Friday, May 25, 2012

Three Day Weekend and Three Days of Giveaways!

Finally feeling somewhat better and just HAVE to get these Giveaways going! So, because this is a long holiday weekend for me, I am going to have Three Giveaways! Starting tonight, I will have the first one which is called the Halloween Giveaway. I am giving away an Earth Threads chart called Lamb's Halloween, and 5 spools of Halloween colored ribbons. To enter this Halloween Giveaway, you must be a regular follower and you must comment that you would like to be entered in this Giveaway on this post only! Easy Peasy! I will pick the winner with the random number generator thingy tomorrow night! These are going to be quick Giveaways!

So come back tomorrow to see what the next Giveaway will be!

I have some pictures of my gardening efforts. This year, my husband finally made some raised beds for vegetables and we have planted two kinds of tomatoes--Better Boys I think, and some cherry ones. Then we planted two bush cucumbers and two vining cucumbers, and three pepper plants. I think we have red, orange and green ones. Something is eating their leaves tho... Gonna spray some Dawn dishsoap and water on them tonight and see if that helps. We also made a smaller garden for our two-year old granddaughter, Miss O, and have a cherry tomato plant growing there and last Saturday she and I planted 6 green beans in her spot! Plus we 'planted' more radishes in the big box. Pictures follow of our efforts...
The Peppers and Cucumbers in the big planter box.
The damaged pepper plant...
The tomato plants in the other box across the yard. They are clearly doing better than Miss O's as you will see next! The cherry is in the middle--my fave!
The baby's garden... cherry tomato, and see the baby green bean sprouts??
Better shot of the baby green bean sprouts.
Here you can see the radishes we planted last Saturday. She just threw the seeds down... pretty good results, considering...
We put in three dwarf azaleas again. This time they took, and even flowered!
This is one of my few daylilies blooming. There were about 50 plants or more, but that has dwindled and they have become sparse. I am going to take them out of their spot and do something else. Don't know what...yet...

Well, I am tuckered again, and my neck is hurting again. Really hampers stitching time! Hope you enjoyed my garden. It has been YEARS since I gardened! My husband never did! Times change!

Be sure to leave a comment if you want a chance to win the Halloween Giveaway!




Jozzie said...

Hi, please enter me in your "easy-peasy" halloween give-away.


Cindy said...

I love the garden! I love that you are feeling better too!

Jennifer M. said...

Your garden looks great! Love the cherry tomato plants. I could eat cherry tomatoes all day!

Please enter me in your Halloween Giveaway. :) I am a follower.


Terri said...

I would love to be entered into your drawing. That is a really cute pattern!

Oooh, a salad from your garden sounds good! :-)

Mouse said...

ooo would love to be entered :) and well done on the gardening front .... our peas and potato's are doing really well in the tubs in our garden at the mo :)
oooo love your azaleas and your lilies too :)
hope your shoulder calms down soon :) love mouse xxxxx

Maud said...

What a lovely garden you have, I love lilies!
I'm already a follower of your blog, and would love to be entered in your giveaway.

Vickie said...

Gardening can be hard on the body can't it? But it will be so worth the efforts. That is wonderful that you included your granddaughter. :)

Denise said...

Hope the soreness in your neck goes away! Stitching is important! Your garden looks fab - my mom has a canopy up over her tomato plants until they are established.

I would like to be entered in your quick give away. Love the idea of a one day sign up lol.

Cath said...

Please enter me for your give away . I love the sheep chart .X

Heli said...

Oo, what pretties (Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year)! I'd love to have a chance to win the chart and ribbons! So please enter me too into this giveaway. :)

Linda said...

What a great giveaway Maggee. I would love to be entered. Great garden pics. Good luck with the garden.


stitcheranon said...

Please dont enter me: unfortunatly halloween is not big here...but good luck everyone and congrats on the raised beds! They are very rewarding xxx

Bronzemom said...

I'd love to be entered into your giveaway!

Thank you!

bronzemom AT gmail DOT com

Beth said...

Good gardening efforts - sounds like you are helping your grand daughter become a life-long gardener too!

Katie said...

I'm not interested in the drawing. Good luck to all who enter.

I just wanted to say your garden looks lovely. Hope you gets lots of yummy things from it.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Your green thumb is going wild this season! Hope you have a stitching-relaxing Memorial Day!