Monday, August 29, 2011


I PROMISE I will be more 'newsy' later this week, but for now, suffice to say, we are fine after such a nature-filled week! First the earthquake and aftershock, then the hurricane. But no damages and have power, so am blessed beyond thinking!

I have a very dear friend who is going through really really rough times right now, and I am so closely wrapped in them, I am wiped nearly every day! It seems to be a time of health issues, because two other of my closest friends have been going thru 'stuff' of their own or of a spouse. (I am praying all the time for healing!!)But I will really try to get back to blogging this week, as I have LOTS to report. Be prepared for a long post! Or two!

Thanks for hanging in with me,

Hugs, Maggee


Sheryl said...

I am looking forward to reading some long posts and seeing some wonderful pictures. Sure do miss our stitching time together!

Catherine said...

Good to know that you are okay..hugs!!!!

cucki said...

so glad to know that you are all ok..lots of love and hugs for you..cucki xx

Meari said...

Hang in there, Magee. We'll be here.