Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I finished Feather Your Nest by With Thy Needle & Thread last night! Finally! But, considering I have been under the weather, I am glad it got done in February! Woo Hoo! Now to find a suitable frame!

I pulled out a Little House Needleworks WIP to work on today... I will probably finish it tonight! Wasn't much left to stitch.



Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tomorrow is 'Tell a Fairy Tale Day"

And in honor of that, I am going to share a bit of my history and a Cuban tale. Years ago, I worked as a nanny, and took my first little guy to Story Time at the local library each week. He and I both LOVED that! And of course, I read to him all the time... and he sometimes read to me (he had memorized Green Eggs and Ham!!) This kindled my love for storytelling once again, for I read to my own children a lot! I even found videos of a storytelling contest and the stories were so GREAT! LOTS of members in my family have seen these videos! I believe reading is so very important, and can see that stitching bloggers feel the same! We sneak in a book or two, between projects! So, on to the tale! I found this tale in a book of Latin and Indian folk tales, so not your normal fare. It does have a familiar ring to it, though, as you will find out. The story is on a different PAGE at the top of my blog, called Tell a Fairy Tale Day 2012.

My hope is that you will read it and enjoy it. And IF you are so inclined, and you know of a fairy or folk tale you want to share, please send to me in an email (in my profile) and I will be very happy to post it on the page and give credit. Or you can post it on your blog--just let me know so I can read it too! Let's see how many different types of stories we can post this 'Tell a Fairy Tale Day'!

P.S. I hope to finish Feather Your Nest VERY SOON!!!



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Stitching chair to show you!

When I was visiting family a month ago, we went to a second-hand store just looking around. It was a GREAT store!! And off in a corner was this cute little chair. A bit of history--I have been lusting for a down-filled chair for abour 5 years, ever since my sister got one. I know what they look like, and no one makes them anymore! Hers was pricey, but you just sink right into it... so comfy!! Okay--back to my story... The cute little chair that caught my eye definitely 'looked' like it was down-filled. So, I sat in it--and just sank in!! We all gave it a try, and I wanted it! Alas, it had no price tag so we spoke to someone there and he took their name and cell number to call when they got a price. The employee said he would put our name on the chair to remind them to call once the owner gets in... A WEEK later, after getting many random calls asking about the chair because the note they left said something like " Call 123-4567 about price of chair' they go back in and when they are told about the calls by buyers but not by them, they called the owner right then and there, and came up with a great price -- $35!! SOLD!!! It was my birthday present from the fam!! So, two weekends ago, I went back and got my chair, and it is downstairs for my stitching buds to see and feel, then it goes upstairs to it's rightful place of honor! Oh, and one more funny story about this chair. In between picking up the chair from the store and me bringing it home, I got a text message that said, "It is definitely down!" and a picture was attached of a feather sticking out of the back cushion! Ta-da!! So, here is my cute little chair!!

Next I am going to find the perfect side table!!



Monday, February 20, 2012

What a Finale!!

Today was a day off for me, so after doing a bit of paperwork, cleaning and picking up, then shopping, I took a break to watch my taped Downton Abbey Finale!! Wow!! Double Wow! Love that series!! Sad to say I have to wait a year for the next installments, but it is worth it! Plus, my nemesis, Magg-i-e Smith is in it, and she is an excellent actress! (Even if she DOES spell her name wrong!! heheheheheh!!) Of course, I was stitching too... the end of the IHSW for the month. I only stitched one project this month, but I think I can see the end coming near. I am working on Feather Your Nest by With Thy Needle, and despite the fact that I have to use a magnifying glass to see the symbols on this chart, I still love the piece! Without further ado, here is my progress so far:

I did a bit of finishing too, but not for me, for a friend. I did a cube finish, ala Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher. Her tutorials are excellent, and I receive much inspiration from them!

And this weekend was the Great Backyard Bird Count across the country, so I did my best to watch for different birds in my neighborhood. I did see a juvenile Blue Jay, which was special. Not my favorite bird because they are pretty noisy, but the blue is so refreshing to see in winter. Saw a cardinal or two and grackles, and a tiny little chickadee, but the MOST interesting was the robin with the white head!! Honest--see the pictures below! My husband saw it first, last year, and it has returned. Because, surely there cannot be two of them! Do you think it could be genetic? Nahhhh... It was such a challenge to photograph it through my window, but I did okay. I am going to be watching for that guy this spring!

Pardon the not-so-great pictures. I am really wanting a better camera! Sigh...

I took off moderation, since it also makes commenters do the captcha thing! We should all complain to Blogger and get them to go back to the way it was! I looked around online but saw nothing from them announcing the change. Nice....

Well, going up to stitch again, before bed.



Thursday, February 16, 2012


Do you know what that word means? It was the word of the day on today and so apropos to how I am thinking tonight! It means 'the greedy pursuit of riches' and it SO fits the way our country is going down the tubes these days!! In general, just look at how the gas prices keep going up and then down and then up again! Just for G-R-E-E-D, not a shortage or anything like that!! In particular, I am especially thinking about the internet and our rights. I admit it--I am a computer enthusiast! And my son is too! We have been discussing the way the lawmakers (backed by BIG money with mammonism in mind!!) have begun to take away rights. I always thought a person was innocent until proven guilty--isn't that what they said? Call me naive, but I grew up believing it was true! It doesn't seem to be true these days. (now, mind you, this is just in my own little world--I am not taking on every single civil liberty tonight!!) Take for instance--you have a website or blog, and someone thinks you have posted something that is either not yours (as in, piracy or copyright infringement) or they just don't like you, period. So, they make a call or send an email to the 'authorities' and you get a letter saying 'they' are taking down your website, and we'll see you in Court--in about 10 years! See, guilty before you ever get to court!! Whatever happened to due process? I am seeing certain intials running through my mind, which somewhat relate to this rant of mine: MPAA, RIAA, SOPA, PIPA, OPEN, DMCA. That last one is really interesting... All you have to do is buy the software and you can file an infringement report (bogus and unfounded) and get someone in trouble. What a great country we live in!! Not!! This can and will relate to stitching matters, too, so you might want to do a little reading some day.

And while I am at it--what's with blogger captcha on commenting? Now we are required to verify TWO words, one of which is always blurred and very hard to read while the other is sharp and clear?? What's up with that?? Until I find out what it is all about, my blog is going to be moderated.

But--don't get me wrong!! I LOVE my blog and reading other stitchers' blogs!! I love getting comments. So, don't let that stop you from commenting on my blog. I will resolve all this in time...



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's my Birthday!

I usually keep it low-key, just because... but this year, I need some cheer to get me through the work day, so... yay! It's my Birthday today!



Friday, February 3, 2012

Such an awful day!

I am doing this post on my iPhone -- first time! Today was the worst day I have experienced at work ever! They fired or laid off three more people and two others -- maybe three-- walked out! One was my close friend and it upset me to the point of tears and such... Glad the day finally finished there but... I just wonder when it will end and get back to where we enjoyed working there...

Now it is the weekend and I have lots of time to relax and stitch I hope!



Love Wall

Well, at least I was able to retake the pictures of my wall with the L-O-V-E stitchies! From the Lizzie Kate chart 'Love Crazy' that I have had around for a while...

I have to work on getting the others on my camera... have to retake them, which requires visits to other places. Grrrr....

Been working on Feather Your Nest... started the robin last night, yay! I only got his beak done but he is where the thread is hanging...

Gotta run to work now. It has been another awful week there... I think they let two more people go yesterday, one is my close friend! I will find out today... sigh...