Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My LNS had a WIP (Works in Progress) Night, where everyone brought in three WIP's--kinda like Show and Tell only online. I brought mine but did not get a picture of them that night. I did now, and thought I would share. Of course, they are not ALL of my WIPs!! We were supposed to pick our oldest, newest and one more. So, without further ado... here they are...

This is probably my oldest WIP. It is called 'A Bouquet for Cheryl' and it was a collaborative design to honor Cheryl Miller, a wonderful stitcher who loved color! You can read about the design here. I started this shortly after I joined the samplerlife yahoo group, of which I am still a member (who lurks). This picture cannot show you that I had a fourth of it done, only to find a mistake! So, the frogs and I met for a while, and it has sat idle pretty much since! But I love the hand-dyed fabric that R&R made for me! The fabric and thread were the same as an online friend of mine's rendition of the design, though she did it on evenweave or linen, and I was only an aida girl back then (2007). I met her also on the samplerlife group. Marc Davis was one of the designers of the piece (but he has since passed away), which brings me to my next WIP...

This is Sachet by Needlemania, and that was Marc Davis. He was a pretty wonderful man, though I never got to meet him in person. He was one of the List 'Moms' for the samplerlife yahoo group, and he was very inspiring, creative and funny! In fact, he was the one that first told me about Woodlawn, in Northern VA each spring. He entered his rendition of Rosemarkie, which in turn inspired me to do mine in purple! And boy, was that hard to frame by the way! I ended up sending it to Jill Rensel who did a fantastic job! Marc started making his own designs after a while, and I bought Sachet. However, I barely started it when he passed. So, the listers at the samplerlife all said we should stitch a design of his, in his memory! No problem--I had one started! The MOST interesting thing about my WIP is that I wanted it to be green, and went to my shop for assistance in picking a fabric. I had already picked the thread--Spinach, and I ended up getting the last piece of 32-count R&R linen named WOODLAWN! How coincidental is that!?!

And this is my M by Jardin Prive, a french designer that I just love! I started this in April, and WILL finish it this year! It is just so dainty and feminine! I am doing it on 36 count! As you can see, I have switched from aida to linen! But I am hanging on to several pieces of R&R overdyed/hand dyed aida--I cannot part with them, and will find the perfect uses for them eventually.

Well, that was a sampling of my WIPs. I have lots more (shhh... don't tell my hubby!!) and may show them on a more regular basis, something like Karen is doing over at her blog!

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Mystery Sampler SAL

Two of my stitching buddies and myself have begun to stitch exclusively on the With Thy Needle's Mystery Sampler. I had started it last year, but of course, put it down to do other things! But Jennifer and Sheryl (not blogging right now) had not started theirs last year, so they are a bit behind me! We are using 3 different thread counts and fabrics, and they are using silk conversions. It is going to be fun to see how they compare. Jennifer posted a picture of all three on her blog--no use repeating it here. But below IS a complete picture of my Sampler as it looked at the end of our stitch time. About 50% done with the border! Phew! I am using 32-count R&R Espresso, whereas Sheryl is using 36-count and Jennifer is using 40-count.

Have a couple of small finishes done, but no photos yet. Today is the start of really really hot weather here. Have to find an alternate lunch arrangement, as I have been sitting in my van and stitching of late. I can listen to the radio and stretch out...Lunch room is always crowded and noisy. Sigh...



Saturday, June 9, 2012

Something Exciting!

I am finally blogging about something so exciting to me! My son has begun to branch out from making pens to making stitching accessories! He makes hornbooks and paddles, so far! I have more ideas, but this is enough right now! His company is called Jon's Woodworks, and his pieces are currently exclusively sold through my LNS, Dyeing to Stitch. He uses mostly exotic woods, like Bubinga, Purpleheart and Padauk but there are others like Walnut, which is also so pretty. I had him make me a special one, for a special gift which has now been received by Becky--so I can show it! But I have a bunch more patterns that I am going to stitch and put on the hornbooks, cause they are just too darned cute! You can pick the wood and how many holes you want, from 0 to 8 on one side or two. You will just have to visit the website and see them for yourselves. I am not the best picture taker, and will redo some as we go along. I am so excited for my son! Here is what I made for Becky:

Onto other news.. the ONLY finishing I got done last weekend was for my friend Sheryl--a Shepherd's Bush piece for Easter (sorry... one thing delayed another...) I have not done this type of finish before, with ribbon and beads. It was kinda fun! The important thing is that SHE loves it!

Finally, today I popped into the Dollar Tree to find out if they got the new solar dancing things--and they DID! If you are a fan of the dancing flowers, then you might be interested in the BUGS! The guy at the store said they are flying out of there, so you better hurry! And they are limiting them, also, because people are re-selling them on EBay! Of course, the Ladybug is my favorite!



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Found out what is destroying the peppers and beans!

It was slugs!! I decided to go for the beer in the garden trick last night and this morning my husband told me it has six or seven slugs in it! Yahoo! I researched it a bit last night and found that slugs do not leave trails! I did not know that! I LOVE the internet!! Maybe the peppers will have a chance now! See the slugs at the bottom...??

On the stitching front, not much done yesterday. No buddies to stitch with, due to life ... so my PLAN was to stitch as if they were here. But NO... my husband did not go fishing and was hanging around bugging the *&%# out of me! I did some finishing, but not all. And got some stitching done on a piece I cannot show yet. You will just have to believe me! Gonna TRY to work on the finishing some more today, but he is still home today...

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bird ID found!

I was really thinking it was related to a Cardinal, so went researching on the net and found that is a juvenile Northern Cardinal!
Here is the link for identifying the bird: Dave's Garden

Weekend started--lots to do. Just hope the pain in my neck subsides... It is especially fierce this morning. I think it has to do with tensing while I sleep... Giving it one more week then going to a doctor.



Friday, June 1, 2012

Bird ID needed!

We have a new bird at the feeders, but I don't know what it is! It has the shape of a cardinal, but not the orange beak... Maybe it is a juvenile one (female colorings?) and I just haven't seen one before... It has some red coloring on it's tail. But it does not have the markings like a house finch and it is lots bigger!
So far we have had house finches (lots!), a bright red cardinal and a female or two, doves, grackels (yuck!)and what appeared to be a black-capped chickadee! Saw that one twice now! Word is getting out...
So here are some pictures I just took, before it flew off.
Garden is growing. Tomatoes in front got hit with something and the leaves are mottled and yellow-y. The peppers in back by the bird feeders are being eaten. Not by snails... guess soapy water isn't doing it and I will have to get something stronger. Green beans are beginning to grow, but they have been nibbled on also. The cukes... phew! Bush ones have LOADS of flowers! Crawling ones are crawling, but I don't see flowers yet. And so it goes...
If you know what the bird is... let me know!
Off to stitch...