Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy 'Name Yourself Day' !!! And the winners are...

I was so excited about doing these fun Giveaways, but considering all the stitching bloggers out there, and all the followers I have... not much interest! Hmmm... But it just increases the chances of winning for all you entrants, yes? Without further ado, since there are only 10 names, I wrote the names down on slips of paper, then threw them in a bowl and drew out three: 'Flora McDonald' (Kate), 'Sarah' ( Alda) and 'Autumn' (Deborah) are the winners!! Congratulations! Please email me with your addresses and the packages will go out next weekend!

Thanks for reading my blog! I will be posting finish pictures later on today.

Hugs, Maggee


CalamityJr said...

Congratulations to the winners! But, Maggie, I had to pass on this one, because while Calamity Jr is because I'm a klutz and my mother was affectionately known as Calamity Jane, my given name is Mary Jane - Mary for my grandmother and Jane for my mother, and I wouldn't change a thing!

Deborah said...

Thanks. Iam really excited about my win. I will e-mail right away.

Kate said...

Oh fabulous! Will email you shortly.

Ponto Cruz e Companhia said...

Hi Maggee
I'm very happy to win your giveaway. I never win anything, thank you very much. I like your blog very much.I'm going to send you my adress, and if you don´t mind, I'll post in the facebook this giveaway.

Ponto Cruz e Companhia said...

sorry Maggee, but I can't see your e-mail, because it says that there is an error in your profile. If you don´t mind, please send me your e-mail.