Monday, October 15, 2012

Looks like the one person who requested... WINS!

I looked over my comments about the Homespun Elegance duplicate chart, and only one person said they definitely wanted it--so, Pat Matejcek--the chart is yours! I will email to get your address. Congratulations!!

Did some finishing yesterday. I can show three projects... later... am about to dash off to work!

Also finished something for my 12 Days of Christmas exchange with Gaynor, so, of course, cannot show that. And will be working on those this month, so won't have much to show. But I did finish an autumn piece, which I will photograph and post later also.




stitcheranon said...

Oh the suspense! I finished one yesterday for you too lol. TW, sorry I didnt get back to you, but could I see the quilting runner thingy (sorry tired...language going downhill rofl).

Shirlee said...

What is a 12 Days of Christmas exchange? I am intrigued : )

Anonymous said...

thank you Maggee