Monday, December 31, 2012


I had this scathingly brilliant idea while driving home from work today! I have felt a tug to do another blog, with a theme of happiness, gladness, cheerfulness... Well, you get the idea. And the word Gladitude just popped into my brain! So, I have started a new blog called just that-- Gladitudes!

So here's how it will start: I posted about what makes me glad. That's it! I may post more than once a day. I may post once a week. I may post every day. It will just be sharing what makes me have a Gladitude!

And... I want YOU fellow stitching bloggers to join in with me! If you want, of course! You do this by either commenting on the Gladitudes posted, or by joining me as a member/author on the blog--by emailing me and requesting an invite. Kind of like a SAL blog, but for sharing Gladitudes, and possibly bringing some happiness to others!

But wait--that's not all!! Let's have some fun with this! How about offering prizes at certain milestones met on the blog??? Like when we reach 100 comments, there will be a Giveaway! Or when we have a set number of followers... and so on! Stay tuned, as the ideas are shared on Gladitudes! And if you are interested in helping with this, feel free to let me know!

Off to stitch! (Oh, my BIG gladitude!!)



Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of the Year finishes and thoughts...

I have some finishes to show, plus two upstairs I will post tomorrow... too late to take a good picture. So, without further ado, here are some random pictures of 'stuff':

A finished Lizzie Kate ornament, from last year, called Wishing Ewe Joy. I just stuffed it with walnut shells... by the time I did this one, I was stressing over finishing... so it was time to put it away!

A simple finish of another ornie I stitched last year!

My LNS had their annual Ornament exchange on the 13th, and this is the ornie I received. It is a Little House Needleworks one, stitched by my friend Shannon. Love it!

And this is the ornament I stitched, and Pamela received. It is a part of the Christmas piece I am doing by Jardin Prive. She sends along parts of the piece broken into ornament-sized projects. This is the first time I did the blanket-stitch (?) as a finish, and I kind of liked it!

Here is the back. I had this huge button, and it seemed the perfect place! A surprise!

I had hunted high and low for this Tiny Tidings Chart, and my shop finally got it for me early in the year! All because I loved this little sheep!

And the back... By the way, I learned something while doing this... Store bought ric rac is polyester, and hard to stitch through. The overdyed kinds and the kind I have been using are cotton--MUCH better to stitch through! JMHO!

At the Ornament exchange, one of the gals had done this excellent finish with her ric rac... so, I promptly committed it to memory, and when I was finishing this Lizzie Kate one (stitched last year!)with ric rac, I stitched beads on it too! I really love this finish!!

And here is the back, where I managed to line up the backing fabric so three pictures spanned the back... with the cute ric rack and beads, it just pops!

And here is another finishing of an ornament from last year. It's a blend of gathering and rusching... But whatever I call it, I just love this one too! And it is filled with fiberfill, but very lightly... so it is a dainty, adorable pillow finish! I love the 'new' Christmas colors from CCN!

These new colors gave me an opportunity to use this great backing fabric!

And this is an ornament I received from a stitching buddy, Darlene. It's also from Little House Needleworks. They seem very popular this year!

Now on to random thoughts... I was chosen TWO separate times to be a PIF (Pay It Forward) recipient and player. I was to give something pre-determined by the original person to a set number of stitchers, over a period of time. Usually a year. Which I did. Twice! In return, I would receive something from the originator, within the year. Well, I never received back. It kind of disappoints me. From now on, I will do RAK's whenever I please, with no strings attached. It IS more blessed to Give than to Receive. But, I am quite the pragmatist, and a stickler for doing the right thing! 'Nuf said...

Well, it is late and I need to do some stitching. Haven't picked up the needle all day! But I DID read a LOT of blogs!! Almost as good as being there!!

Until tomorrow...



Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pictures of the Twelve Days Ornament exchange RECEIVED

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We had a great one here! Lots of food, family, laughter, smiles, opening presents (twice!) and crashing at night!

But, as is typical, Christmas has come and gone and I had absolutely NO time to post to my blog about the happenings! Today, my daughter and family are visiting my other daughter and her family, so my house is quiet and I am sneaking in a bit of blogging and such! It is raining lots today, so what better thing to do! ... For the first time ever, I took the day after Christmas off, in case I wanted to go shopping or something but so far... that urge has been rained away...Hah!

I thought I might show the rest of the 12 ornaments I received from Gaynor (stitcheranon) first and then the ones I sent to her! Going to do this in two posts. So, here is what I received from Day Four through Christmas:

Day Four--look at these cute hearts! and the layered tree with some PURPLE fabby and beads--a new technique I will hopefully be attempting in the future!

Day Five--a lovely way to show off some gorgeous PURPLE buttons! Isn't that border stitching lovely?

More purple buttons, spelling out JOY!

Day Six (front and back. The backing fabby has sparkly gold and green in it, though it is such a dreary day for picture taking, I cannot get it to show!)

Day Seven--stitching on layers of felt, another technique I have not yet done! New year, new techniques!

Day Eight--three little sewn bags (ort bags!) with Cadbury candies inside them. In the UK and Ireland, they hang chocolate on their trees. Great tradition!

Day Nine (front and back)--what an adorable stocking! Gaynor was VERY BOLD and put those CC threads inside of it! Quite a nice Spring collection...

Day Ten--my very first tuck pillow! Now I can copy this technique...heheheheh...

Day Eleven--a Little House chart... cute, cute, cute... Makes me hum the song every time I see it!

Day Twelve--a red work one! Another first! Cute little Angel!

So that is what I received for our Twelve Days of Christmas Exchange.

Pictures of the Twelve Days Ornament Exchange SENT

Now to show what I stitched for Gaynor (stitcheranon). They are not in order received...

So, I made her a 15-sided Banurucotti first! It was opened on Day 8. I put it in a special container (see below) and made it the 8th one, just because my birthday is February 8th, so I like that number. Interestingly enough, my 8th ornament from Gaynor was also in a special container (versus wrapped). Great minds think alike! Even across the miles!

I used a Christmas variegated thread by Threadworx, called Holiday, and gold Mill Hill beads. It turned out very nice...

The pattern is again from Kathrn, at her Blog. She is just finishing well written instructions for a Pulled Thread Banurucotti, in case you are interested!

I put wire on the top, in case Gaynor wants to hang it on the tree, but it is the first time, so I sure hope it holds up! It was a last-minute alteration! And it is on top of the cute little Snowman lunch box container, in PURPLE!

And here is Jolly, by Crescent Colors, from last year's JCS Ornament magazine. Used a scrap of leftover fabby and just the right backing fabric I thought...

I have been waiting for an opportunity to use that trim--what do you think? Isn't it cute?

Christmas Greetings, from my friend Carol, who designs great patterns that I just love and love to stitch!

A simple backing fabric to finish it off!

Christmas Eve, by The Sampler Girl , another great one I have done before! This time I did more traditional colors.

The backing fabric is the reverse of the snowflake on the front (red on while, white on red)...

Under the Tree by The Stitcherhood , who also designs great works!

A shiny plaid backing fabric here... not too fancy... but shiny!!

This is the last ornie Gaynor opened, yesterday. Since Christmas is all about the birth of Christ, it was only fitting to include this one. Actually, I got this chart from Shirlee (easilyinfluencedstitcher). She was not enjoying stitching it! It is a Lizzie Kate pattern.

And it just had to have Noel on the back!

A freebie chart from La Mattasina Rossa, an Italian blogger I happened across. I used a Victorian overdyed thread by Needle Necessities (now Threadworx).

And I found the perfect backing fabrics in my stash to go with that overdyed thread, too!

Well, dang this doesn't look right, but it is a Lizzie Kate chart, of course. The reds seem to look like they ran, but they did not!

Simple backing fabric again...

Had to send Gaynor a representation of where I live... found this in a little shop inside a big antique mall. Perfecto!

Part of a Little House Needleworks ornament chart. Got bored while stitching so I adapted it to my liking, and presto!

Found this really cute Angel fabric, and cut it out so that one whole angel was on the back of this ornie... couldn't have worked out any better!

Another Lizzie Kate chart...gee, do ya think I really like her stuff? Made a frame around it, then stuffed it with batting as opposed to fiberfill. It looks like the red colors ran again... Gotta take time to work with my camera...

Love this backing fabric! So vibrant! The hanger is a piece of fluffy chenille yarn. I love touching it!

Well that's it for the Twelve Days Exchange! Hope you have enjoyed it! I know I DID!

Next will be a post about everything ELSE Christmas that has happened.. but I gotta go eat, do bills, THEN I will post! Might be tomorrow... we shall see!



Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 Days Exchange pieces and my Nativity display

It has been a whirlwind of activity for me of late, as it is for so many of us this Christmas season. But I am looking forward to each new day because I get to open my Twelve Days of Christmas ornies from Gaynor! And they are so lovely! Without further ado, let me share them with you:

Day One--Snowman, Some Assembly required... Isn't it cute? I had a laugh when I read it... Never saw this design before...Gaynor did tell me the designer, but I cannot locate the email. Our service provider has apparently been down for three days, so I hope this even gets posted!! The back is lovely purple felt--I forgot to take a picture.

Day Two--Four 'firecrackers' in purple of course! They have little charms and buttons on them. Quite nice! Gaynor says they put them on their tree until Christmas and then they go on the table. I am putting them on my mantle, which is perfect.

Day Three--a needleroll! My very first! I have not made any, so this is quite a delight! And it is apropos in so many ways, both as BC survivors and in light of the terrible tragedy our country suffered Friday. I neglected to ask the designer...but Gaynor says it is from a JCS magazine. When you find out who the designer is, let me know!

And here is my mantle, with the 12 Days Ornaments...

So now comes my Nativity,and angels. This Nativity is painted in that iridescent paint, and is just plain and simple. Notice my stitching on the wall above, surrounding the angel? Wonder which ones will be there next year?? Up there is Christmas Carols by Little House Needleworks and one of the two designs of Quaker Merry Christmas by ??

Here is a really cute, simple angel I found in a second-hand store! He is way off to the right...

And here is a blown glass angel my friend at work gifted me last year, off to the left...

Well, it is late, so I will have to blog some more tomorrow... More to show!

Pray for the many hurting people. God will honor our prayers for them.