Monday, May 28, 2012

The Final Winner is....

Tonight, the final random winner is Vickie, at A Stitchers Story ! (My son helped me pick tonight) Please send me your address, and your package will go out this week.This has been fun! I hope you all enjoyed it! Because I am still digging around in my stash and finding charts I will never stitch, so more Giveaways or Gifting in the future!

Gotta get to bed!



Pictures of Giveaway #3 charts and 'Finds' while shopping today!

Here is a picture of the 5 charts for the 3rd Giveaway! I will pick the winner tonight, after all settles down again! Good luck!

Today is my holiday off, so I woke up at a decent time, and took off to the antique mall about 5 miles away! I have not been there in about 20 years! It is HUGE! But, I was hoping to find a great frame for Fly Away Home and any fabulous stitching accessories... so I was being selective. And I had success! I found two clear glass frogs and two great old spools! One of the spools is from American Silk Mills in Orange, VA, and the other end is stamped with 'Smith Bobbin 33'. The other spool has 'US' and two numbers on each side, one is 9 and the other is 32. I may investigate that, just so I have a little history with my new acquisitions. I am pretty excited! I would like to clean them up a bit, if anyone has experience in that just give me a shout!
Now I am off to do laundry and some finishing! Tho my neck hurts, I am way behind and just need to get at it! Plus I have Giveaway packages and PIF packages to send out! Been gathering stuff...

Hope you are enjoying the day!



Sunday, May 27, 2012

Giveaway #2 Winner and Final 3rd Giveaway!

Okay--this time my sister picked the winner of Giveaway #2 from the list of comments, and it is #4--Faye!! (Your package will go out this week! I have your address from PALS!) Congratulations!

And for my Final Weekend Giveaway, I have 5 charts again: Stack of Butterflies by Amy Bruecken, Greenwillow Sampler by The Need'l Love Company, American Strawberries by Prairie Schooler, and Libby Q plus Garden Party by Brightneedle! So, if these charts interest you, the rules are: you must be a regular follower and you must comment on this post only that you want to be entered! Nothing to it!

I will post pictures again tomorrow...

Going to stitch a bit on a cheery freebie or two...


Maggee ***edited title to read correctly!!***

Giveaway #2 prizes and a summery finish

Here are the 5 charts for the 2nd Giveaway going on today. Remember, if you want to enter, and you are a regular follower--please leave a comment on YESTERDAY's post ONLY!

I finished this piece from Hillside Samplings called Fly Away Home before my neck started up, but wanted to put the buttons on before sharing it! It is so darned cute, don't you think? Yes, that is a LOT of smyrnas! But I enjoyed them! Used a piece of 36-count sand linen. Really am liking using that higher count, but only with good lighting! And I started a small on 40-count but it is not going very quickly. Could be the color combination... I was going to hang my new ladybug piece next to my LHN Ladybug Ladybug wallhanging, but darned if I can find that one! The search continues! Of course, I must finish it first...

The drawing for Giveaway #2 will be tonight, after the festivities are ended around here...



Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Giveaway Winner & a New Giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who entered the first Giveaway for the Halloween Giveaway. Didn't feel like doing the Random Number Generator, so wrote everyone's name who entered on a little slip of paper and picked one... and .... drum roll... Denise is the Winner! (Please be sure to send me your snail mail address, and I will get your prizes in the mail next week!) Congratulations Denise!

For the next Giveaway, I am offering 5 charts: Abide in Peace, Grace Manor and Gilly Flower Alphabet by Praiseworthy Stitches, Christmas Shop by Prairie Moon and Spring Eggs I by Homespun Elegance. I will post pictures of the charts tomorrow, as it is too icky to do inside pictures now--sorry. Again, the only requirements to enter this Giveaway #2 are that you are a regular follower and you must comment on this post only that you want to enter the Giveaway!

Spent the afternoon with two of my stitching buddies, and even got a little stitching done! VBG! Ah well, tomorrow is another day! My neck hurts so not much more happening tonight...

Hugs, Maggee

Friday, May 25, 2012

Three Day Weekend and Three Days of Giveaways!

Finally feeling somewhat better and just HAVE to get these Giveaways going! So, because this is a long holiday weekend for me, I am going to have Three Giveaways! Starting tonight, I will have the first one which is called the Halloween Giveaway. I am giving away an Earth Threads chart called Lamb's Halloween, and 5 spools of Halloween colored ribbons. To enter this Halloween Giveaway, you must be a regular follower and you must comment that you would like to be entered in this Giveaway on this post only! Easy Peasy! I will pick the winner with the random number generator thingy tomorrow night! These are going to be quick Giveaways!

So come back tomorrow to see what the next Giveaway will be!

I have some pictures of my gardening efforts. This year, my husband finally made some raised beds for vegetables and we have planted two kinds of tomatoes--Better Boys I think, and some cherry ones. Then we planted two bush cucumbers and two vining cucumbers, and three pepper plants. I think we have red, orange and green ones. Something is eating their leaves tho... Gonna spray some Dawn dishsoap and water on them tonight and see if that helps. We also made a smaller garden for our two-year old granddaughter, Miss O, and have a cherry tomato plant growing there and last Saturday she and I planted 6 green beans in her spot! Plus we 'planted' more radishes in the big box. Pictures follow of our efforts...
The Peppers and Cucumbers in the big planter box.
The damaged pepper plant...
The tomato plants in the other box across the yard. They are clearly doing better than Miss O's as you will see next! The cherry is in the middle--my fave!
The baby's garden... cherry tomato, and see the baby green bean sprouts??
Better shot of the baby green bean sprouts.
Here you can see the radishes we planted last Saturday. She just threw the seeds down... pretty good results, considering...
We put in three dwarf azaleas again. This time they took, and even flowered!
This is one of my few daylilies blooming. There were about 50 plants or more, but that has dwindled and they have become sparse. I am going to take them out of their spot and do something else. Don't know what...yet...

Well, I am tuckered again, and my neck is hurting again. Really hampers stitching time! Hope you enjoyed my garden. It has been YEARS since I gardened! My husband never did! Times change!

Be sure to leave a comment if you want a chance to win the Halloween Giveaway!



Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stitching related (somewhat) pictures

I find that I cannot post any pictures of finishes, as they are all gifties of one sort or another! But I do have stuff to share!
This is my progress on my 'M' by Jardin Prive. It is a very pretty french design. Love all of her stuff!
And I just finished July by Little House Needleworks. Hopefully I will keep ahead and complete the set this year--a little late, but what the heck!
I found a dish for the bottom of my frog (Thanks again Becky!) at that store in Durham--love that place! So without further ado, here is my first scissor frog, stuffed full of my collection of scissors.
My Dovo scissors are in the middle and the one connected to the biscornu fob that I made years back. The fob to the left, the purple one, is my first beaded one that I made last year with the guidance of my stitching buddies. The red one was a gift from Bindy, who used to be a co-owner of my LNS but moved away. And the purple one on the right is from a stitching buddy in England--it was a RAK!
Another view!
To show you what else I picked up in that great store in Durham... I am always on the hunt for things to use for displaying my stitching, be it old frames, hangers, or stands. This is one of two stands I came across for 1.00! You can see the backs in the mirror.
And here is the other one! Aren't they great! They are perfect for those plaques right now...and who knows what later on!
And today, as I was photographing my frog, my stitching neighbor and friend, and also our FRAMER, Patti, came by and gifted me with another frog--PINK!! OOOh... I am so excited! Of course, I have to find a suitable bottom for it, but all good things come to those who wait.
Another shot...
This has been my spring (and Easter) display this year. The tree was a gift from Jennifer (Serial Starter) and you can see some of my stitched bunnies and birdies from last year on it. The new additions were Birthday presents from my stitching buddy Sheryl, and they are adorable! And the Purple Cross was a Christmas present from my buddy at my office who was let go in February... (very sad face)...
Don't they have the cutest faces??
Well, that is about all that I can show today. Next post will be your chance for a reward for sticking through my absence! Till later, Hugs, Maggee

Saturday, May 5, 2012

And here it is.. a week or two later... I know, I know!!

What is up with Blogger? I have read your blog posts mentioning it, but have not been able to sit and post to mine so did not know they had changed things! Pffft... who has time to learn anew?? Well, I have come back refreshed from a vacation in lovely Florida. Had a great time. Made memories with family... always the best! I am tired now, and it IS after 11:00 so am going to cut this short, and resume tomorrow. Not much on my plate tomorrow, so I fully intend to take pictures of several finishes I CAN show and blog! I will leave you with a picture of some visitors we had on our first full day!
These are Sand Hill Cranes. Apparently they are used to people feeding them because they were not skittish of us at all!