Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finish pictures and a non-stitchy present for me!

I finished a couple of pieces and wanted to share. One is Red Border Study. I finished it last Saturday, while stitching with friends at my house. I sure do like it!!
Next is Freedom by Twisted Threads, an oldie chart... but it is too cute on real real tiny count fabric! That is a nickel next to it. AND--I am trying to decide if I want to make it into a pillow or ornament or a box top (a finish I haven't yet tackled)... Any input is appreciated...
Last is a picture of a present I got myself, just because I have been feeling so poorly and well, just because!! I got myself an IPhone!! I haven't learned how to work it that well yet, but I just won my first game of Words with Friends--an 'app' !! Heheheheh!!

Still undergoing tests with no pain relief. More blood work tomorrow. Gosh, I sure would like a diagnosis and then a prognosis!!



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Progress pictures but still sick...

I have been able to stitch a tiny bit lately, so wanted to post some progress pictures for my faithful followers. Still undergoing tests and scans. Waiting to schedule another big one, radioactive! Hmmmm... My progress on the Birds of a Feather Summer SAL. Obviously, I lost the stitching mojo on this one, and am behind now... but it is pretty so far, isn't it?

This is the one I have been working on mostly...Border Study in Red by Heron Designs. I am on the bottom part, so will be done by the weekend! It is a very nice stitch!

This is a surprise piece! It is in the same magazine as the one above, and by the same designer. It will be a small framed piece or small wall hanging. Gotta decide soon!

Gotta run now--making up doctor appointment times! Ugh! So tired...

Hugs, Maggee

Monday, June 13, 2011

No posts of late... because...

I have not been feeling well for a couple of weeks, and it is getting increasingly more painful, so... am not so enthused about anything, including stitching. Can you imagine!?! Still undergoing tests, with perhaps the last on Wednesday, and maybe that will be sufficient for a diagnosis or diagnoses. Hang in there, I will return! Hugs, Maggee