stitchersanon) and I had a Twelve Days of Christmas Exchange. I saw many of mine on HER tree this year, too!

So, before you leave, one more project that I did this year... tedious but the end results were great! I made 42 ornaments, 36 for work and the rest for family and my stitching buddy! I cut strips of double-sided Christmas papers and cardstock, rolled them on a stick, and stuck them into the glass ornaments. Then I tied a piece of ribbon to each, and also made cards to go with the ones I gave out at work. These are for the grandkids... no ribbons. Found the idea on Pinterest! Boy, that can suck a day away, can't it??

I thank you for visiting as always. Tomorrow, besides my sox, I went to the antique mall two days ago, and found a few goodies that I thought I would share with you. And there might even be something in it for one of you! But I'm not saying anything more...

Till tomorrow,



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Goodies to show...

I received a wonderful exchange from Shirlee earlier in the month, but am just getting around to sharing it with you guys. (Just not as much time to post as I would like. Next year, I will see if I can do better!)

So, first is what I stitched for her... and there were other goodies, but I did not take pictures, so you will have to visit her blog to see them! I do know I sent her one of Nancy's Necessaire's that I won earlier... LOVE those!! Without further ado, this is from a JCS Ornament magazine... by Little House Needleworks, called 'Snow Bunnies' I added the beads along the edges, to give it a little pizazz!

And the back...cause she loves Snow!

Next is my exchange FROM Shirlee! She gifted me with a pattern that I stitched, but gave away... and I really really liked it. So, here is MINE!

It is called Joy of the Snowflake, by Little by Designs. I love it! Love the colors, love the simplicity of it, and love the finishing! I may borrow that finish in the future!

And here is the back! Perfect!

This is how the exchange looked before I dove into everything! Look at that bag!

All opened up!

This needle threader looks intriguing, and since I do use one, I will have to try this type!

A whole set of DMC Anniversary colors! Yes!

And the inside of that cute little bag... Love it!

Next is the throws I have been working on for the grands! I now have to do two more, that are TWICE as big... it is a problem, because they are bigger than my table and I can't get them aligned well... but I will persist. So in no particular order...

For the one that likes ladybugs and teal...

She likes pink and her sleep!

This one is the youngest and into Disney princesses.

The oldest likes purple -- a girl after my own heart!

That's it for tonite... gotta work on the big throws now! Tomorrow I will share my Christmas Trees! Yes, plural... something new this year...

If you are just coming by now, and won't be able to come back, Have a Very Merry Christmas!



The Joy of Sox!!!

It has become a tradition in my family to give and wear Christmas socks! (did you think I made a typo somewhere? heheheheh....) So I thought I would share my socks this Christmas season--at least five pairs of them! Without further ado, here are Day 1 and Day 2:

Yesterdays--I wanted a little bit of purple...

And today's I wanted grey to go with my top which is grey, short sleeved... because it is 74 degrees outside!

I will post the rest over at the other blog I post on, 'Gladitudes', cause they make me Glad! So hop on over the next few days to visit!

And I will be back later today to show some gifties and trees!



Thursday, December 19, 2013

Time off finally...

I promise I will be posting very soon! Work is done, and I am off for Christmas now... So expect me to post soon!

And I promise to catch up on reading all your blogs!



Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Online Advent Calendar

Thanks to Jo at Serendipitous Stitching, today is MY day for the Online Advent Calendar. I am sharing one of my Favorite Christmas stitches, by Blackbird Designs, called Blessings Be Thine. I love the sentiment on this piece, and am so excited to hang it in my foyer every Christmas, so everyone see it and is blessed!

I was also to talk about 'Festive Food' and traditions. Unfortunately, growing up, my family did not have any Festive Food traditions. I do remember that once in a while, on special occasions, like Easter (and maybe Christmas?), we had roast Leg of Lamb. I loved it! And my father would always say that was because when I was born, I was as big as a Leg of Lamb, so I was destined. I do not eat it now, and have not for a long time. Had it about 23 years ago, and it turned my stomach. No tradition for me! MY family usually has turkey and all the trimmings again for Christmas. Though I think this year, we will have a ham and au gratin potatoes (made by me, not a mix!), rolls, sweet potatoes cause I froze a batch, and a veggie casserole of course! Not very exiting, but it's the way we roll...

Merry Christmas everyone!



Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bits and pieces

Of course, I have a bit more that I did not post about...

My buddy, Maureen, came to Virginia Beach in early October for a retreat, and we had lunch together on Saturday. She stitched me a wonderful pillow, and I gifted her with a pillow too!

Yeah, I know... another picture of me. Actually I don't object cause this one is pretty good, despite the fact that I was not feeling up to par! Maureen is such a sweet person! We had a great lunch!

Maureen loves Christmas, so this was calling her name. The buttons were straight when I put them on... rascals! I even made the pillow inside, because I refused to pay what they were asking!

This is the pillow Maureen stitched for me. I like everything about it! The words, of course; the fabric, the trim and the backing. Thanks again Maureen!

Here's the cute backing fabric!

Recently, Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe, had a giveaway for some of her Necessaires, and I won! Not only did I win, but it was a TRIPLE set! They are exquisitely crafted! Nancy does a great job! Plus the notions inside... wowee! Without further ado, here are some snaps:

First look at all three...

Love the tag with it! Reminds me to be on the lookout for more of the same...

A closeup

Inside the first one - two of Nancy's great overdyed threads! Yummmm...

A shot to show the wonderful fabrics she used in making this one!

And here is the second one I received. You can't see it too well, but there is a really cool safety pin holding that little wool pocket closed! Love that!

And inside the little wool pocket were these buttons and charms, and up on the right at the top of them is THE pin! See it? Plus some lace and ric rac trim!

A shot of the fabrics for this one... they are very well done and coordinated.

Last but not least (who could choose a favorite here??) is the third one...

With a really cool safety pin again, and some of her ric rac trim we all love!

Thank you very much Nancy, for picking my name in the Giveaway! And also for ALL the great Giveaways that you do! You have a very giving spirit!

Now, before I close, I wanted to share a funny story about ORTS! Last Christmas, my husband was given a gag gift from his buddy. It was one of those 'Redneck Champagne glasses' that we see everywhere now, tho the name may be different according to where you live! He had NO idea what to do with it, and all I saw was ORTS in it! So, he 'gave' it to me... I may have blogged this... who remembers? Anyway, a short time ago, my son was emptying the trash for me, by my stitching chair, and saw the glass which was now full of so many lovely ORTS... and made the decision that I had not got around to throwing them out, so he did it for me! A few days later, when I discovered it, and asked him about it first (cause my husband could easily have done it also!!!)he was mortified when I told him I WAS saving them -- though it was for the birds, and they didn't think much of them THIS year... I told him it was fine. It's not like I am NOT going to make more! Ha!

That's it for now...