Friday, November 25, 2011

HOHOHO in a row finish

Well, maybe Blogger has developed an allergy to phone pictures, because I took this one with my camera and it worked!(I still LOVE my iPhone!!) So, here is my Lizzie Kate finish, HoHoHo in a Row. I am thinking of trimming it and making it into a hanging piece. We shall see...

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A couple more finishes to show you! And one I cannot--thanks Blogger!!

I just put the last stitch into my LK Christmas piece, HoHoHo in a Row, and it is cute! Haven't even ironed it yet, and will no doubt finish-finish it tonight so there will be a better picture tomorrow, but here is it for now--oh Wait!! Blogger is loading it upside down!! GRRRRR... I will try to fix it and load it later. I used my iphone, and maybe that is the problem...

Next is how I finished November word play--as a door hanger. Kinda cute, but short-lived! Soon I will have Christmas up!!

And finally, my finished Mystery SAL by Carol, at ... I just had an inspiration on how to finish it, so perhaps this weekend I will post it again.

Well, that is all for now. Hope you are enjoying the day off like I am! Ahhh... no stress...



Sunday, November 20, 2011

IHSW weekend pictures, PLUS...

I spent Saturday afternoon stitching with a friend, and that is the most stitching I got done this weekend. I finished two pieces this week, including one Friday evening as the kick-off to my International Hermit Stitching Weekend. I sure wish I could have hermited more!! This is Love in a Manger by Brightneedle. I am going to have it framed in red... Won't it be cute??

And this is my start on HoHoHo in a Row, another Lizzie Kate Quick It! I hope to finish this real soon!

I was given this piece about two years ago (WHY IS IT SIDEWAYS???!!!). I knew just what I wanted to put in the cute frames--my two PS birds that I stitched, and two more that I was planning to stitch! I had started the first two on 35-count hand-dyed fabric from R&R, and had to wait for more to be dyed in order to do the last two birdies! But today I put them in the frames and with hubby's help, got it hung up in the dining room. Close-up of the left side... Need to get votives still...

And close-up of the right side...

I think it will look great with other finishes in the frames,too -- like N-O-E-L or L-O-V-E. Going to look for patterns tonight!

These are the three pieces, finished, that I sent to The Attic Needlework, in Mesa, AZ for the silent auction to benefit Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It was held this weekend, and I hope it was a success!

A little piece that was going to go to Myrtle Beach, but I was afraid it was not 'fall-ish' enough, so kept it! Well, Blogger is messing around with my pictures and I am pretty tired, so am going to close this post and try to do more this week. I have to finish the other pattern I stitched this week into a door hanger, then maybe get a few more stitches in on HOHOHO in a Row.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving holiday to those readers in the U.S.!



Put up a Myrtle Beach Page!

I just finished doing a Myrtle Beach 2011 page. You can see the link at the top of the posts. I think I will do other pages like that too--next year! Gonna work on another post with all my other finishes, besides the exchanges and stuff... Hugs, Maggee

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hey Everyone--I did that piece TWO times!!

My pictures must not show it as well as needed to differentiate that there are TWO DIFFERENT finishes of the same chart!! I did 'A New Day' by My Big Toe for two different people. One is on the green sparkly fabric, in more pastel colors, framed, and the other one is on a light blue fabric, with brighter colors, wrinkled and ready for framing!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Giveaway Winner is....

Drum Roll please!!The winner by Random Generator is-- Joyce!! Please send me your address and I will get Olga right out to you!

I wish to thank everyone for entering the Giveaway and for the kind well-wishes. Still no resolution. Sure wish I could get some answers.

I finished the second 'It's a New Day' by My Big Toe for a gift (pardon the terrible wrinkles--just HAD to photograph it--so GLAD to be finished!!). I still did the 'God words' in purple and 'Love' in red! Going to look around at stores for a frame for kicks. It will be a Christmas gift also.

Gads!! I detest the new viewer of photos blogger has!! Yecch!!

**Note: I found a fix via someone else's blog, so all is well!! **

Hopefully will get a lot done this weekend, including continuing on with photos of finishes and framed pieces that I haven't shared. Am also cooking up a new Giveaway! Been going through my stash some more!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Answer is... and New 200+ Giveaway!!

Now, mind you, the riddle was from my middle granddaughter, who is 13, and I didn't get it either!! So, 'When does a star lose it's meaning?' 'When it is Pointless!' I am sorry no one got it... So, let's have another go at the Giveaway, shall we?!!

To Enter the NEW 200+ Giveaway, you must be a current follower, with an active Blog yourself, and you must comment on this post only! So, this will be a random drawing to pick the winner, but... I would really enjoy it if you would share your favorite piece that you have stitched! The name and designer would be perfect! Good luck!

And Thanks for sticking with me through all this time. Normally I would be posting lots more, but I still feel bad, bad, bad. I would get home from work, do dinner, and crash. Plus it didn't help that I went in to work early every day to make up time for doctor appointments, so worked 9 hours instead of 8 each day! But don't get me started about doctors!! Pffft!! This weekend I don't have much scheduled, so am going to play catch up on this blog. Be prepared for picture-heavy posts!