Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm in the mood for............... Purple!

It's an in-between seasons time to me, and I took down my patriotic display but it is too early to put up Fall things, so... I am in the mood to change things up! And when I went to Marshall's I found this lovely purple dish and knew that I wanted a purple vignette! The dish is Italian blown glass, and I love it! The candle holder was not labeled and may NOT be from the same artist, but I don't care--they go together just fine! Then, I felt in the mood to stitch some purple works to also be displayed, and just finished the second one last night. Haven't had much stitching time, so these two pieces just fit the bill for lunch stitching time! The Sampler one is a freebie from 123Citrouille's blog (a while ago!) and the bird is 'Yellow Bird' by La D Da! I may stitch that again and again in other colors, but purple it is! So, without further ado...

My last PIF made it to Cucki in South Africa, so I can show it now!

I sent her some specialty threads and Mary Engelbreit note cards, besides the PIF accessories I gathered.

This is the extra pin cushion in one of the new LK Boxers, whose name escapes me right this minute! No time to run upstairs and dig around for it...I will amend tonight!

And I hand sewed the trim on this one too.

Well, gotta get going to work!




Parsley said...

How sweet! I know she will love it!

cucki said...

Beautiful Stitchy project:)
And I truly love my gift ..so much ..from my heart xxx

Anonymous said...


I love your purple stitching and your purple vase and candle holder.

Your gift to cucki was just lovely!

Shirlee said...

You can't do much better than purple : ) Lovely stitchings & a lovely PIF you sent to cucki : )

Anne said...

Oh Maggee, purple speaks to my heart and especially that Italian blown glass! Love your little stitches from 123Citrouille's and La D Da! Very sweet and lovely package sent to Cucki!

Denise said...

Yellow Bird looks good in purple doesn't it?

Your stitching looks great!

Catherine said...

Love your purple idea and goodies!!
What a great package you sent to Cucki!

Catherine said...

Love your purple idea and goodies!!
What a great package you sent to Cucki!

Beth said...

Oh Maggee - I love your purple glass and your two purple stitches - especially the 123Citrouille piece. Cucki sure received some wonderful items too.

Carol said...

Love your Marshall's purchase, Beth--you just never know what goodies you might find there!! And your purple stitching looks just great with it :)

Your gifts for Cucki are wonderful--I'm sure she is smiling ear to ear!

Tatkis said...

Lovely purple finishes!
And those glass creations are co cute!


stitcheranon said...

Love the purple...that will be my next hair colour I think! beautful finishes too:the pin cushion is adorable

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Purple is a good between-season color and those are great glass pieces to enhance the set! You ladies who get so much done in the morning before work are amazing - I'm happy to read a few posts.