Thursday, February 17, 2011

And the Question is...

Does anyone still use scroll rods & frames? Because I have a K's Creations Lap Frame that stretches to AT LEAST 28 inches across (it goes to probably 36--but I only have rods for 28") that I no longer use. I bought it because I was in a BAPs mood, and was working on Terra de France by Annick Abrial (back when it was FREE!!), which was 247 X 401! This was also back when I used aida cloth, so... when I got to the first part that required 'over-one' stitching... pfffttt... forget it!! And it has been sitting idle for YEARS!

So I was thinking that maybe I could find it a new home! I paid over $80 for it, but I would be willing to part with it in a creative way--perhaps paying for only shipping and packaging OR if you live in or around me (Virginia Beach, VA) we could meet, OR ??? I am open to suggestions!! Is there ANYone interested in this? I don't believe international would be a smart thing, so will not be considering that alternative. Please comment or email me if you are interested in procuring a barely used Lap Frame!



Jennifer said...

I have one and LOVE it for bigger progects.
Have mine now with a large project still intact to go back to soon. I only use linen.
You could also sell this on Ebay in a snap. I got mine on Ebay last year with a cover.

Terri said...

I love scroll rods! I have a lap frame, but it's different than this one. I'd be interested in it. DO you have a wish list? Maybe we could work out a trade? I live in Indiana, so can't come to visit, darn! :-)

Meari said...

I still use scroll rods. Seriously, it goes that wide? I'd be interested in it if it's still available!

Quiltsmiles said...

I'd gladly pay for the shipping if you haven't found a home for this. Am just getting back into CXS and this could help. Love all your finishes. just found your blog through Kate in England.

PS: I live in the USA.