Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finally--I am BACK!!

Oh how I have missed blogging! I barely read them and sorely neglected posting for oh so long! But the bad news is over...our government will work a few more days thanks to our taxes! Okay--maybe a week!

Onto better things! First I will post a few finishes that I managed during this down time.
This is one of the older Homespun Elegance eggs, and however I finish it, the fabric underneath will be a part of it!

This is a Heart in Hand pattern called Spring's a Bloom, and I picked out whatever DMC colors suited me. Have a cute finish in mind! Maybe today! And did you notice that scissor frog next to it?? Becky RAK'd me a while ago, after I had mentioned that I have had no luck finding one for myself. She has to be one of the sweetest, most generous stitchers out there! Now I am searching for the perfect dish!
Next is Easter Peep by With Thy Needle. I framed it myself... found the frame at Michael's. I was impatient and didn't want to wait for my framer to do it. Looks okay...

This is the June chart from Little House Needleworks from two years back I think! Only six more to stitch!
I was also the winner of some of Nataly's Marking pins, and they arrived during my down time! Aren't they gorgeous? I took the picture with a mirror in the background so you could see how cute they were packaged too!
Closeup of the pins!

I bought this at a primitive shop in our nearby mall, and finally got to hang it in my foyer. It is next to Easter peep...
The place where I got my down stitching chair has so many great thing! This plaque is hanging on my home office door! I absolutely LOVE it!
This adorable, and simple little plate was also a great find at that store! I can hardly wait to go back and see what other great finds they have!!
I finally have seen birds on my thistle sock! Well, one at least! This is a male House Finch! It sure is sad that the MALE species of birds are so bright and cheery, and the females are dull and drab...I looked them up, and they have only recently come to the east US coast. They used to just be in the western US. But apparently we Easterners like them, so they have stayed.
Very pretty bird!
Guess he was chirping.. I was behind a closed window (still have pollen here--achoo!) taking these pictures! I am excited they are finding the feeder!

Well, have laundry to do and so on... I will post WIP pictures of a couple of pieces I started next. Yes, there are more than one! Plus I have been working on a BIG SECRET project that is about to launch, so I can finally share! But... gotta run now!

Hugs, Maggee