Saturday, September 24, 2011

The PINK Project!!

Woo Hoo! I finished the Pink Project tonight!! Originally I was going to use this in an exchange, but just the other day a thought popped into my mind that it should go to The Attic's Breast Cancer Auction this fall, via my membership in Pumpkin Patch's blog.

In case someone doesn't know what it is, it is a 15-sided Biscornu, or sometimes it is called a Banurucotti. I stitched and beaded 15 little charts, then stitched and beaded them all together into an adorable cushion. The pattern is a freebie by Kathrin, at her blog here. So, what do you think? Will people want to bid on it? Hugs, Maggee

Monday, September 19, 2011

IHSW pictures

In my never-ending search for interesting blogs, I came across a site that encourages us to be 'hermits' one weekend a month!It is called International Hermit and Stitch weekend, and you can read more here. So, to keep myself accountable, I am posting pics of my weekend stitching. I only stitched Saturday--during the day with my stitching friends and more at night, after dinner, etc...Yesterday was a bust! So without further ado, here are progress pictures!

Part 4 of the IStitch Mystery SAL, which I did rather quickly Saturday! So cute!I have NO idea why blogger keeps flipping THIS chart sideways!! I reloaded it several times here...

This is my pitiful progress on A Weary World Rejoices by Shakespeare's Peddler, one of my Up for a Challenge pieces that has languished of late. I think it is going to be a leftover for next year, at this pace!! But I do like it a lot! I stitched from the S through the numbers and motifs there. A fair amount done. I would LOVE to finish it by Christmas but I know that ain't happening!

Today I worked on the beading on my 'pink' project. I received a random thought that I should think about where I intended to 'gift' this project... It is so so pretty! I may end up doing an extra project so that this 'pink' one goes to my new inspired place! Do I sound mysterious enough? Cause I am!! IF I decide to switch, then I will show pictures of it! Meanwhile, it is Lizzie Kate Lovers night, so I better get busy!It is fun to stitch along, virtually, with like-minded buddies!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Heavy with pictures Post!

I have been neglectful to update my blog, and I am sad about it. But I have excuses!! Between family visiting, me visiting family, babysitting and some seriously ill friends or spouses of friends--time has just flown! Oh--and I still haven't finished 'unpacking' from Hurricane Irene's visit! Sheesh!! Then I see ALL I have to do, and I get 'bogged down' and don't do anything--that was today! Oh, I shopped and am doing laundry... but anything for only ME--forget about it!! Not one stitch put in yet!! But--I did take AND download some pictures from around my house, as I was putting them all back or up depending on what they were (coming season or outgoing season, etc...)so I will at least share them!! Without further ado...
Framed At Home with Jane Austen piece from the Sampler Girl--everyone loves this one!

Fall Crow Freebie whose name escapes me! With my husband's help in painting the plaque (I picked the color!) and attaching the hanging stuff--a lovely finish!

Simply Live by The Primitive Needle...Not your usual Quaker colors, but I like it!

Framed Joy in the Journey by Diane Williams, in a prominent place in my foyer!! Those dents you see are gone now... been sitting out too long, in a pile, waiting to be hung up!

Part of my Autumn Display... I LOVE this copper basket!! Got it at our office auction in August for $10.00--you KNOW it is worth much more than that!!

Another view...

More of my Autumn pincushions on display... Rather skimpy... need more!!

A birthday gift from my dear friend, Sheryl(no longer blogging)!! This came as quite a surprise, because I gave HER the pattern years back! I didn't want to stitch it, but I surely loved getting it as a present!!

And another stitchy Birthday surprise from another dear friend, Darlene! Isn't it lovely!?!

I made some bird pillows for my ornament tree this summer. I had planned to also make butterflies, but ... did not happen. Next year birds and butterflies will follow the bunny tree!

I am doing Carol's IStitch Mystery SAL--this is with Part 3 completed. I have finished Part 4 but not yet photographed... It is done on 25 count lugana, and will be quite cute when finished. I have NO idea why it is sideways!

I finished a bigger piece by My Big Toe designs, called A New Day. It is on very tight 32-count sparkly fabric. I don't like the fabric at all... it was somewhat torturous to use! But it is so pretty. I did the God-words in my favorite color--purple, and Love is in Red of course! It will look nice hanging in a foyer...

I have more to show, but they have yet to be photographed...sigh...

Well, must go finish laundry. I am gathering stash for a De-Stash Giveaway--so be sure to come back soon!