Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mystery Chart Revealed!!

I received a comment today from Dale C. who said the design is called Border Study in Red by Heron Designs, and she said it was available at an online store she uses. Needless to say, I have already ordered it. But you can read the comments below and find the name of the store so you can get your OWN copy if you wanted this pattern! THANKS A BUNCH Dale!!

Hugs, Maggee


Kate said...

It's great having this huge online resource to get help from!

Bonnie said...

Thank you. I found the chart at a shop near me.

Dale C said...

the store in the previous post:
said the chart is not available at her site anymore; it's out of print.
However, it is still available at other sources.

Nelli said...

Very nice!