Sunday, November 25, 2012

The USPS has been busy...

The mailpersons have been seeing a lot of me lately! I have received a Giveaway chart from Rose--Christmas Tea from Plum Street Samplers (no picture, but you can see it online). And I have mailed my 12 Days of Christmas package to Gaynor, and she has received it. Gosh, I hope she likes my ornaments!

Plus, I received her package...

And then, as if that wasn't enough, Gaynor also RAK-ed me from my Wish List at 123Stitch! So, I now have 3 new charts!

And I think there was more, but my brain is fried tonight. Been sick again, though I think I have nipped it earlier and if I am real careful, it should stay away! Which is what I need--everyone who has germs to STAY AWAY!

Last month I saw a really cool rendition with a grapevine tree in an AC Moore store that I wanted to copy. So here it is... I am going to see what it looks like with purple lights next. Yes, I like purple!! This is coming to work with me! I have the perfect spot on a small filing cabinet by my desk!

I have started stitching on THREE larger Christmas projects: Jenny Bean's Christmas, Jardin Prive's Christmas and Lo How a Rose by Brightneedle. Of course, I do not have pictures tonite, but will take some soon and post them. I still have a couple of Christmas ornies to do, but they should not take long. And today I got a scathingly brilliant idea for gifts... We shall see if I make it that far! I am so terribly behind in preparing for Christmas... Sigh... I DID catch up on my blog reading today! And I watched the last Formula One race in Sao Paulo, Brazil on television today... Has not been an uneventful day...

Well that is it for tonight. I am tired, still working on laundry, and hearing Jenny Bean calling me!

Hugs, Maggee

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nothing that I can show...

I HAVE been stitching and finishing, but alas! Nothing that I can show here. And the one piece I finished for me, I neglected to take a picture! Going to finish a couple of ornaments this week, and I will post pics then. I DID mail out my 12 Days of Christmas package to Gaynor this weekend! What fun that was!!!

Meanwhile, the Winner of the chart by Threadwork Primitives is... MYRA, of Gr8dames Place! Congratulations!

Off to work on Christmas stitching--for me!



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nan Lewis and Threadwork Primitives

***Edited to ask for continued prayer for my family member!! We need a Miracle! It is very critical!!***

Well, it's not like I haven't been stitching! I just cannot SHOW you what I have been doing! But LOTS of us are saying that at this time of the year, aren't we?

(here's a hint: picture of the ornie tree at my LNS)

Last Saturday, my LNS, Dyeing to Stitch had a 7th Birthday Bash! Here are the owners, Pat Ryan and Ann Robbins, who are also the owners of R&R Reproductions.

Had to show the snacks! Genuine Whoopie Pies made by Ann! Pumpkin and Red Velvet! Plus vanilla and chocolate cupcakes! Yummy!

And Nan Lewis, of Threadwork Primitives, came down from Philadelphia, PA to help Ann and Pat celebrate. She brought additional shop models that DTS didn't have, plus she was available to sign charts and chat with customers and fans. That's her husband, Bill, in the back chair.

Also, Ivonne Brown, (of The Crackling Crows) came to visit. She is a talented artist also, creating lots of banners I love!

I finished a Fall piece just in time--Falling Leaves Sampler by --drum roll please--Threadwork Primitives! My son (Jon's Woodworks) made the primitive wood plaque according to the chart directions, and will be making more. It turned out so nice! I hung it up on my wall as soon as I got home. I got it signed by Nan on the back!

AND--here's the exciting part for YOU! I don't usually stitch a chart a second time... And I won't be stitching this one again, cause I love my finish, so... I had Nan sign the chart, and I am giving it away to one of my faithful followers! I will be drawing a name this coming Saturday, November 17th, via the random number generator. All you need to do is comment on this post that you WILL stitch this chart!

Well, have to get some stitching done tonite! I know I had more to post about, but I have run out of steam...Maybe, going out to dinner. Maybe Thursday!



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blogger's Preventive measures...

Even though Blogger blocks 'anonymous' comments, which I HUGELY appreciate, I am still going to have to change the blog a bit. However, not tonite... Just got home from voting, and after standing in really cold, rainy weather on freezing concrete and then school floors, my legs hurt LOTS (they were cramping most of the time!!) and my back hurts LOTS, so am going to go eat a bite and try to relax and get better. It's been a long day... Had some bad news today, about a family member (and I will not go into details for privacy reasons) but please pray for this person for me... She is in need of it! God will honor the prayers even if you don't know who it is--I am sure!! Thanks!



Monday, November 5, 2012

Hi everyone!

Been busy, sick and busy after being sick now... I am going to try to blog tonight. Have a question about pictures... which is it that people use to load their pictures and then put them in the blog? Is it Flickr? I have seen comments about it, but ... I am going to have to do some preventive work on my blog too. 'Anonymous' posters might be stealing content. I just don't get why people do stuff like that... Get a life! Anyway, lots coming... Hope you will visit again! Hugs, Maggee