Saturday, October 20, 2012

My latest finishes

Ahhhh.... feel so much better because it is Saturday, and my windows are wide open (so far!!)...

Last weekend I did a few finishes that were languishing... so without further ado...let's go!!

 This is a Shakespeare's Peddler 'make-do' chart that I made into my first flat fold! I do like them, and have learned better ways of making them since I started this one (I was interrupted in the middle of doing it, for about a MONTH, so when I got back to it I went looking online and found another tutorial...) Anyway, I like it. The blue rick rack sets off the birdie nicely!

Side view of the blue rick rack...

My La D Da Purple Bird for my purple a cube finish. I love doing cubes! See the dark purple fabric band around the cube? That is the backing fabric for the pillow below... Sisters!

Simple purple sampler made into a pillow. Quick and easy! Maybe I will put some rick rack or trim on it... who knows?

I finished stitching this last week or so... haven't decided how I will finish it yet. This weekend...

I dyed some more rick rack... RED! Lovely!

Well, am finally going to go stitch... unless I find something else to do on the way! Isn't that always the case?!? I am feeling the urge to go through my charts and cull out ones I won't ever stitch...

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Friday, October 19, 2012

If I don't RANT I'm going to explode!!

Come August, I start looking foward to cooler weather... especially the nights! I love having my windows nice... But, NO... my as#%*#% neighbors decide they have to have fires in their backyards. Wood-burning fires, and not always in control! By the way that is against the law here, though I doubt they enforce it unless they burn someone's house down! So tonight the idiots in back of me have a fire going... so no fresh  air! House is stuffy, and I am ticked! A couple of weekends ago, the idiot children down the street from me (college age took over the house while parents are away!!)  decided to make a backyard fire again, on a very windy night! Then after smoking enough pot that we could get a contact high from it, they decided to jump through it like it is one of those manhood ceremonies. Mind you--it was really windy, and the sparks were flying... So, as a concerned neighbor, I called the non-emergency police number. After explaining the situation, I finally just told the dispatcher that other houses were in danger of catching on fire from their stupid fire. So, he sent police and the fire department!! heheheh... their party ended early....heheheh... But these ones tonite are more grown up and it is contained, but it is wood, and smoky... I have asthma, so cannot tolerate it. Darn it! I will keep having my family sniff the air for me tonight--maybe they will quit early... I also cannot smell, so if I didn't have family watching out for me, I would be in respiratory distress constantly! It is dangerous not to smell... Okay, I feel a little better now....

Tomorrow I hope to post finishes...well, a few... not all!



Hugs, Maggee

Monday, October 15, 2012

Looks like the one person who requested... WINS!

I looked over my comments about the Homespun Elegance duplicate chart, and only one person said they definitely wanted it--so, Pat Matejcek--the chart is yours! I will email to get your address. Congratulations!!

Did some finishing yesterday. I can show three projects... later... am about to dash off to work!

Also finished something for my 12 Days of Christmas exchange with Gaynor, so, of course, cannot show that. And will be working on those this month, so won't have much to show. But I did finish an autumn piece, which I will photograph and post later also.



Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stitchy stuff...

Did you like my adventure last post?! Now on to stitchy stuff... I HAVE been stitching a bit. So I have finishes to show. Still have to do the final finishes...

Faith Inspirational Boxer by Lizzie Kate, stitched on 32-count Anntique Hydrangea by R&R (a real light lavender fabby) and whatever DMC I picked.

County your Blessings by Shakespeare's Peddler, again, using Anntique Hydrangea and some original colors, some substitutions in purple!

Nesting by Kathy Schmitz, using Pacific Ocean I think, by Dinky Dyes

I tried my hand at dyeing some tiny rick rack, and it came out quite nice! May try more colors now...

Made myself a Fall table runner, like the one I made last year for an exchange. It looks real nice, if I do say so myself!

My buddy, Vickie, sent me a little gifty. Isn't it the cutest little pincushion? It is a bottle cap one! And she also made the three marking pins! In pinks, my fave!

Another closeup. Stitchers sure are multi-talented!

I am busy stitching away on my 12 Days of Christmas exchange with Gaynor (stitcheranon), so cannot show any of that. But it sure is fun! And I am trying to sneak in a few others, for fall and Christmas, for me!

On a different note--I recently bought an older chart on Ebay. I had stitched it eons ago (on Aida fabric--didn't even know what linen was!) for my 'favorite cousin' in California (when I first met her in 1998), but I thought I got rid of all those old charts and patterns. And I really really liked it, so... when I saw it, I got it on Ebay for a mere pittance. Well, fast forward to a few days ago... I keep all my charts that I have stitched in a folder, and was looking for one ... and what is at the very bottom of the pile? That very same chart! And you know what is amusing? It is a Homespun Elegance chart, from 1987! It is called Family Blessing. I didn't even KNOW who Sandra Sullivan or Homespun Elegance WAS back then (may have been purchased in 1997-ish)!! So... two things from this! I have to thank my LNS, Dyeing to Stitch , because I have learned SO much from the owners, Ann and Pat, in the last 6 years ! And secondly, if there is anyone out there that would like a copy of this chart, please respond to this post and I will send it to you! IF by some slim chance there are more than one persons who would like it, I will hold a drawing on 10/13!

(This picture just got snatched off Ebay, it is not the one in my possession.)

Gotta go do other stuff now, so thanks for visiting!



Warrior Dash, Powhatan, VA 09/29/12 (LONG post!)

I attended the Warrior Dash in Powhatan, VA last weekend because my son-in-love and one granddaughter were participants. It was an 'adventure' from getting up there Friday night through some nasty thunder and lightning, to being out in the rain from 7:30 to 11:00 ish the day of the Dash. My granddaughter did STUPENDOUS, finishing in a good time for a first timer, that is only 14 years old! Dad was right there with her, though I did not hear if he needed to encourage her any! One obstacle was a bit difficult--swimming in very deep water for a long distance, so Dad put her on his back and helped her out! It was fun seeing all the different people that participated, as some were Hunks, some were not, some wore costumes of a sort, and so on! In our spare time, while waiting for them to arrive at the end where we were standing, we were (ok FINE)I was drooling over admiring so many military men with great bodies nice uniforms... Well, it made the time fly by! It DID!

The last obstacle was for EVERYone there--getting out of the parking lot!! You see, it was held at Berkley Plantation, and they had us park in a spent corn field. Mind you, it was RAINING! and RAINING! and RAINING! Which makes MUD!! And there are 500 participants in the course every half hour! So, by the time we were ready to leave, there were probably 2500 vehicles there... and some of us wanted to leave! But--the ones who were trying to leave as we were walking to our car were getting STUCK in the mud! BIG TIME! It became quite a fiasco! As people backed out, they got stuck, so then they blocked the path... and then the cars that were blocked sank deeper and deeper... Well, you get the picture! But we were blessed! I had prayed when we first assessed the situation and the bleakness of ever leaving, and God surely answered! Abundantly! My son in love walked around the corn fields to see the best way to try to get out. He came back, we got cleaned off, and got in the van and he began to drive us out... and we were doing really good (he has much experience in towing and BIG vehicle usage from the Army) until some little idiot in a sports car cuts in and makes us have to brake! Well, we began to sink immediately! SIL got out to push, my daughter moved over to drive (they are a team--I would have been a mess!)and we were moving again, but... we got stuck. Again! A tall, monster/diesel truck came up behind us, assessed the situation, and plowed through the underbrush on our left (off the road) with little difficulty. Made me think some unkind thoughts about cheaters... but... then they backed up, and two cute hunks nice young men got out, helped my SIL hook up my van to their tow rope, and they TOWED US OUT! It was so AWESOME! I offered them money, but they refused. PLUS, the plantation folks realized we were not going to get out the way we came in, due to mud AND there were still folks coming IN, so they opened a back road and we were on our way home! Yay! So, I have photos for those of you that are still reading...

They should have given us our money BACK for parking!

Some of those Hunks... nice military participants...

More participants, though now it is pouring down rain! See the aqua umbrella my Granddaughter is holding over me?

Finished! Very Proud of them!

The whole group... the youngest is wrapped in a tablecloth (hey! it worked!, oldest is soaked, my daughter is shooting a picture of me taking a picture of them! And SIL is threatening to wipe mud on his fellow Warrior's face! Fun stuff!

My van in all its glory and the Warriors

My van did get washed the next morning by my husband. SIL and I got up early just to take it to a car wash place, only to go outside and find my hubby was cleaning it! I should have taken bets... I knew he couldn't stand it!

Well, that is it for my adventurous weekend. Thanks for joining me!